Sunday, June 29, 2008

Now I know why!

I have figured out the reason for the depression.

I was able to get away for the weekend early on Friday to the cabin. YIPEE! I arrived and enjoyed an afternoon sitting in the screened in porch reading and alone. The Hubby would arrive in the late afternoon as we had a dinner/birthday party to go to. The dinner was great fun but I was just exhausted and still feeling in the dumps. Saturday morning came and I was up and on the porch again to enjoy journaling and reading. About 10 am I headed to the little girls room and who should join me but Mother Nature. Aw, that explains a lot of my mood swings, depression, crying, and general bitchiness. I have not met the woman since January so it was a complete shock to encounter her but I should have known. I couldn't believe it.

Last night a group of us went on a ride on the pontoon boat that Bare and Sin own and watched the sunset.

It was quite awesome as the water is so high that no one is on the river.
This morning I was up at 7am (slept in a couple of hours) and on the porch to read and journal but the morning was moving fast. I knew the guys from the boat last night were planning on going jug fishing this morning but of the four of them three were a lot drunk and I wasn't sure they would remember the plan. But, at 8am the phone rang and Bare was next door calling all the guys out to play, with bloodshot eyes. So off they have gone fishing on this absolutely beautiful morning. The plan for the girls this afternoon is to take a floating cruise on the pontoon and sunbathe but I'm begging off because I don't thing my body will allow that luxury today. So I will sit in my hammock in my bathing suit and maybe turn the sprinkler on myself occassionaly. It is a beautiful morning with a cool breeze, wonderful sunshine and peace an quiet. Next weekend won't be the case as the families and extended famlies and friends will descend on this most precious real estate and I will want to hide in my cabin. I hate all the hoopla that goes with the 4th, like the concept but hate the bigillion people and noise that comes with it. Here is a short video of my morning so far:

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