Monday, August 18, 2014

Refrigerator Blues

Did I tell you that our refrigerator or icebox (from my youth) has been on the fritz since the middle of June!  Our 8 year old $4000 Frigidaire computer mother board went out.  

For a month I kept telling The Hubby that the dang thing was making a sound and the motor was whirring, loudly but of course, he who has horrid hearing heard NOTHING!  Then one day he finally heard something and called the place we bought it from (a MONTH after I first noticed a problem.)  Just FYI, our ice maker (same maker) also went out and when the repairman came we were told it was toast.  The repairman said the fridge needed a new motherboard so he ordered it.  That was the end of June, just before Afton and Nick were to come for 2 weeks.  Great.  The thing was working sort of for a bit but finally pooped out and so we quickly unloaded umpteen jars of pickles, mayo and mustard and shuffled it all to the tiny fridge in the garage (for overage of beer and water).  We also utilized the wine cooler and The Hubby found a college dorm fridge that we had in storage from when the girls went to school.  That one is now sitting on my dining room table and is worthless.  The motor takes up most of the space needed.  

Where the ice maker was sitting The Hubby pulled it out and chunked it.  What a waste.  We also had a wine cooler in the new bathroom suite we added on but it was turned off because it kept me awake and we DIDN'T need it.  The Hubby just thought it was a great idea.  Anyway, he moved it to the ice maker space and it fit perfectly.  So that is used too.  

Back to the timeline.  It has been since JUNE that we have been without a fridge.  Today, August 18 we got the call that the backordered part was in.  The guy was there in 15 minutes and had it installed in 10 minutes.  Another tidbit is that after a very long wait for the dang part The Hubby priced a replacement refrigerator just like what we had because it has fronts that match our cabinets. The replacement has gone up in price a bit...$6500.  Nope, we wait.  Today our wait ended but we still have to wait about 3 days to make sure it holds.  Good grief!

Painting Session

Yesterday I vowed that since Daddy was HOME that I was NOT going anywhere.  I wanted to paint at home.  Do you know how long it has been since I've had my paints out at home.  Months actually.  The only painting that I've been doing is in class and to get better you have to paint at home everyday.  I've been invited to a painting challenge and I signed up for it.  In September you have to paint a painting every single day.  We'll see if I can do that.  

So yesterday "Mr. Robin Red Breast" appeared on my easel.   I decided that I wanted to paint outside and enjoy the fantastic August weather here.  It took a bit to get everything all set up but it happened. 

This was on a break when I needed sustenance before I tackled a few of the fine detail work.  Had to have a steady hand. 

I so loved how it turned out.  Sorry the photo is not that good.   

I sat and painted the bird in about 2 hours.  A little lunch and details then I was on to another one.  This sweet beauty is the new grand-kitty, Opal.  Isn't she just beautiful.  I wanted to paint her and at least started it.
I'm not real sure how this one is going to go but will keep working on it.  I finally quit when the temperatures started their rise and I got sleepy.  Nap time! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014


He's home.  Yesterday I went to the hospital early in the morning and stayed till nearly noon thinking they would send Daddy least not then.  So home I went to wait for a phone call.  I actually took a nap as I had a killer sinus headache and just didn't feel well.  Planned on painting but that just didn't happen.  Then at nearly 4 in the afternoon my phone rang and sure enough it was the hospital telling me he would be ready to be discharged in an hour.  So I put my shoes on and headed over there about 4:30 ready for another wait.  What a wait.  6 pm they finally came in with his meds and instructions and then we were off to his familiar.

The first stop was to Walgreens to drop off his meds then to Braham's for milk then home then back to Walgreen's  That was the plan.  What happened was when we went to the pharmacy and pulled up in the drive thru the lady informed us that it would be an hour before they would be ready.  Rats.  Daddy said that he didn't need them till Sunday so I said okay.  So off we went again and I got his milk and bananas and took him home.  Either Brother would get them or I would come back.  Of course the story at the pharmacy was not the case as once home he tells me he needs the antibiotic for his evening dose.  Really.  First thing at his house was to try and get his paper restarted as we THOUGHT he was going to be out for 6 weeks and stopped it.  I don't know if I got it going so may have to call on Monday.  Then I was back in the car to the pharmacy to plead my case and get his meds.  Went inside to do that and wait, and wait, and wait.  Did get to visit with an old high school classmate.  Finally, after a very long wait at nearly 7:30 the meds were ready.  Back to Daddy's and pay one of his bills he insisted had to go out immediately.  On the way The Hubby texted wanting to know my status as were going out to eat.  I told him soon, very soon.  I finally got back home, my home at a bit after 8pm and he hopped in the car and food we headed.  A wonderful dinner of Italian food at Mondo's and a couple of gin and tonic's, keys to The Hubby and I was poured into bed at 9:30 and soon to sleep.  What a day, but he is home and I am quite happy about that.  

Saturday, August 16, 2014


I guess I need to give an Daddy update on his surgery.  He indeed had the hip surgery on Tuesday.  Brother picked him up and brought him to the hospital at 1:30 with the surgery scheduled for 3:30.  He had not eaten since his dinner the night before so he was definitely hungry.  Brother and I waited with Daddy, and waited, and waited.  Finally, at about 4:30 they came for him to put him in yet another holding place for surgery, probably another hour.  We scooted out for a bite of dinner and The Hubby met us.  While gone Sis showed up at the hospital (we were shocked).  I brought her back a burger and then we waited and waited.  Brother's wife and their daughter showed up to join in the fun we were having.  Finally about 8:30 we got the call that all went well.  They only had to take out the ball and some parts and with 6 weeks of IV antibiotics he was good.  Everyone left after that except for Brother and I as we waited for him to get to a room about an hour later.  Once he was all settled in we headed for home and a good nights rest.  Back there early the next morning I walked in on Dr. Hippy's assistant talking to Daddy while he was sitting up in his chair eating his breakfast.  He looked great.  Actually, he was talking about Daddy going home!  WHAT!  I think he meant home to skilled nursing care because they wanted the IV thing.  Brother showed a few minutes after the doctor left and he stayed all day long.  I had to get to work for a bit.  The next morning he was even better.  Brother made it before me this time and he said that the infectious doctor and Daddy got into it about doing the IV and Daddy said "NO! Absolutely no IV!" I think he thought or knew that he could go home, his actual home if he was not on the IV but taking pills.  He got his way.  The next day they determined that his blood was low something, something, something...anyway, a blood transfusion was probably going to happen.  They did it last night, 2 units and then this morning they took blood (first they givith then they takith away) to determine how his levels are doing.  I went to see him and he is so ready to go home.  He's doing everything for himself but I think the blood thing is concerning.  They are worried he is bleeding inside somewhere.  This is back to where we originally started in trying to get a colonoscopy to see if he is bleeding inside somewhere or his bladder.  Good grief.  I think he is a bit afraid they might find something and it could be the reason he has lost 60 pounds.  Me too.

Monday, August 11, 2014


I am absolutely crying today.  Robin Williams dead at age 63 by his own hand.  OMG...I am just devastated by his passing.  Partly because he is 5 years older than I am.  So very sad.  Such a loss of a fantastic talent.  He must have been so very troubled but how do you do that to your family, to your CHILDREN.  Selfish, but I guess he just couldn't do it anymore.  I don't know.  I just don't get it.  He leaves behind such a wake of sadness and despair that will impact his children the rest of their lives.  He was in three of my very favorite movies and I immediately went on Amazon and purchased them:  Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji and Hook.  I plan on watching them with Rio.  

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Mooooooo Mooooooo Mooooooo

After the week we all had last week I was able to at least get some painting done this week.  Painting at home is not happening at all lately so it's in class.  I can get so very lost in painting, especially these tiny little cow faces.  I can sit for 3 hours straight and not hardly move.  My kind of meditation.

Aren't they cute and coming along.  I have a lot more to do on it and I am happy with how it's all turning out.  

Next week will be busy, busy, busy again as Tuesday Daddy goes under the knife yet again.  That has my tummy doing a bit of tumbling but it will be okay.  I will keep you posted!

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Life Goes On...I Think

It's a BEAUTIFUL Sunday morning here and I saw it start as I was up before the sun made its appearance.  I told The Hubby Friday that I thought our front yard was stunning.  Don't you think.  With all this rain and nice temperatures it hasn't had time to get yucky.  Unfortunately, my tomato plants are awful.  Hardly any tomatoes now and I'm not sure if it's too much rain or in need of fertilizer.  

I guess I will update on Daddy now.  He is home thank goodness and quite happy to be so.  I figured they would send him home after the bleeding stopped.  I went early Friday morning to sit with him until the doctor came but by 10:45 it was still a now show so I told him I was going to lunch with The Hubby and to the office for a bit then back to his house to feed his outside kitty and then back to the hospital.  Well, best laid plans.  Lunch yes I got and then to the office to try and do some invoicing but no sooner than I got there and kissed the granddaughter than my phone rang.  It was the doctor dismissing him so back on the road I went to take him home.  My plan was to go back to work but no.  I got there, loaded him up and off to his house.  On arrival he immediately went outside to feed his sweet kitty and then Sister arrived.  I have not seen her for awhile and while Daddy went inside to sit in his chair a bit we stayed on the back patio to chat.  Boy, did I get an update on her daughter, my niece, the thief.  Not good, not good.  That child.  I feel sorry for Sis.  I told her she may have to do the tough love of changing the locks and kicking the kid (21 years old now) to the curb.  She's had tickets, numerous with fines she can't pay off because of no job and no driver's license from said tickets/fines.  I asked why she can't seem to keep a job and was told because she steals.  Good Grief!  Of course, I knew that from the infamous Thanksgiving gathering where my mother-in-law surprisingly lost money from her purse.  She said they were going to the lake and I asked if niece went too but she said no.  Then what do you do to keep her from stealing from you.  Her reply, "We have locks on the bedroom doors." That is horrible.  She said that she pays $50 a month on the fines and I asked how does she pay the fines if she can't keep a job.  I kind of just got a look that told me Sis pays them.  KICK THE GIRL OUT!!!!!  Tough Love, I told Sis.  There was a lot more to this conversation but I will spare you.  

Back to Daddy.  When I picked him up the hospital staff told me they made an appointment for a urologist and a cystology test where a camera is put up in .....YUCK, to see if anything is going on.  So that appointment is Wednesday.  They also made a follow up appointment with the heart doctor, 2 days after his scheduled hip surgery so back to the phone and I rescheduled that appointment for this Friday.  Oh My Gosh!  I'm so tired of doctors visits and they're not even mine!  This week is full and then we move to next week and hip surgery.  That reminds me a packet came in the mail at his house for the hip surgery and I am very sure there is a date for labs to be done.  GOOD GRIEF!  I will have to go to his house and find out when those are and hope they don't interfere with any other doctor visits.  

With all of this he has this cat outside that is just barely on the good side of tame and not wild.  She/he needs to be spade or neutered and given shots.  He was planning on doing it but when.  The sooner all of this is done the better as I think he will be in rehab for at least 6 weeks, not home.  Dang, so I will call his vet and see what we can do about this little dilemma.  I may have to have him get her in the crate (he can do this, she lets him) and take her/him to the vet and do the deed and see if she can stay there to heal, tame a bit and then I can let her out at home.  I of course will probably will pay for this.  She gives him such comfort and he already loves her.  He wants to be able to bring her inside for good.  

My week is very full as will be next week.  The only bright spot is art on Tuesday's and dinner with friends on next Wednesday.  Do you think my blood pressure is having a time lately.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Nick, Nick, Nick

Daddy had his heart cath test yesterday, supposedly a 2 hour ordeal turned out to be a stay in the hospital.  Brother took this one as I did the Tuesday stuff and sad to say he got the wrong end of the deal.  They did the test and Daddy did well, in fact, he got the green light for his hip surgery.  Then he had to pee but couldn't so they had to insert a catheter which we assume they NICKED something.  He started bleeding and would not stop.  Because of his infection, anemia and the bleeding they decided to keep him.  RATS.  I'm up early this AM so I can run out to the hospital to check on him and maybe see the doctor.  Could be they send him home.  I certainly hope so.  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ring Around The...

Ring around the doctor/insurance/doctor/insurance wheel!  Not really so much insurance but the doctor thing, HELL YES.  Daddy indeed has a MRSA infection in his hip, although they have him on antibiotics and it is looking better, but surgery is again on the horizon for him.  Brother took him last Monday to his regular doctor after the dang thing....BLECH...broke.  The doctor sent the referral to see Dr. Hippy again and so yesterday Brother picked him up and I met them at Dr. Hippy's office.  X'rays and a lot of waiting and surgery is tentatively set for August 12, tentatively.  Remember that we had to cancel the hearts tests, well, I had to get on the stick and reschedule them all because he has to be heart cleared before the surgery.  HUGE circle we are in.  So I got on the phone and rescheduled and they were able to do the echo-cardiogram and the carotid artery sonogram today.  So we wait for those results.  We also have to reschedule the heart cath test but they problem is we have a week and the heart doctor is out of the office next week!!!!!  We may have to bump the surgery back.  Oh gosh, what a vicious circle it is.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble

Well, here goes a ramble to end all rambles.  Life is good.  Life is scary.  Life is full of ups and downs.  Life is unpredictable.  

First some good stuff.  I did finish "Arnie," the St. Bernard and the lady that commissioned it LOVES it!  I just have to get it scanned and then framed and it is SOLD!  

So art on Tuesday I went in without an idea of what I really wanted to paint next so I spent an hour before looking at some in my Dropbox folder.  I found this one that Afton took of the cows and I had a great canvas for it.  I showed Ross (my instructor) and he loved it too, so cows it is.  It was a great painting day.

The day before though was not so much.  Last Thursday when I stopped by to see Daddy he told me he had a "place" on his hip spot (the one that was replaced twice and had MRSA in it).  I told him to CALL the doctor ASAP.  He did and got in on Monday.  In the meantime he called me early Monday morning and told me that the thing had opened in the night.  That was not good and when I saw him on Sunday when we visited he said in passing that it had moved around to his backside!  Oh gosh, he doles out the info in pieces and doesn't go to the doctor sooner than later.  So the doc visit Monday resulted in a cleanup and a new bandage and antibiotics and a referral to the original hip doctor, Dr. Hippy.  We go see him on Monday.  Daddy seems to think that they will just take him in to clean it out and send him home but......Dr. Hippy, the last time said that if it happens again that was it.  I don't know what that means but I think it means they will clean it out best they can, take the hip out, FOR GOOD.  His time living on his own will come to an end and he will have to live in the nursing home.  I know that is not what he expects but more than likely that is deal.  He does not want that but he CAN NOT live with me.  I value my marriage and it would be a HUGE hardship on our relationship.  I don't have time to care for him.  I still work and I'm pooped now, everyday.  Oh gosh, we probably have a battle on the horizon.  

Now on too the reunion stuff.  I graduated with like 370 or so people and our 40th reunion is coming in September.  I have wrangled every one since the 15 (we have one every 5 years, except for the 35th) and the response for this one is appalling.  I have a total of 46 reservations for the Saturday night part.  We have a Friday night at a hotel bar (NOT PAYING FOR DRINKS) with food is $10 a person; Saturday is $60 a person/ $125 couple, food and drinks and FABULOUS place with music; Sunday Brunch $20 a person. I don't think it is outrageous and you can piece meal it.  You can do Friday only, or Saturday or Sunday or all or whatever.  The husbands is the weekend before mine and its $60 a person.  I can't figure out if everyone is just procrastinating or do not want to pay, or, which I think plays a part, the Facebook connections.  I think everyone thinks they don't need to see anyone because they keep up on Facebook.  

All of this is on my mind and is the reason I woke up at 1:30 a.m. on Monday (or Tuesday morning) and could NOT go back to sleep.