Thursday, August 17, 2006


OH My.....I Missed It. I forgot to watch Supernova and see the demise of Zayra...Happy, happy, joy, joy. I was so glad to see her gone, although she did a good job on her original song I could NOT stand to watch her gyrate any more on stage in front of the band and make sexual references like she was a groupy read to do "anything" to be in the band. YUCK!!!!! I knew she had to go sometime and being in the bottom three EVERY week should have been an indication that she should have gone a long time ago.

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Unknown said...

I, as you know, missed Tuesday. But THANK GOD FOR WEDNESDAY! Whew! I swore if they bumped somebody else off before her I would have stopped watching the show. Well maybe not, but I sure wouldn't have liked it!;)