Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Quietly Living

Dear followers, friends and family.  Yes, I'm still around but life is just marching on and I am keeping my head down and trying not to stumble.  

I've been in the studio creating, creating, creating.  

We've also skipped off to the cabin a few times with little Snicklefritz in tow once.  Sadly, yet happily we have a new back door neighbor there.  My dear friend and her hubby decided that they needed one home, not two, BUT they sold to another friend and he is FANTASTIC!  I miss her dearly, our morning coffee talks and just hanging but life goes on.   

We've had Snicklefritz with us several times and the cabin weekend I introduced her to cinnamon toast.  YUM!  

Back at the homestead she has also spent time with us and her crew.

Her Granddad and she are the best buds and he introduced her to the old cartoon Heykell and Jeykell.

Daddy is doing wonderful and I try to get by to see him and his sweet sidekick, Susie, and pay his bills about every other week.  I was surprised to see one morning that Momma's crocus flowers were in full bloom.  Just made me smile a sad smile in her memory.

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