Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rock My World

I have been having problems with my knee. I went to the doctor and he said he thought it was a sports injury..."Excuse Me!" Well, I do Jazzercise 5 days a week so it is possible. Anyway, we x-rayed my knee and yesterday the nurse finally called me. The only word I heard was "degenerative." Then I got on the net and started looking up degenerative knee, the words flooded my eyes and mind...... osteoarthritis, cartilage, Glucosamine-chondroitin, anti-inflammatories ( NSAIDs), Vioxx, Celebrex, and Bextra, joint replacement, arthroscopy, and arthritis (which runs rampant in my family.) I'm 50 years old and this is really rocking my world. It's all I thought about the rest of the day yesterday, and this morning when my eyes popped open it was the first thing I thought about. My daddy has bad knees and 27 years ago had arthroscopy. I do not want surgery if possible. The literature did say it could be brought on by excessive weight which I am guilty of. I am working on it and over the past 7+ years I have lost 60 pounds. I'm working on it.

DAMMIT....I hate getting old.

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Kelly said...

Many that stinks. I'd be thinking of it all the time as well!