Wednesday, March 16, 2022

6 Weeks!

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since surgery and I am pretty much back to normal.  Still doing out patient physical therapy that will end next week.  This morning I was able to get on my stationary bike here at home.  It is a recumbent bike and the PT girl wasn't sure but said to try it.  It is great!!!  Monday I will start doing about 30 minutes each day on it.  I am making a pledge...(hope I can keep it.)  

Last Friday it snowed YET AGAIN and I had to be in the office to make a big deposit.  So yet again The Hubby had to drive me there.  RATS!  Luckily it all melted by the next day.  It also messed up my/our plans, my siblings and I, for lunch.  We haven't seen each other since December and I miss them terribly.  This Friday we will try again and the weather will cooperate!  

Saturday the girls (all 4 of them!) came over and they cleaned out our entertainment center, reorganizing our photos.  It looks awesome.  Friday I also brought back home the mountains of recipes I had at the office that I had been scanning.  I decided I didn't like doing that.  I wanted to purge more of the piles of them.  I had originally had three large index card files FULL of them and more that had not even been put on cards.  I purged more and more and MORE until I am now down to one box!  It feels really great to be able to do that and not have any regrets.  I know that the ones I trashed I can find on the internet.  I did find a lot of the older ones like these that you probably can't find.  

ESPECIALLY the school cinnamon rolls and the bean chowder that used to be such a staple in school.  I posted them on Facebook and everyone went nuts for the recipes.  

I also have Momma's recipe box and Granny's and I believe at one time my mother-in-laws.  Those recipes that are very old, yellowed and well used or loved I have kept in the small wooden boxes that I will never purge.  I did label them for the girls to know who's kitchen they came from.  My plan is to also cook them just like the recipe states and then possibly revamp them at some point.  That is my plan...hmmm.  There were also a lot of handwritten ones in pencil that were mine at a very young age.  One time I followed my Greatgranny around the house with cards at the ready and pencil in hand while she rattled off the ingredients for the various recipes and I wrote furiously as she walked and talked.  I want to cook those too to see if they are accurate.  I remember one time when my great grandparents still had a wood stove in the kitchen and watching Greatgranny whip egg whites by hand and make an angel food cake and bake it in the wood burning stove.  AMAZING to see it all work.  They eventually got an electric stove but that wood stove was so very cool.  I love to cook, I'm a good cook and hopefully one day I will have a lot of these recipes in print form.  

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