Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Gardening We Will Go

Yesterday I did this.  I planted all of this stuff and I thought I would not be able to move today but I'm fine!  I have to share the space with our gas meter and the neighbors gas meter but that is fine.  I just planted my cucumbers aroud them and will use to hang cuke's off of. 
Yes, yes I know that it is a bit early for the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers but I am so very anxious to get a garden in this year.  If the weather shows any kind of cold weather I have these...

Wall O Water!  Several years ago I used them very successfully and had tomatoes very early.  They're little individual greenhouses to put around the plants.  You fill them with water and they protect.  I may have to take the cages up first but no problem.  Very awesome. 
The only problem I have in my yard and garden are these stupid sweet gum balls.  Oh my gosh I hate to step on them with shoes and even worse without shoes.  When I was a kiddo we had two trees in our yard and we never wore shoes.  Let's just say I had callous an inch thick on my feet.  We don't have one in our yard now but the neighbor does and I hope they get so fed up they cut it down, I would! 


Sweet Tea said...
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Sweet Tea said...

You are a little early to be gardening in Okla, but you are obviously prepared should you have a freeze. I always had a few tomato plants and cucumbers when we lived in Ok., but since moving to Louisiana I find that rabbits eat everything I set out. Darn bunnies! :-(

Beryl said...

You have worked hard! Those Wall of Water things look interesting.
I am so excited to try to get some vegetables in pots on my balcony. My bean seeds are already 8+ inches high.