Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Baking 101, Or Maybe Not

Yesterday was supposed to be an art class day but as I wrote a couple of days ago it instead became a work day.  I had so much mail to open and piles of just crap I needed to go through after being absent for 3 days.  I knew it was going to be a long day with a break in the middle to attend a luncheon with some of those art buddies.  Finally leaving the office I had to go to the bank, the post office and finally the grocery store.  Snicklefritz was going to spend the night so I needed to get food and stuff to bake.  My plan was and is for her and I to bake today, mainly cookies and my famous fruitcake.  Back and forth through the store I loaded up on flour, sugar, butter, and pecans, you know the usual baking stuff.  BUT, when it came time to find the candied red cherries and candied pineapple I was up and down the aisles so many times I was getting angry trying to find said products.  Finally I found someone to help me and she directed me to an end cap at the back of the store, at the top, a tiny little boxed area where there about 10 containers of citron (YUCK)  and green cherries, obviously a hold over from what didn't sell last year.  WHAT THE *****!!!!  I was not happy and I told anyone who would listen to me.  Totally messed up my plans to bake fruitcake with Snicklefritz.  I DO NOT have time to go traipsing around town to different grocery stores looking for candied cherries and pineapple.  Really REALLY made me mad.  Then this morning I was awake at 4 AM...yes 4 AM!  I thought I would look on Amazon, and guess what, Friday my candied cherries and pineapple will be delivered in time for her and I to make fruitcake as she is spending the night again!  I am STOKED!  

The downside this morning of me being awake at 4 am is that Snicklefritz is up at 5:37!  

Sunday, December 04, 2016

This and That Christmas Crap

Good morning.  A quick update about my fast track life lately.  I have to admit I took two whole days at art class this week, I needed it!  Actually, I didn't work at the office much, but tried to get my Christmas shopping done, and did.  This year was order online and a few gift cards and DONE!  Wait, I forgot the great niece, well, one more.  

Next week is going to be OFF the CHART busy.  Tomorrow I'm attending yet another art workshop with Christopher Westfall.  You might remember a few weeks doing one but it was abstract.  This one is representational, which is basically what I do.  A one day affair I anticipate a lot of learning from a new eye.  That evening I HAVE to rush home because it's our banks Christmas party at Southern Hills and we always love to go to it.  Unfortunately I will miss the Jazzercise girls Christmas party that same night.  Oh well, something has got to give.  Speaking on that I am NOT going to art on my usual Tuesday, opting to work in the office since I'm missing Monday at my desk.  Plus Tuesday night after a full day at the desk and maybe my easel there Snicklefritz is spending the night because her Momma will be on TV (Channel 8-KTUL) to promote The Alliday Show very early the next day.  I'm sure she will be in my care a good part of the day which is okay BUT means I have got to wrap presents quickly today.  Also on Tuesday I have a luncheon with the Tulsa Artists Guild peeps in which I will attend and transport two of my art buddies before heading back to the desk.  

Thursday, YES, back to art class and my peeps!  I really don't need the class anymore, so to speak, but the critique and laughter with my friends is what I pay for.  I LOVE the whole thing!  Friday is back to work with payroll and pay bills!  YUCK!  Then Snicklefritz will again spend the night and be with us till about noon because we have yet another Christmas party to attend on Saturday night.  Busy, busy, busy.  

This past weekend we opted to stay in town and not go to the cabin because The Hubby had a dance thing in OKC on Saturday.  I didn't mind because I NEEDED to get the Christmas tree up and decorated if Snicklefritz was coming.  Actually, my heart was NOT into it this year, mainly because I wasn't hosting anything, next will be a different story.  So Friday morning I didn't go into the office until late in the day.  I spent the morning digging out the tree and decorations out of the guest closet.  That left a MESS in my guest room, Snicklefritz's bedroom when she spends the night.  (Yet another mess to clean up!)  Plus I HAD to get my closet under control.  I still had stuff in a bag from our travels to Italy, IN SEPTEMBER!  I hate clothes.  I took the opportunity to dump TONS of summer clothes that I did not wear this year.  
Oh, and two suitcases out of the guest closet that I don't use anymore.  With a gigantic bag of clothes to give away and two suitcases in tow my first stop on my way to lunch with The Hubby was Goodwill.  Before that though I did get the tree up, not decorated but up so The Hubby could light it.  Last year my wonderful pre-lit tree gave it up and didn't pre-lit anymore and he took all the lights off planning on LED lights.  He wanted to string the lights this year.  That was a first let me tell you.  In nearly 41 years of marriage that man has probably put two ornaments on a tree.  There was reason for that, no design style in tree decor.  So Friday night he strung "HIS" lights.  I looked at the way he did it and knew I would be restringing.  That guy is a MASTER at lighting homes, inside and out, but Christmas tree lighting inside, ummm, no!  While he was gone all day on Saturday until late I put ornaments on but because I can't seem to find the spirit it wasn't as much fun.  It just seems that we jumped right into Christmas without enjoying fall and Thanksgiving.  Next year I am SLoooowwwwing down and enjoying the experience again!  

Christmas tree is done, not like I have done in the past but done.  The storage boxes are back in the closet along with everything else I had to drag out of their and today I will organize the gifts that are piled on the bed into the dining room and wrap.  Yes, wrap, wrap, wrap.  The niece may get money in a card!  

Friday, November 25, 2016

Colorful Friday

I am not fond of doing the Black Friday thing but I did do a bit of online stuff this morning and I may be close to already done!!!!  Just a few gift cards and something for The Hubby!

Yesterday was a pretty wonderful day.  The food was great, the weather was great and the company was great!  We did have a bit of a hiccup though but it was not at our house.  We were all sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and visiting after gorging ourselves when we heard the fire truck sirens running.  We live close to the fire station so wasn't too worried but it kept going and getting louder and louder and more sirens.  We all jumped up and ran through the house and out the front door to see two fire trucks, two ambulances, and two police cars.  They were across the street at our neighbor lady's house. She is in her 90's but is pretty active and I think her son lives there with her.  Very shortly the fire trucks and ambulances left but the police stayed and it was apparent that she had passed away.  After about an hour with the police still there and family members arriving a van pulled up and we knew it was sort of a hearse for the funeral home.  One of our other neighbors said she had been in the hospital a couple of weeks ago.  I really had only met her once but it was very sad.  Kind put a downer on a day of being with family.
Anyway, Sis had asked me to paint her dog Nala and I finally got it done and she was thrilled.  She made sure to remind me to give it to her.   She loves it! 

Today I messed around with an idea.  My mother found this painting in a farmhouse we lived in in Arkansas in the early 60's and it was old then.  It is cracked and some of the paint has fallen off but it's still beautiful.  I had it cleaned and reframed a few years ago from the nicotine from my parents smoking.  It has to be well over 100 years old now. 
So today, I decided I would use it as my reference to tackle it. 

To top off my day today is when I tried to take a nap and just drifted off, DING-DONG...FedX...back to the couch and drifting off yet again when I heard knocking on the front door.  Up I go and as I walked I looked for UPS, no truck, but through the side window I saw a man standing at the edge of the step.  Through the door and glass I asked, "Can I help you." He replied saying something about needing a hard working man.  I said, "No thank you." Then he popped off, "What.  Are you afraid of a black man." OH GOOD GRIEF!  I said, "NO!  GO AWAY!" Kind of scared me to think he was going door to door and possibly just checking who would answer the door, to see who was actually home.  

I never did get that nap.  I did get to see B on the Channel 6 news with Rick Wells and her potholders at Philbrook!  

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Memories

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  I didn't set the alarm this morning thinking I would wake up on time to get Mr. Tom roasting in the oven and I didn't miss it by much.  I wanted to be up about six and the mind and eyes were alert at 6:15.  I rushed into the kitchen and started prepping said turkey.  Tea brewing, dressing started, turkey roasting, giblets bubbling, yep it's starting to smell like the smells I remember of years ago.  

When I was a wee kiddo our Thanksgivings were the best time of the year because, number one, we were out of school, number two we got to go to Greatgranny's, my most favorite place on the earth.  I used to think I wanted my ashes sprinkled on that property but as I near the age things like that happen...shiver...I don't want that.  No one is there anymore.  The house is empty and falling down.  What I have left are the warm memories that are with me and I try to share here sometimes for my girls.  

It was Momma's favorite holiday too because she got to shine with her turkey and dressing and I hope I have carried on that tradition for her.  My grandparents lived off the land and didn't have much but a warm home, friends and family, they were RICH!  So many memories of that place that I may just have to take off and ramble here to get the memory out.  

Mother would plan for weeks for Thanksgiving, making lists for her major grocery store run.  We weren't wealthy either so it was a huge chunk of change for her to spend on feeding whoever showed up for dinner.  But that didn't matter.  Greatgranny's was a haven for weary hunters and long lost cousins to come and know that they would be fed and get their tootsies warm in front of the wood stove in the living room.  You know I didn't see a live deer in the wild until I was in my 40's.  They were always hung from a tree being gutted in the front yard.  Men would come from miles around to get Big Dan to help them, teach them how to gut it.  I know, I know you tender hearts will take offense by this but, AGAIN, they lived off the land, even though Big Dan was a college educated man and highly decorated veteran from WWII.  There was never not some kind of "meat" that was not cooked on the table, in the freezer or fridge, frog, turtle, fox, deer, bobcat, etc.  It was an era and I am so glad I got to experience that world.  It made me who I am today.  Made me appreciate everything I have in my life.  Again, they weren't rich but the memories and life they let me be a part of made me and them the wealthiest people in the world.  (I'm getting nostalgic because of the yummy turkey smells wafting throughout my house right now!)
the dining room... 
My favorite driveway to my haven. 
More dining room.  That is Greatgranny, standing in the place that, before they made the freezer room/her bedroom in to a bathroom, Greatgranddaddy sat to eat his meals next to his toaster oven. 
Used to sleep in the bed of that truck in the summer months parked right there next to the house.

The garden. 
Great aunt front of the many, MANY mounts that adorned the walls.

View to the living room from the dining room...the wishbone doorway.  I now have most of those wishbones at our cabin.

This is Big Dan (my great uncle) with one of many hides that were around too.  I think that is fox, maybe coyote...not sure. 
My sweet, sweet momma probably waiting on a turkey to come out of the oven.  She is sitting in Big Dan's place, always his place. 
Greatgranddaddy and the many minions of kiddos that were always around.  Two of the kidlets I sort of remember, but definitely me, brother and sis!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Grocery Store Repetition

Well Turkey Day is upon us and I am scrambling to get it together.  I went to the store Friday intending to get milk and garlic bread for our weekend to the cabin, instead my Thanksgiving list was screaming at me for the opportunity to get-er-done!  So about $250 later my car was STUFFED and it was already stuffed with art supplies I purchased on Thursday at Zieglar's because of their one day Pre-Black Friday Sale!  I hardly had room to drive.  Still, my car is empty of groceries yet still full of art supplies.  I can't decide if I want to take them to the office art space or inside the house art space.  If I take them to the office that means lugging the crap upstairs and I DON'T want to do that.  Oh bother!  Back to Turkey Day.  I then again went to the store on Sunday for steaks and more milk for the house in town and ended up spending $200 more because I was informed we needed toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, Zantac and the few other things I realized we still needed for Thursday.  YET, I have to go back because I forgot sour cream and plastic cups.  Good Grief, that grocery store likes to see me coming!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Ribbons Ribbons

Guess What!!!

The Alpha Rho Tau show opening last night was AWESOME!  I took first place, blue ribbon for my Topiary I worked on all summer long.  So very, very excited.  I love that I saw the opportunity of a painting when I took the photo, free hand drew it, and then made it appear on canvas.  It was a huge challenge and paid off.  
PLUS...I took honorable mention in the same category for my little black-eyed susan painting.  What's funny is I spent all summer on the topiary yet the flowers took less than 30 minutes.  You just never know and I love both of them.  The black-eyed susan was palette knife exclusively with my 4 year old granddaughter underfoot and the topiary was brushed for weeks while painting with friends.  

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Can't We Just Get Along

"Can't we just get along."  Words spoken several years ago by Rodney King.  I turned on the television this morning and see rioting in the streets.  See Mr. Trump, what your vile vitriol has wrought.  People, please settle down.  It was voted, it is done, do you think all your screaming, crying and rioting is going to change it, NO.  Get involved in a peaceful manner, no name calling. 

Now on to what I did yesterday to ease my mind, to think happy thoughts.  I let my mind go to creating stuff.

This one I call "Confusion" 12x16 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.  It was the first thing I worked on trying to get the junk out of my brain...welcoming happy thoughts in.  Trying to utilize what I learned on Saturday at the workshop.

Because I was spending a lot of time waiting for things to dry I was bouncing from acrylics to watercolor on a new product called Yupo paper.  Cool stuff.  It's plastic paper and you work watercolor around on it, swirl it, blot it and wait for it to dry.  Then you take paint off, put paint on, more blotting.  Such fun but I'm not sure it's me.  It's a bit frustrating and I wanted it to work like oils that I am familiar with, but I will continue.

"Black-eyed Susan's" 12x14 watercolor on Yupo paper

Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Last night I just could not stay awake to watch the Presidential returns.  This morning the alarm went off at 4:45 and I quickly turned the television on to see what happened, fully expecting to hear "President Elect Hillary."  Imagine my total shocked surprise to hear "President Elect Trump!" 

HOLY SH.....

I know my girls are absolutely devastated but it is what it is and kind of how I felt 8 years ago.  You will survive, life goes on, it will be fine.  

Now we move to the NEXT election and come on America, let's PLEASE find some better representation to run, please.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Lemons Topiary

Yes, I finished it.  I certainly changed it up a bit as all the STUFF and silver got to me, but I like it!

Wednesday, November 02, 2016


My voice here has been quite silent lately I know, but I just don't have a lot to chat about.  That's not really true, I have a lot to say but I don't want to offend so I just keep my mouth shut, or at least I try.  
I've been busy painting and just wrapped up a month long show but am gearing up for another month long show, at the same place, different group.  This time around the show is judged and I'm so excited to enter 7 paintings, some of the best I've done.  If I don't get a ribbon I have to not let it discourage me as judging is different with each judge on any different day.  You just never know.  I am excited though to show my stuff!!!!!