Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sleep, Flowers and Friends

Good Saturday morning all. It's a beautiful sun shining morning, a bit nippy, and the call of rain is imminent later this evening. We have definitely had some rest last night.  After an evening at Harri & Jimbo's cabin next door, and a drink or two, back along the stone walkway and to bed for me.  I climbed into the fresh sheet bed ready to do a bit of reading at 8:30 but the eyes were not cooperating and I was nestled in and out at 8:40.  Clayton just couldn't get comfy and tried to wake us at 3:30, thinking it was time for his breakfast.  NOT!  A quick trip to the great cold outdoors and back to bed where we didn't arise until 8:30 this morning.  That would be nearly 12 hours of sleep!  Boy, did I need that.  A few more days of some rest like that and I should be ready for getting back to exercise in a week or so, I hope. 

I took some snapshots from our small cabin yard...
I feel very lucky that my clematis' are coming up after The Hubby decided that the ring they are in should be burned out from the leaves last fall.  I was so mad at him because they come back on the old wood.   Imagine my surprise yesterday when we arrived and found these!

As I took my short stroll out in the yard I found that my flowering almond is in full bloom.  Looks a bit like a peony doesn't it.  One of my favorite shrubs...but,
the flowers are very tiny on the stems. 
Have a great weekend!

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