Sunday, December 30, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year my bloggy friends.  Our Christmas has been kind of quiet, I'm okay with that.  Our youngest and her new hubby have come home a few days after Christmas and we've been having our celebration a few days late.  Our present opening happened the 28th with a fantastic vegan soup dinner that Af cooked, lasagna soup.  Oh my it was so good.  

The guys then headed out to the firepit with a glass of wine and a good cigar.  
Back inside they gathered around the piano for a few good songs and... 
and then on to a jigsaw puzzle that B got from Af for Christmas.

You know what, we finished that thing in just a couple of hours.
The next day was a trip to The Gathering Place (I did not go) and experience a lot of cold. 

Happy New Year friends!

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