Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Scanning Fool - Part 3

Oh boy did I love that my father was a Boy Scout leader. Here are a couple I went out with!

Awww, there is Bro, me and Sis.  We're holding our cousin's puppies.  I think the one Sis is holding we took home.  He was our sweet Pisan.  Like the kitty Momma loved to name our animals words we could not even spell.

Me at the lake, our usual hangout growing up. 

Awwww, here we are again.  Must be another Easter.

Us and the puppies, oh and there is cousin Martha.

Greatgranny's dog, Sandy.  We kids loved this dog.  He was our protector.

Finally found a fairly good picture of Polly.

The infamous vacation we took traveling through New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas.  Funny or really not so funny story.

See the camper to the right, well we took that vacation in that camper.  We three kids traveled in the camper shell while Momma and Daddy were in the cab.  We had our pomeranian, Bunny with us.  The story:  That truck was old, well, I thought it was old, sure is now.  It was not meant to go up the high roads in the altitude and one day as we were trying to make our way up, up, up to a camping spot the thing gave out.  Daddy, at the wheel had to back down, or rather it started going back down by itself.  He weaved and bobbed while we were in the camper.  Things started falling out of cabinets and off of cabinets onto our heads and we were tossed back and forth.  When we finally came to rest it was a nice green flat place and Daddy grabbed a beer, smoked a cigarette and then went to bed.  He was terrified and in turn totally ruined me on any kind of mountain and most car travel.  I'm better.

Again, our usual place most weekends when we were young.

My sweet girls...they were so angry in this picture that I'm surprised it turned out at all.  I love it though.

My pretty tow-head.  Wasn't (isn't) she a beauty!

A, playing in Granny's garden.


Anonymous said...

Great old pics - I love them!

Kay said...

These are glorious, gorgeous, precious photos. I still haven't finished our scanning project yet. Sigh... it takes so long.