Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Aftermath

I have been home from Scottsdale two weeks now!  It seems forever ago yet just yesterday.  I hit the ground running that Monday and it seems like I just can't get down time.  Between work, watching Rio and more art stuff (that is the fun), I feel exhausted.  Could be it's because I'm still fighting off a upper respiratory thing I got two days after being home.  In fact two of us have been sick after going to Scottsdale.  Sleep has been an issue too with Clayton being so very restless at night which wakes me up and then I just can't go back to sleep.  Last night it started off like that again with me getting an hour into the night sleeping like a baby then AWAKE!  He could not get settled after The Hubby came to bed and then both of them were snoring like logs while I lay there looking at the ceiling in the dark.  Toss and turn, toss and turn I was uncomfortable then the next thing you know the alarm is going off and it's morning.  Yeah, sleep!  

Since Scottsdale, I've been really interested in pursuing the portrait thing.  I have even joined the Whiteside Portrait group where we just do it.  It is a challenge.

This is one of the ladies that went to Scottsdale with us.  On the lunch break one day she posed in the model chair and we snapped pictures.  I decided to paint her this weekend.  It is not done as she looks a bit dead without color on her face but I like it so far, too bad it doesn't look like Lana, maybe soon.

I did work on Robert and think I have him finished but I'm not happy with it. 

Then in the Whiteside group we painted Hubie yet again as our model for the day did not show up.  He is such a sweet man but now I have two paintings of Hubie.  This one is okay except I have got to carve his ear down. 

Now, my favorite muse, Rio.  I am working on her in my regular art class with Ross and I am loving it so far.  It will be finished on Thursday I think. 

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Linda Kay said...

Jill, I think your portraiture is coming along...just keep working at it. I think it is the hardest art work to achieve likeness.