Monday, June 19, 2017

Art Workshops and Fathers

 Home after a fantastic few days spent in Rogers, Arkansas learning from the wonderful artist Jeff Legg. My mind is absolutely bursting with new information to utilize in my art journey. Unfortunately, being able to use this info will have to wait a bit as I have my other job to do first then it will be an intense 4 day workshop in Tulsa with portrait artist Romel de la Torre. Plus it was my first trip to Chrystal Bridges with Jeff as our tour guide! That was awesome. It is very generous that other artists share their wealth of knowledge in this art journey to other artists.
Jeff''s demo was quite amazing.  The way he paints grapes makes them look like you could touch them and they would spray juice.  This beautiful demo is now my prized possession!

After watching, it was time for us, the students to paint.  What was really nice is that we were able to set up individual still life set ups to paint.  I spied this beautiful teapot in the wide array of stuff and knew I HAD to paint it.  It was a challenge and I'm not afraid of a challenge in my painting anymore.   
I'm quite happy with my painting but I know it needs some more work...just not soon. 

The night before the workshop was over we had a trip to Crystal Bridges.  I have never been, so was thrilled to know we were going with Jeff as our tour guide!  Fantastic to see things through his eyes. 

Final day and another still life.   
Unfortunately it is not near done but I will finish at home, sometime! 

Back home this week I hit ground running as it was Father's Day and on that note, Daddy is HOME!  He came home Friday from rehab but will have weekly PT that his friend Jay or my sister will take him too as it's on Tuesday and we ALL know what Tuesday is, my PAINT DAY!  

I went to see Daddy yesterday and went to the grocery for him to fill his freezer of his favorite TV dinners.  He was almost in a panic that he didn't have food to eat, yet his freezer is full of lots of stuff, except of his TV dinners.  My sister sent me a text Saturday that when she went to see him she found him on his riding lawnmower mowing the front yard.  I told her to tell him STOP!  Not only because he SHOULDN'T but because I paid my cousin for the month of June to mow.  Fortunately the mower pooped out so she got him inside and went to get him some orange juice but when she returned he was in the backyard mowing again, managing to get the mower started.  (Banging head on desk!)  He is NOT supposed to drive yet I guess he felt he could mow.  I know it is the one thing he LOVES to do but not so soon please.  

Father's Day and I fed The Hubby and the Son-In-Law as Daughter #1 is in California visiting Daughter #2 until tonight.  Snicklefritz was to spend the night with me, go to work with me while her Daddy works today.  I'm still waiting for her to wake up and it's a little after 7 am.  I promised her that we would go out for pancakes!  I have a ton of work at the office this morning because I was gone last week so she will play or watch videos while I type then we will go back home for lunch and stay until her Daddy is done for the day.  

Another art meeting tonight, Alpha Rho Tau then art tomorrow THEN yet another workshop.  I know, I know it is a lot with back-to-back workshops but it's just the way it happened.  Plus I am older and I've lost a lot of years getting into art so late in the game.  I have to absorb a lot in a short amount of time.  This week will be an intense 4 day workshop in portraits.  This one is in town so I will be able to be at the office at 6:30 or 7 then to the workshop by 9 every morning.  (I am going to crash next week!)

Saturday, June 03, 2017

This Guy

This guy is having a rough week.  He had a stroke on Sunday and has fallen a couple of times.  As of this morning he is in the when we know more.

Friday, May 26, 2017


Here we go a ramblin' yet again.  I've been gone from the blog because I've been BUSY!  Between getting a new computer at the office and lots of hours logged with online tech assistance and trying to squeeze some painting in, life is rockin' on!

The lake place has been plagued with tons and tons of water.  The water is up, the water is down, the water is up, the water is down...

The Memorial weekend will NOT be spent alongside the creek this year.  If one more weatherperson says the word DROUGHT I'm going to scream.  I haven't seen this wet a spring since I was about 14 years old.  Yes we need it and I'm glad we have it but I'm so ready for summer.

This little sweetpea is growing like a weed and is fast approaching her 5 year old birthday.  Next fall she will be in school everyday!  Will miss her rushing into the office yelling, "GRANNY!" and wrapping her arms around my waist in a bear hug.   

The class setting art thing has been on a break for the month and I am not finding much time at home to paint.  I did start this one the other day and finished the skull.  The sales department with my art has been quite good.  I've sold 3 in the past month!  I also have several shows opportunities in the works.  This weekend, Saturday, I will deliver 2 for the Tulsa Artist Coalition show at the AHHA.  I was juried into this show that rejected me last year so pretty excited for it.  They will hang I think for two months.  Then the next weekend will be a show in Sapulpa that is a one day thing.  Plus I've entered into the Oh Tulsa show with Living Arts but that one is a juried show too and won't find out if I get into that one until the end of June.  I've also entered into some national competitions, one of which I was rejected.  There is so much to entering into these shows.  You have to make sure one doesn't overlap with another show that you have committed one painting too.  If you sell it at one and promised it to another then you have a problem.  Takes a LOT of planning.  I have a book and a calendar that I specifically dedicate to the art stuff to keep track.  It's nearly a full time job.  Plus I need new stuff ready for some big shows in the fall.  Then when January rolls around, you start all over again.  
The month of June is also extremely busy as I'm taking back to back four day workshops.  I will be in Arkansas for a still life workshop with a guy named Jeff Legg.  I see his stuff online and in magazines, so EXCITED for this workshop.  The week after that will be another four day in town for a portrait workshop with a guy, Romel de la Torre who usually teaches in Scotsdale.  Tulsa is starting to get some great artists to teach!  

I'm always on the hunt for something new to paint and this weekend I took this photo.  I think it might work for something big and fun.  I have got to get sketching! 

Plus all the work and art whoopla, there is still Daddy and his health issues.  He's been having some low blood count stuff going on and they suspect some internal bleeding.  His tummy has not been good and I think he's worried.  He actually took himself to the doctor, without telling us kids.  I only found out there was a problem because his doctor called me.  He has an appointment with a gastro specialist and we will see what is up with it all at that point.  I went to see him Monday and took some lasagna servings for him to eat (the BEST I ever made.)  Poor guy already has a summer cold but looked good.  His sweet kittie, Susie ran to greet me at the door and then rest in my lap.  She is such a great cat.   

Last but not least these great people have celebrated 5 years together.  I applaud their commitment to each other.   

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

This sweet girl eventually became my dancing momma.  

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Prodigal Summer

Our book club is reading this month Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver.  I'm actually listening to it.  Barbara is best known for writing The Poisonwood Bible, a required reading in school now I hear, maybe college.  Anyway, a couple of years ago we read Flight Behavior which I absolutely LOVED.  She has not let me down in this book.  She is the reader on this one herself and I'm thoroughly enjoying this one too.  I'm going to read everything she writes from now on.  This one feels like an old friend and takes me to memories of my mother, my great grandmother and the lives they lived.  The slowed down country life, the hardships, the beauty, the language.  So well worth the read or listen.