Friday, August 11, 2006

A Day Off

Finally I was able to take a whole day off...well, at least I tried. The day started with not hearing the alarm at 4:45 am to go workout so I got a little extra sleep. I had planned on not going to work anyway but that idea was thwarted by the insurance man who needed a few checks to start paying for our new Long Term Care Insurance (a must for EVERYONE.) So, that meant I had to go to the office anyway because I keep my checks at the office. ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!

I was able to get back to the house around 9:30 am to make some sense of my office/bedroom/craft room/writing room. Ever since we moved into our wonderful house my room has been the last room to get any attention. Last week it became a room I could hardly move around in. The Hubby brought home 4 boxes of books that have been in storage for 10 years. The room was already a mess with piles and piles of junk, now it's worse. I knew the boxes were around somewhere but didn't think I would ever get to unpack them, and unpack I did today. Wow, dusty books, and I'm so sore from lifting and moving. I feel as if I just moved piles of stuff from one corner to another. The room is filled with books, sheet music (daughter's, mother's and mine), keepsake baby clothes, family history with pictures, pictures, pictures, art supplies, and a plethora of just plain old junk that I can't part with. I'm trying to get a handle on it and I will eventually.

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Unknown said...

This does not sound like a fun day off...sounds like a work day to me. I prefer the sitting on my ass reading a good book kind, you know, uninterrupted by little children. Uninterrupted by little children, yeah right!;)