Friday, November 21, 2014

It's Just My Opinion

It's just my opinion but really, Rosie O'Donnell used to be a comedian.  I don't watch The View but I do catch the news, FaceBook, Entertainment Tonight and read People and folks the lady is not funny anymore.  She wants to take a stand on everything and argue with everyone.  Really, not funny anymore, just a sour woman with a lot of money to have a chance to stand on a soap box, A LOT!  It's just my opinion.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Dance

"Morning Glory", 5x7 oil on cotton panel
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I am gearing up to have the crew.  I'm really very excited to have everyone this year.  I do wish the California girl and her guy were coming but I totally understand.  They are so busy right now with work it's just too hard for them to come home that often.  They will be here next summer for The Hubby's big 60th birthday bash (a surprise to him).  

On top of all of that going on like grocery lists, when to thaw the turkey, table cloths, we are getting ready to move our office next week, FINALLY!  It is going to finally be a reality.  We've still got a few hurdles to go with the city and Certificate of Occupancy and all that popped up out of the blue but it is getting handled.  I am getting a new (used) front desk that I HOPE fits.  The architect, I think, screwed up his measurements so our electrical floor box may be in the wrong place and the bay where our file cabinets are too, which makes everything have to go where it is at and that means we are too close to the front window.  We will just have to see how it all lays out.  I told The Hubby that I HAVE to have my computer and Internet up and running by next Friday so I can do payroll.  It's a dance with all the powers that be.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Television - What's New

Lately, The Hubby has discovered a new television show that he is kind of obsessed with.  I've also found one I LOVE.  His is a show called How We Got To Now, hosted by Steven Johnson.  It's on PBS on I think Wednesday evenings.  Wow, wow, wow, it is such a cool show and quite amazing.  I'm telling you that if I watched that kind of show in school I might have paid more attention to science and the world around me.  Amazing stuff.  Did you know that the actress Hedy Lamarr was an actress (duh) and INVENTOR!  Yes, and she is credited with kind of where we are with our cell phones and sound.  AMAZING!  Really, REALLY interesting stuff.  You can watch it on PBS website.  A must for sure.

Another show that I am kind of obsessed with is on PBS but on a channel called CREATE which I found.  Locally it is on channel 113.  It is called A Chef's Life and follows the life of chef Vivian Howard (love the name Vivian).  She and her husband Ben and their twins have moved back to her roots in North Carolina and follows her life there making food happen.  I LOVE her dialect/accent/whatever.  I've watched the first season episodes and now we are into the next season.  They've had a fire in the restaurant which closed it down for a bit and now they are opening two other restaurants.  Great show.  

I'm kind of getting disenchanted with regular TV because they keep canceling ones I watch.  First my soaps have bit the dust, then Longmire (think Netflix is picking it up) and then Dallas.  Guess this means more time at my easel.  Too bad I don't like to paint at night.  

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Eat, Exercise and Babies

So, I'm totally stealing this photo from Rio's momma's Facebook page but how DARLING is it.  I mean reading by the fireside with Mondo, her daddy and that face, oh, that face.  Speaking of fireside, the weather she is a changing for sure.  We are just waiting for the snow to begin.  Goodness, I am so not ready for winter, for the cold mainly and the dark, dreary days.  What gets me through is that I know that in a few short months the sweet green of spring will pop out of the dead stuff and the world will be flush with color and beautiful sun filled skies.  That is what I look forward to.  What I do now is to stay very busy and that is not a problem for me.  I will kiss Rio, paint lots of pictures, read, crochet, do counted cross stitch ornaments, and cook.  I have to be careful with the cooking because I have quit my trainer and the cooking thing entails EATING!  

I don't know if I have shared about my trainer but yes I have quit him.  There were a lot of factors in my decision to be done with him.  Don't get me wrong I am not giving up on exercise but I am taking a break.  I've pretty much done it 5 days a week for years now, early, EARLY in the morning, but sleep has been a pressing need.  I am in need of a new place, a new kind, and new people.  I don't have time to check it out yet but hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will be back at it.  FYI, doing it at home on my own is not an option.  I am not self-motivating.  I will not get off my keaster to ride the bike that sits gathering dust.  Just not in my head to do.   

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Painting Workshop

(I hope to paint this lovely)
This has been a week I can tell you.  I hit the ground running Monday morning and finally last night I was able to sit, just sit.  My head hit the pillow about 8:15 and with a brief wake-up at 9 pm, I then slept until 6:30 this morning.  Monday and Wednesday were of course work and watch Rio days.  Tuesday and Thursday were painting days, but not the usual painting days.  As I posted last time, we, my group of friends, were to paint with Diane Ainsworth at one of our new lease spaces that has not rented yet.  It was quite a learning experience and I felt so free in what I was putting on canvas.  She also critiqued our art, which was a first for me.  I was a bit scared of it but she liked my art and the only suggestion was to "lose the edges more."  That is her impressionistic style which I venture into a lot.

We had a thrill to see the different paints she used and of course I went right out the next day and purchased some more.  Like I need anymore.
The first day we did what she called a thumbnail sketch before we painted.  Her thumbnail was more of a very small scribble but mine was a bit more precise and larger.  Then we did a value scale and then the color.  I chose the nutcracker I brought and plan on painting it on an actual canvas because it was such fun to do. 

The we moved on to still life.  She set up many, many things on the table and I was shocked thinking we were to paint ALL of it but she said that she sets up several things and just picks out parts to paint. WHEW, that was a relief.  I chose the limes in the corner as they "spoke" to me.
She had me give the hint in the background of the brass thing-a-ma-bob and it worked and she loved what I did.  We did a bit of painting of palette knife technique.   
Thursday was portrait or figure drawing.  That I have not really done from a real model since I was 14 years old in 9th grade art.  Her husband, Robert, was our model and quite a good model he was.  Very still he sits.  

Now don't judge as it was definitely a rough go at it but quite fun.
Then she painting a landscape in about 15 minutes....WOW...I had the chance to purchase and should have but just not my style to spend that kind of money.  Even though it was a very good price for what hers normally sell for I just couldn't do it.   
See the space we had, it was just awesome.  The Hubby got on top of the office storage space and took our photo. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Building Project

 Remember our building project, well, we are done with the new building...

So very excited to be done.  Now we need RENTERS!
It's all clean, heated, spacious and READY!  In fact, since it is still not leased I am hosting a painting workshop for Tuesday and Thursday with some painting friends and a lady I have not met yet.  She will critique and teaching some about impressionistic and portraits.  So very excited and this space is perfect.   Lighting and heat and lots of space.  Her name is Diane Ainsworth and is apparently well known in the art world (I am clueless.  Thank goodness for painting friends.)

Remember when there was NOTHING!
The stone building has been another project.  It is actually where our offices will move to, downstairs.  The guys will actually work out of the end of the metal building. The city and fire marshals are kind giving us some fits with the stone building.  We are probably going to be moving in next week and then all of a sudden they want a new hand rail on the staircase outside and they say it is listed as only storage.  So now we have to deal with an occupancy certificate.  GOOD GRIEF.  We just want to be done and will be when the creative concrete guy (former owner) finishes the floor inside downstairs.  We took out partition walls and that left the floors with unfinished areas.  It is all we need to do.  

The upstairs is DONE.  It is kind of an apartment where we will watch Rio while and I will have an art studio. 

This is a closet that we won't use as a closet and is perfect for a playroom for Rio for now.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Weekend Fun

Yes, I am still here.  Blogging has taken a back seat to my life lately as I'm busier than a "cranberry merchant something, something, something." (A saying my mother used to say.)  Work, painting, watching Rio and last night we hosted a cocktail party for some of our neighbors.  Since we moved in some 8 years ago the houses around us have already been inhabited by new neighbors, we are the old kids on the block so to speak.  So we wanted to get us all together.  Unfortunately, one had dinner plans and another couple were coming until he came home SICK, they were nice enough to stay home.  I was afraid we were going to be by ourselves but the doorbell finally rang and we had a great time.  A cocktail party is fun because it's early enough, and in the middle of the week, so I was in bed by 8:30!  

Sunday's fun on the easel.  I have a couple more, self portrait and another of someone else, but they are not fit to share yet.   
Have I told you that I am going to Scottsdale Artist School in March!  Yup, for an entire week I am attending classes with friends to paint.  Yesterday my special paints arrived!  I'm so excited and I know I will not be able to NOT use these till then.  
Sunday was stew day...yummy...repeat Monday. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Day In The Life of Rio

Monday's and Wednesday's while Rio's momma teaches, Rio gets to go to work with Granny (or Hanny, as she calls me now).  We have a wonderful back office full of toys and stuff but yesterday we just never made it back there.  She sat in my chair and watched Peppa Pig on my computer and was quite happy.  At one time she had my red ink pen in her fingers rolling it around oblivious to the leavings of red ink everywhere on her fingers.  When she discovered it she was not happy.
Soon it was time for lunch,  I brought her lunch, leftover spaghetti and meatballs, salad, fresh tomatoes and blueberries.  The blueberries went first (her favorite) and then a couple of bites of spaghetti and I was afraid that was going to be it. 
She brought me her plate and said, "All done." She climbed in my lap and suddenly the fork began again.  
Bite after bite, it quickly gone.  That child is a master with a fork or spoon, most of the time left handed, but definitely switching often.
I was thrilled with the salad part.  She loves salad and this one is so crunchy and good.  She ate it all. 
After our clean plates we went out the shop part and her Granddad was having his lunch and piddling around with one of the vans cleaning it.  The overhead door was open and the day was stunningly beautiful.  We sat on the step and watched a train go by honking it horn, waved at a homeless guy, and soaked up the wonderful fall day.   
When I got my phone ready to snap a picture she quickly put her head on my shoulder and smiled, what a ham.  A pro at the selfie at the age of 2!  Nap was soon after this photo and she went down without a smidge of trouble.  What a darling!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Bad Seed

Monday morning pink
Well, I bit the bullet and invited Sis and her family to Thanksgiving.  I first sent an email to my Bro-in-Law and then to Mom-In-Law to ask what they thought.  The BIL because I like and wanted to know his thoughts.  The MIL because she was the recipient of the pilfering niece.  BIL said that "if you invite the melon, the seeds will follow!" I loved that response and it was so true.  Gave me a giggle too to think of my sister as the melon and the niece as the seed, THE BAD SEED!  My MIL, absolutely love my MIL.  She is a giving and loving and totally forgiving person.  She said that, "Please do not leave out any loved ones, especially family, they must be loved.  The more the Merrier."  That lady is awesome.  So I took her advice and Monday while at Daddy's I did it.  Oh, I was there paying his bills and all three of us were there trying to figure out all of the bills.  We were a unified set of siblings doing what was right and you know what, it was like old times.  We were laughing and talking and having a good time.  I'm still angry at her by her actions, a lot but she is my sister.  Also, on the loan front, well, that didn't happen she said because apparently she is on some stuff of her daughters and those were defaulted on, BAD CREDIT DEMONS.  Too bad but frankly I'm glad because I didn't want to be hauled into that mess.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Thanksgiving...yes that time has rolled around yet again and I'm in a bit of a quandary about something, family.  As usual I am hosting the turkey feast but unlike last year we will be missing a few people, maybe.  This is how it is:  Last year I had The Hubby's side of the family and my side of the family, together, like I have done many, many times.  If you go back and read HERE you will see that things did not go well.  My niece totally ruined The Hubby's favorite holiday and a wonderful time we should have had with family.  Stealing and drugs are not part of Thanksgiving for me.  Anyway, I sent an email out to The Hubby's family and we are having Turkey day here yet again, WITHOUT my family.  Bro is having a nice day with his wife's family and hopefully Sis will be too, but that leaves my Daddy.  I will talk to him today and I'm sure he will come to our house whether he drives or someone goes to get him.  He never stays long but he totally enjoys it.  My problem and worry is that Sis will eventually ask what we are doing, "WE" meaning them too, and I DO NOT WANT THEM at my house.  I think the niece is still in rehab in Michigan but I do not want to take the chance she shows up and frankly, I'm so pissed at my sister right now I can't deal with her.

I asked her 2 weeks ago to PLEASE go by Daddy's and call Medicare and his health insurance supplement people to figure out why nothing is getting paid for his home health care visits.  She has yet to do that so I will go this afternoon after work and after watching Rio all day and deal with it.  She works, I work yet I have time, she apparently does not, but she has time to take off Fridays to go get her nails and hair done and to visit the bank to get a loan to pay off her credit card bills.  Yup, I got that phone call last Friday.  She called me and asked if I would do her a favor.  I sort of, reluctantly said "Sure,"  as she wanted me to be a REFERENCE for her as she was getting the loan to pay off her credit cards.  She wanted my address.  I wait for the stuff to come in the mail and then I will call and if it is some kind of a co-signer thing, NO DAMN WAY!  For goodness sake, as Bro put it, why not hock the mountain of jewelry she wears on each and every single finger, including thumbs, oh wait, that is why there is credit card debt.  Plus the Harley her husband had to have and the new Camero she had to have.  DON'T GET ME STARTED!