Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Scanning Fool

I decided to get my Momma & Daddy's Wedding album out and scan some pictures on Friday.  What treasures I found in that album that I either had forgotten or mother had hidden behind other pictures.
My dear Daddy, #43 for the Broken Arrow Tigers, probably 1953-54

Oh my goodness, Momma.  What a cutie and those huge pants.

That would be me in my momma's belly! I was born June 56.

 A find behind a picture.  That is my Daddy squatting down by the bin of tops for fishing reels.   He worked for ZEBCO or formally known Zero-Hour Bomb Company during the war. 

"Whistle" - Momma!

Love this picture of Momma.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love going through the old family albums and scanning. You find some great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Sweet Tea said...

There is something so bittersweet about seeing one's parents when they are so young and vital, don't you think?! Great photos. When my dad was in the final stages of Alz.'s I taped a handsome photo of him, age 30, onto his bed to remind the workers of "who" they were caring for. I love to remember him that way.