Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Moving Day

It's done.  We've moved.  Well, most of it is done, the most important part, my desk.  Whew, it was a whirlwind day yesterday but I think we have all settled in, now we start sending out the change of address notifications.  

We had a little help from little Snicklefritz and she was mightily confused by it all but in the end she had a great day. 
Her new digs upstairs were outstanding and she loved the wide open space to run from one end of the space to the other with her push toy, The Hubby not so impressed.  We even found her Momma's old Alrac Electric shirt to wear.  I had forgotten I had it hanging on my wall. 

We did hit a few snags with the proper place for it all and had to make some adjustments in my new desk.  (I was also informed that The Hubby decided to NOT have cable put in, WHAT!  I watch the news and one soap to keep me company but oh well, on to NetFlix movies.)

BUT, look at my new view.  In the other office I lived without windows for nearly 30 years.  It was so depressing and now, YEAH! 
The upstairs view, from my easel,  OH MY!


Linda Kay said...

So nice for you to have a window to look out into the world, but mostly for the natural light to come in. Congrats on the new space! Haven't seen that name Snicklefritz in a while.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Everything looks great!