Sunday, January 20, 2019

My Week in Review

Man, my life.  I just can't seem to slow down, but at least I'm productive.  

Yesterday B and I hosted a baby shower for a friends daughter-in-law and the anxiously awaiting due date of Owen, my friends first grandchild.  I created the invites with watercolor and was happy with how they turned out.  
It was really quite easy with everyone bringing most of the food.  I did these very easy caprese bites and ordered yummy cupcakes.   Others brought fruit, banana bread, quiche, juice and I had prosecco.  It was a great success.
There was another little girl there that kept Snicklefritz entertained and Snicklefritz was a great help getting everyone to sign in, where to put there coats and gifts.  She was invaluable and I knew she would be.  Of course Clayton was very happy with all the people and many hands to lend a scratch, especially the little girls.  He LOVES little kiddos and was absolutely exhausted after it was all done. 

I did get a bit of painting done this week and I'm feeling very, VERY good about all of it.  

This beautiful orchid was where I get my pedicure and thought the shadows were awesome.
I changed up the bowl to soft blue as blue plays off of yellow nicely. 
Now I need to let it dry a bit and work on the background before going back to the flowers. 

Then I started this lovely.  The photo belongs to my friend Shirley, of whom the single peony I did the other day.  I saw this on her phone as she was showing me the peony and told her I HAD to have it to attempt to paint.  
So, this week, I started it.  I am having so much fun with it and you know I can leave out as much as I want or leave in all of it.  There is so much to the photo that I have a lot of options. 

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