Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Super Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday here in Oklahoma.  I really can't wait till this stupid election is over, mainly to have different news to watch.  I'm already tired of the commercials and every single news program is nothing but election stuff.  The main thing I'm ready to end are the phone calls.  They come every single day, several times a day, Sunday's included.  Yesterday, when I got home from a very long day at the office I checked our phone messages which usually area NONE.  There were no less than six messages, one was a message we needed.  That meant five were political and they were all within less than an hour.  I'm glad I wasn't home.  Last night I went to the walking group and while The Hubby was home but on a walk with Clayton I came home to find the light blinking.  There were another three messages, one an actual message.  It is just ridiculous.  I deal with sales crap calls all day long at the office and trust me, you don't want me to answer your phone call.  Normally I am a very nice person on the phone but sales calls and now political calls...OOOOOOooooo!  Unfortunately the political ones are usually automated and recorded,  I can't rail at anyone person! 

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PTBYF said...

Agreed. Might be different if there was actually someone worth voting for!