Thursday, March 22, 2018


I have finished this one and I LOVE it.  I hope it sells but can hang around for a bit too.  
"Red" 30 x 24 oil on linen gallery wrap

Plus we got all set up at Post Oak Lodge, so if you are there go check out some wonderful ar.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Traveling We Will Go

Last week I traveled, we traveled, Linda and I, to Rogers, Arkansas for yet another art workshop.  We signed up months ago with the Northwest Arkansas Artist Guild for a Kevin Beilfuss workshop.   This was a portrait workshop, kind of out of my field in a way but I was up for the challenge and knowledge to flow.
Backseat driver - her hubby was our driver

Kevin is the nicest guy and so willing to share his knowledge.  PLUS, he is incredibly talented. 
He showed us first, then.....

it was our turn.  Our model for the day. 

This was wiped off a few times...
but I think I captured her eventually. 

Day 2 and it was the full body experience. 

Kevin explaining how to capture a gesture of the hand.  My day 2 ended up with a blank canvas because I was having a really off day.  

Day 3, our final day I opted to try my hand on a photo I already had of our great niece.  

Day 3... 
So far so good.

Kevin did give us several photos that I plan on using eventually.  I'm working on one right now in the studio.  I may even have this one sold already!!!

As usual the artist brings some of his/her stuff for purchase.  I chose these two to add to my art collection and am in LOVE with them.  

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Art Show

I almost forgot to share the news.  My friends and I at Lemon Tree Fine Art are having our first show at Post Oak Lodge.  Here is the info, go by and look, love and BUY!

Places, Faces and Spaces of Tulsa

The Art of
Gil Adams, Linda Dunbar, and Carla Hefley
are proud to announce their first show together at Post Oak Lodge. 

The show runs from March 5 to May 31

Please take some time to visit the gallery and the lovely place that is Post Oak.

Post Oak Lodge
5323 W. 31st St. N
Tulsa, OK  74127

Tuesday, March 06, 2018


Sunday night I was in bed about 8 o'clock watching the Oscar's when The Hubby came in and asked if I saw the obituaries.  I guess I had just skimmed over them and missed that our accountant, our dear friend passed away.  He was only 48 years old, but I knew he had been having some health issues, never thinking  he would die.  He was so very young and had three beautiful little girls, of which I had painted them in a portrait recently.  We are all just devastated by this loss in our lives.  He was a friend more than an accountant.  

When we married 42 years ago we were using our family accountant who saw us, my parents and grandparents through many years of financial help.  After about 20 years being our accountant he retired and sold his business to another company and we were handed off to our friend, Cuong.  I am loyal and was not too sure of the new guy but after nearly 20 years later I couldn't have happier with the change.  It's just a strange feeling to know that we can't pick up the phone to ask him a question and RELY on his financial advice anymore.  There is the weird feeling too that I don't know if I can trust anyone else again, especially this late in the game in our lives.  PLUS, it's a bad time as I had taken him our taxes to be done a couple of weeks ago, AND THEY ARE STILL IN HIS OFFICE!  Ummmm, not sure how to deal with that, except his practice is very large and I know we will get another accountant assigned to us but not one we fully trust to know how we operate or know US.  I figured I would give it a week then call the office and see what will happen with it all.  

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Boom, Bang, SCREAM

Last week The Hubby and the son-in-law took a business trip to Tampa, Florida for a lighting seminar.  That meant I was IN CHARGE!  Yeah, right.  Well, work went smoothly despite all the rain we had but at home this little guy had an accident.  The Hubby left town on Sunday and then Wednesday morning while waking up, (I got to sleep in a bit) sweet Clayton came into the bedroom and attempted to jump on the bed, which he has done many, many times from the bench we have at the end.  The bench because the bed is 3 feet tall.  He misjudged and jumped to the side and took a header off the bed to the wood floor and SCREAMED!  I quickly jumped up and he was on the floor with his already bad leg sticking out with his little toes spread and his eyes wide with pain.  I gingerly scooped him up and laid him on the bed on his side.  The leg still sticking out strangely.  It didn't appear to be broken but I just didn't know because that stupid connective tissue tumor we had removed from the leg last fall has come back and I was afraid that his leg was broken there.  The vet was to open in 10 minutes so I threw clothes on and we were off to the vet.  I waited most of the morning to hear something because the vet was not in yet and I had to leave the little guy.  He seemed better on the ride to the clinic but I just had to make sure.  Finally after lunch I went in when they said he was ready.  The vet said, I think (he talks big vet words), that nothing was broken.  He was more concerned with Clayton's shoulder which he showed me on the x-ray.  Poor guy has osteoarthritis in his shoulder, pretty bad.  I think being born with the short leg that has the shoulder up there anyway, it was inevitable that he would have these kind of issues.  Long story, but home we went with pain meds, antibiotic in case of a small fracture and not wanting to get a bone infection and a sort of order that he was GROUNDED.  Too bad that one didn't stick.  He's back to his old jumping and scrambling but that was SCARY!  We love this little guy so much.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Few Words

I really don't feel like writing here because I can't seem to find the words but here goes. 

This past week has been horrendous, absolutely horrendous.  What is happening in this world.  Our children are in a war, AT SCHOOL!  All I want to do is paint flowers and ignore the ugly that is OUR WORLD right now.  But, it cannot be ignored and I'm not sure how it can be fixed, I don't think anyone knows.  Oh sure everyone has an opinion but unless we all come together and quit back-biting and fighting and QUIT dividing ourselves it's not going to be fixed anytime soon.  We are NOT being good examples for our children.

Off my soapbox...

On another note, please be wary if you are driving in the Broken Arrow area, Daddy has decided he is good to drive again.  (Thumping head on desk!)

Monday, February 12, 2018

Snicklefritz and Logo's

Painting has been kind of back burner the past couple of weeks even though I want to paint but don't have much inspiration.  My focus has been on Snicklefritz.  She spent the night with me on a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago and I got her a new Twirly Girl dress.  Her old one was for a 4 year old and she is a little over 5.  That dress was so tight but she just didn't want to give it up.  
She was HAPPY!

Then Sunday morning I promised her we would fingerpaint.  I had a book that she found of an artist that does fingerpainting art and had step by step pictures and instruction.  She wanted to do that so I got everything ready for us to paint on Sunday morning.   
I had fun too!

She really wasn't focused and just made mud which on reflection I should have known something was up.  The week before she had a horrible cough, no fever, felt fine and continued with school.  Well, she went home and that evening she had a rip-roaring fever and a horrible ear ache, an ear infection.  So no school for a couple of days and I got to have her again all day.  Thankfully she is much better and so far NO FLU!

Some good news though, our logo and marquee is all done, we are official.  Our gallery and studio is up and really running.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Still Looking

I am STILL on the hunt for inspiration for a painting.  I have tons and I mean TONS of photos that I have been going through but none that scream at me to paint...

(already painted this spring version)

I am "trying" to paint this...

Sooooo, this one I've been struggling with and I shared my frustration on Facebook, asking for suggestions.  Boy did I get help and I do mean help on what to do to fix this one.  Hopefully this week I will tackle it with some of the advice. 

Original reference photo. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Number 42

A real quick note, mainly because it is late, well, late 10:45 pm...WaYYYY past my bedtime.

Today The Hubby and I racked another year of happily ever after, 42 years and counting.  We went to a quiet dinner at Flemings and then off to the BOK Center to see The Moody Blues.  Oh man, oh man, best concert, mainly because the 2nd half they did the entire Days Of Future Passed album, my all time favorite.  I have to admit that when they first started the album part I had a tear or two of happiness.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


I think blogging after over 11 years is coming down to occasional posts here and not a lot of "personal"stuff.  Tooooooo, many family members now read here and when I first started blogging it was kind of anonymous so that I could vent.  It was a place for me to heal after the deaths of Gail and my mother.  Thanks for hanging in there with me but the blog I think will become "blog lite" from now on.

Inspiration, that is what I'm looking for every single day.  Inspiration for the next painting.  I'm on a mission that the next painting I create will be the best I ever do, every time.  It doesn't always happen but that is my goal and I'm okay with that.  
Last week I was just finishing up the spider mums below (still not happy with them) and I was on the hunt for the next painting in the world.  I could NOT find anything that inspired me to load paint onto a brush, then I found this.  The Hubby and I met some people at one of the bajillion new brew pubs for a beer and there in the window sat these lovelies.  I thought the photo I took just as the sun peaked after a cloudy day was stunning.  Sometimes it's harder to translate the photo to the canvas and I'm finding that is happening with this one right now.  I'm not even showing it yet because I'm not sure it's going to work yet.  

I finally put the mums and daisies away for awhile to work on  something else to give my mind a break and was inspired by an older photo of the creek at our getaway place.  I am yearning for spring and this just fit the bill.  It was quick but felt right as I mixed the greens and blues and made it appear on the canvas. 
"A Place To Think" 9x12 oil on linen

These sweet roses may be the next inspiration.  I told The Hubby Thursday evening I wanted to eat Italian so off to Mondo's we went for spaghetti and meatballs for me.  While sitting at the table, too close to the ever opening front door, a very large black man came in caring a plastic pitcher of pink roses.  He was making the rounds of the restaurants trying to see if he could go around the room and sell them.  He was not allowed BUT, The Hubby jumped up and walked over to him and shook his hand.  Of course, he knew him, he knows everyone.  Turns out the guy used to be the sparing partner of Dale Apollo Cook a local martial arts guy from several years ago.  The Hubby and my father used to go to the fights a lot and recognized him.  The guy recognized The Hubby but mistook him for a fighter.  They chatted for a bit and then the guy walked out and The Hubby came back to the table bearing these three roses.  Awwwwwww....yes you can say that.  He bought me roses.  I laid them on the table and took the sweet photo and of course quickly posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter...that's what I do.  

Inspiration happens everywhere around you.  You just have to be open to recognizing it.   

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The New Everything

Good morning...brrrr...a cold front is moving in today.  Actually, I think the weather people were predicting it to turn cold later this afternoon but the once sunny sky this morning is dark, dark, dark and it's 9:25 a.m.  YIKES!

Oh well, I'm safely ensconced in the NEW art studio ready to begin something NEW!  Speaking of NEW, I have a NEW website.  Please go a visit and see the artwork.

I am working on some mums today in the studio and then on to the next great thing.