Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Busy Week In Review

My week in review:

Well, either Monday or Tuesday, totally forget which as days swim together, I came home and made a killer veggie soup for the week.  It was so dang good.  Also added to the mix was a huge bag of spinach...YUMMY!  

Tuesday I painted with my lovely friends and finally, FINALLY finished this sweet one.  I call it 

"A Girl and Her Cowboy"
16x16 oil on gallery wrapped canvas. 
The name Cowboy is the horses name and the horse belongs to her other papa.  The painting is going to live in his house.  He loves it.

Also, last week was the completion of cleaning out my space, my room, my sanctuary.  In the purging I ended up with a garage full of CRAP to get rid of so B and I decided to set up at the flea market.  Oh my gosh, her car was full of her stuff and my car was so full I could barely get into the drivers seat to drive. 
I had hoards and hoards of books to get rid of and I probably sold 20 of them, not enough. 
B had fabric, clothes, vintage fabric and trim.  I had teapots and a few dishes. 
The Hubby decided to get in on the action and brought this lighted picture and lamps.  They brought tons of lookers and interest but did not sell. 
All in all I think we made our booth fee with a tad left over that I gave it to B so they could go to Blue Dome and have some munchies last night. 
When the day was done we loaded all of it back into our respective cars.  She headed home, The Hubby took his goodies back to storage at the shop and I made a bee-line to Goodwill to drop off.  Nothing was going back to my house.  What I was faced with was a full parking lot and no more carts to put stuff in.  I gave them what they had room for but the two huge boxes of books are still in my car....GRRRrrr.  Not a problem though as I will head back Monday morning to drop off.  Again, nothing is coming back into my house.  I feel so good about purging what I have and after my art function will continue with the guest room closet.  It is stuffed with Christmas, games, art note cards, yarn for my crochet projects, record albums, family history, CRAP yet again.  

What is good is that today I have nothing to do, absolutely nothing but a date with my new found easel.  I have several projects I need to get started on and I am PAINTING!  So toodles for now I've got to play in paint.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Honestly I am ashamed to be an Oklahoman today.  What is wrong with our state.  We are traveling backward step by step by step.  We are letting our children down by demolishing our education system and now we are letting women down and turning us back to pre-70's.  I am ashamed.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pianos and NO SLEEP

Oh we are a HAPPY kiddo aren't we.  As I said yesterday, she is with us all weekend and about halfway through yesterday I happened to walk by the dining room and realized I had FORGOTTEN something.  A few weeks ago I had ordered her a baby toy piano and it was still in the box, waiting for her to come and help me open it.  We got to the business of pulling it out of the box with some assembly required and voila we have a toy baby grand piano just right for Snicklefritz.  She loves it and all day long as she played she would detour in the front room and I could hear her tinkling the ivories.  She has decided it shall stay at my house and that is okay.  The little music book and color-coded strip will help in teaching her!  

It has been a fun weekend but frankly guys I'm bushed this morning.  She woke up in the middle of the night last night when I had only been asleep, deep asleep for about and hour and a half screaming and crying.  I was so deep asleep that her crying was in my dream and it took me a minute to realize it was REAL!  I jumped out of bed realizing that I had again shed my pajamas (hate pajamas even in my sleep) but not enough time to put anything on, and rushed to her.  During the crying I thought I heard a thud and was afraid she had fallen out of the BIG BED hence the screaming cry, but as I opened the door I realized it was just her feet hitting the floor as she climbed down from the bed.  I rushed to her and she was crying she had to go to the bathroom.  I quickly felt of the pajamas, DRY and helped her to the bathroom.  She was sobbing and I was afraid I would not get her back to sleep.  She went to the bathroom and that made me have to go and through her sobbing and me peeing she said, "Put your clothes on!"   GOOD GRIEF, even in the low light that seemed to bother her.  As she headed back to her bed, still sobbing I grabbed my nightgown and tried to help her into bed but that seemed to make it worse.  Little Miss Independent does NOT want help most of the time.  So her sobbing and me waiting she climbed back onto the bed and I tucked her back in.  She was back asleep in a matter of minutes.  Probably wasn't even awake enough to realize all of it.  Then about 3:30 I had to get up to empty said bladder again, then back asleep.  Again at 5:30 I was jolted awake by moaning and, "No, No, No."  The Hubby jumped up and ran into her bedroom but I knew she was having a bad dream and not awake, but he didn't realize it.  She did the same thing yesterday morning.  He tip-toed to her bedside and then back to bed assured she was still asleep.  I said, "Bad dream," to which he replied, "How did you know." I told him she had done it yesterday.  So back to sleep he went and she and me, well, here I am AWAKE!  My FitBit says I have had three and a half hours of actual sleep.  Figures.  So NAP TIME for me today.  

The good thing yesterday is my room is DONE, DONE, DONE!  Oh there are a few little corners of stuff to get out for the flea market next week or the office but it is cleared out and ready for my company.  The Hubby came in yesterday and I proudly said, "Looky!" He said, "Are you almost done!" WHAT!!!!  I guess he thought I would get rid of everything but this is MY ROOM and I like MY SPACE!  Ooooooooooooo!!!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday with Snicklefritz

 Good Saturday morning (7:07 am.)  I'm up early and little Snicklefritz is STILL asleep.  She is spending the weekend with us and "hopefully" the bed is not wet.  Yes, she has progressed to dry underwear all night, or at least at home.  Poor little thing was so exhausted yesterday that it was easy to put her down, but that also means a hard sleep for her, and possibly a wet bedspread as she slept on top of the bed.  I put pillows underneath the fitted sheet to make a kind of well in the center.  The bed is so his and we have hardwood floors and I was afraid she would roll off in the middle of the night.  She wanted to sleep in the center and so she is still there.  I woke up a little after 6 when I heard her let out a scared moan and I assume she was having a bad dream.  

We got her at lunch time and took her with us to our favorite Friday haunt, Bangkok for Thai buffet.  She ate and ate, veggies, pad Thai and rice.  The kid is not much into meat but that's okay.  So back home I got out a project her momma sent for us to do, paint her birdhouse.  The kit came with a small amount of paints so I broke out the acrylics and she had a heyday.
Then Granddad came home, her favorite play friend and she followed him around like a puppy dog.  She watched him clean out the water fountain and then rode around on the bike picking up tons of sticks and dried leaves in the wagon part.  She was painted and filthy and worn out but was having the time of her life.  A good dinner, bath, stories read and down she went at 8pm.  

UPDATE as I was writing:  She slept 11 hours with a DRY bed.  Up and ready for our Saturday.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Time Away

Happy Belated Mother's Day

A wonderful weekend it certainly was.  I actually headed to the cabin on Wednesday afternoon to have some ME time for my Mother's Day gift to me!  It had been a few years since I spent some time on my own at the cabin and the weather did not disappoint.  
Since the torrential rains we had last year the creek has changed.  Our regular swimming hole used to have a flat bank you walked into the creek at but the water has eroded it to a 3 foot drop off and farther down this has appeared.  I prefer the moving water and shallow so you can see the bottom.  I don't want to swim, I want to walk in the waters but not till it's at least in the 90's during the day.  Spring Creek is FREEZING year round.  One day the thing was full to bursting with shad, in fact they were absolutely flipping out of the water.  I was able to scoop up handfuls of the 3-5 inch fish.  Soooo, needed a fishing pole. 
So much lush green and beauty.  Definitely have loads of ideas for paintings. 

Back into town on Sunday The Hubby and I picked up KFC, the mother-in-laws favorite, and headed to her little independent living apartment to enjoy the day.  She was so excited to have her family around her and had the table set beautifully for us.  

Of course it's also B2's Mother's Day and little Snicklefritz created a painting for her (without my help).  She took a little class and made it.  Sooooo cute and it had a story.  It's of her and her momma sewing, together!

I also received this sweet Mother's Day card from her.  She flew in the door and wished me Happy Mother's Day as she hugged my neck. 

Love that girl, LOVE ALL MY GIRLS! 

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

I'm doing this on Saturday because for some reason this year I'm feeling the loss of Momma so keenly this year.  I don't want to think about it tomorrow.  She was my best friend, my confident, my ship in a storm.  My heart absolutely breaks with her not in my world.  I miss her so very much and cannot stand to even write these words right now.  Could be the gin and tonic I just finished off...could be...

Here's to all mother's everywhere and I will cherish the only mother figure I have left, my fantastic mother-in-law!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ms. Senior Oklahoma

Guess what, Guess WHAT....My sweet adorable lovely gracious Mother-In-Law will be representing her retirement residence in the Ms. Senior Oklahoma pageant on Saturday.  Isn't she just a beautiful woman wearing her tiara.  She is 88 years old!  I'm very happy and excited for her.  It will be at the TCC Van Trease PAC Southeast campus on Saturday at 2 pm.  The admission fee helps to support Grace Hospice.  

Monday, April 25, 2016

BOOMS and Blooms

Finally, FINALLY, we headed out of town for the weekend to our beloved cabin.  The skies were awesome blue with tons of beautiful white clouds.  Kind of an omen of the storms brewing for Monday...

When we pulled up the first thing I saw were my peonies in bloom.  I have three of them and two had not popped yet.  So beautiful. 
A quick drive around the compound and I found a neighbors glorious yellow iris bed in full bloom.  I love yellow and pink and purple and, and, and...heck I love flowers.

Saturday The Hubby had to head back to town for a funeral (boo) but I opted to stay put.  Another drive around on the golf cart with camera in tow and I found some beautiful sights.   
The rains from last year have done some major damage to our creek bank and commons areas but they seem to be trying to come back.  The water was definitely up, so much so that the rock barrier was covered which allows boats from the river side to eek into our little slice of heaven.  It's kind of scary to have strangers floating in but it's quite legal, AS LONG AS THEY DON'T GET OUT.  It's private property on the land part.  

Further down the creek I found this beautiful white heron enjoying the sunshine too.  Might be a painting in here somewhere. 

More drive time as I made my way around the place.  I love these kind of photos, roads leading to who knows where.   
The weekend was spoiled a bit though.  We slept with our windows open which I love to do.  Saturday night about 12:28 a.m. all of a sudden BOOM, echo, echo, echo.  At first I thought it was thunder but as I looked to the darkened sky all I saw were stars.  The Hubby rolled over and said, "Well, that is his reply for T calling the sheriff earlier today." The story is that there is a guy on the hill above the grounds that has a cannon, he likes to shoot off his cannon, mostly during the day but lately he's been doing it at night too.  He can directional the thing and he has a thorn in his butt about "us" so he points it directly above our property.  T had had enough so he placed a phone call to the sheriff's office and they paid The Hill Guy a visit, and so his response was: 12:28 a.m.  BOOM, 12:35 a.m. BOOM, and 12:58 a.m. BOOM.   Talk about messing with your sleep.  I definitely got up in a grouchy mood.  I hope The Hill Guy can get his panties out of that wad they're in and he relents a bit.  I don't care about during the day but fella, not at night PLEASE.  

Oh and the kiddo got to visit her greatpapa this weekend.  He was thrilled I'm sure. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Babies and Dance

Snicklefritz update.....Cuteness!
Oh my goodness how do I love this little girl.  She just makes my heart go pitty-pat when she runs up to me and says, "Granny!" 

I've been very busy making lots and lots of baby blankets.  I have six friends who are going to be first time grandmothers (5 girls and 1 boy) and I have always crocheted baby blankets, ever since I was in high school.  In fact, my first one was for my General Business, Typing teacher, Mrs. Maples when she was to have her first child.  She had a little girl, Karen and that kiddo is in her 40's now.  WHAT!  Yup.  The first blanket I made I was 16 years old so it is nearly 45 years old and Rio plays with it everyday.  You can't even tell it is that old.  Guess we should put it up but why.

Snicklefritz snapped this little jewel with my camera.  That girl is a natural picture taker! 

I forgot to mention this past weekend that The Hubby and his dance partner Tina were in a competion and danced a routine they had been practicing for nearly two months.  They did an awesome job.  Tina is a wonderful dance partner for him, thank goodness it's not me, and I support them fully!