Thursday, April 11, 2013

First Kiss

Have you ever reconnected with your first kiss?  I did!  Since I do the high school reunions I'm in touch with most everyone, which is very odd if you know me.  I've been in touch with Carry for many years via Facebook and email but in the nearly 40 years since high school have only seen him once, at the 15 year reunion, with his lovely wife.  Since we are friends out of high school I invited him and his wife to come to dinner sometime and guess what, on this past Monday night he came to dinner with The Hubby and I.  His wife was with her family and Carry decided to come to town to visit his mother, so he called.  We grilled a wonderful steak and sat on our new patio, had dinner and some wonderful conversation.  I knew The Hubby and he would get along because they both love history stuff and I was right.  It's kind of weird but in prospective I was only 13 years old when I got that first kiss and we really didn't know each other. We are forging a new friendship, 40 years later.  What is weird is that I had that wide-eyed young love giddy still burning for that first kiss guy for many, many years but since I have gotten to know him as a grown-up and met him again, well, it's gone.  I used to get that little flutter when he emailed pictures of his family and grandchildren or the thought of seeing him again but the giddy and flutter is GONE!  He's just a guy from my childhood and all of that stuff is burned out.  I've got another kind of giddy and flutter that takes its place and he's called The Hubby!  Sometimes visiting the past is a bit healing, don't you think.  It's puts all of that kind of stuff in perspective for me.  I have much better memories of meeting The Hubby and our first kiss, our first touch...lots of first.  I choose to remember the first kiss from the guy that changed my life forever, The Hubby, now that's a first kiss!


Anonymous said...

That is cool you have met him. I met my first guy many years ago with his wife and my hubby and my best girlfriends get to-gether reunion from the cottage. Jack was there my first guy I kissed. With his pretty wife. Since I heard he has divorced her and is on his third wife. Yikes. Then three years ago I met another guy half an hour where I live now who has a cousin whom I went with. He was Elvis looking all over. My Dream guy. We did date.All the girls were after him so it was very hard. I asked how Bob was and he said on his third wife. Yikes again.

So my hubby is a keeper or who knows I may have been divorced from the guys I went with . Yet I was only 13 young like you were.
So your right. You got your keeper hubby. You never know what is behind closed doors from your first guys who gave us that kiss.

The grass always looks greener on the other side right?

Great blog. Brings back memories.

I know my oldest son has just had school reuions and has met all his girls that liked him and that is many. He said it went good and oh have they changed. They have had the third get to-gether both gals and guys and my daughter was with him my son her brother of course but the spouses were not invited. Now adays this is a norm thing.The guys meet up at sports events and the gals at my daughters swimming.I mean they are all in there middle 40's and 50's. Time flies.

Anonymous said...

Cool post... my first kiss is from someone I would very much like to totally forget and would be pleased if I never saw again.... Thinking of first kiss with Hubby though.... not that gives me warm and fuzzy feelings!!!

Happy Thursday.

Kay said...

Gosh! I don't even know where that first kiss went. Such a long time ago... sigh...

Art and Sand said...

I had a crush on my best friend all through high school. Everyone, including him, knew that I was "in love' with him. Jump forward to the 20th high school reunion. He was so not my type. He was a braggart and brought his third wife to the reunion. For so many years I dreamed of meeting him again and when I did, he was not the person I thought he was.

I am glad you got the chance to see that your husband is "it" for you.

Beryl said...

My first kiss didn't exactly kiss me back, which should have been a clue. I saw him in the news a few times after he moved to San Francisco, but haven't seen him in person again since high school.