Friday, December 22, 2006


Finally, I've been able to get on here to blog. I changed to the Beta format and it blocked me from signing in. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

This week has been pretty easy. I have my Christmas done and am just waiting to PARTY!

This will be our first Christmas without Momma. I'm not sure if I should be sad or what. Actually, Momma, I think didn't like Christmas too much EXCEPT to have her family together. When I was little with my baby Bro and Sis, we were so down in money that I remember Momma haggling with a dime store owner in our small town for a very cheap artificial tree. The man would not do it. He was so mean and Momma NEVER went into his store again and neither did I. Momma was so embarrassed and I think that really affected how she viewed Christmas. We had fun, great Christmas holidays but as she got older the season was not very evident in our household. She never sent Christmas cards. In fact, this year I only did a very few, mostly out-of-towners who I don't see very often. It has been kind of hard even though I had THE PARTY OF THE CENTURY!!!!! I just can't seem to get out of the depression I've been and I think I know why besides Momma.

I had a physical in October and have been waiting to get a call or letter from my doctor telling me how I did. Finally, Monday the office called and the nurse said there was a previous nurse who didn't follow up on tons of patients. Anyway, everything was fantastic. My blood pressure, triglycerides, EKG, xray's even my weight was not a concern (more later on that), but, my thyroid numbers were extremely low even though I'm on thyroid medicine. She said it could explain having only 3 cycles this year, tiredness, weight gain, my just not feeling with it. She said they would call in a higher dose of meds....that was Monday, today is Friday and not a word about my meds. I even called on Wednesday and they said the doctor had not signed off yet. Well, he's probably on Christmas vacation now and here I sit feeling like crap!

Sorry. Now back to the weight thing. I've been working very hard to lose the pounds since July (actually for eight years now) and the scale is not budging, AT ALL! My clothes are changing big time. Even my hands and feet are smaller, it's incredible how the little things are changing. This morning the scale ticked down one stupid pound. I guess that's really good during the Christmas season and all the food that abounds.

On another note we had to let an employee go on Tuesday and it was a real bummer to do it at Christmas but there was absolutely no choice. We are in the service/construction field and he was involved in an inappropriate action with a customers relative. This is not a good image for us and so it had to be dealt with immediately. The customer was very afraid of retaliation. We had to be very careful. This has been an eventful week I must what with that incident, our huge office Christmas BBQ and then the thieves we had. What a week.

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Kelly said...

Glad to see you back!!!

Good luck with the new meds...if you ever get them!

Have a good Christmas!