Saturday, May 23, 2015

Family Life, Trials and Tribulations

I'm still healing very well.  Spent some time at the office this week, the grocery store and a wine run.  After all of the running around though I HAVE to rest.  It's like a balloon full of air and then you poke it with a pin...blghshhhwhhuchchchhaushhhl....all the air is let out, I lose steam.  By the next morning I am good again for another day.  Three more weeks of easy does it then I should be back to normal.  Every day is better and better.  

Last week I didn't drive till Thursday and that took all my strength to go to the office.  I noticed that my niece put on Facebook a call out for a ride to Clary Sage for an appointment to try and get in, to get her life to continue in a forward motion for the better.  She is back in town from rehab, has a job at Applebees and now wants to try cosmetology (a family tradition).  I applaud her effort to continue her "rehab".  Anyway at that point last week I was not driving but saw that she missed the meeting for a lack of a ride.  (Where is her family!)  I watched to see when she would reschedule and decided that I would be of assistance since I was driving now.  Monday evening nothing so I sent a message on Messenger and she replied that the reschedule was that day and she missed it too as she could not get there.  (The lack of a ride is no car, no drivers license due to tickets and fines.)  I told her I would take her if she rescheduled.  She was thrilled.  So Thursday morning I was at her house exactly at 9 a.m. and we were off.  Of course we were early but that was better than not there.  Since it is not far from my house I dropped her off and went home till she called about 11.  I picked her up and I could tell by her face she was worried and afraid.  She had a packet with her and I suggested we go get a bite of lunch and discuss it.  The packet was the financial paperwork along with a FAFSA form for money.  It is about $25,000. to go to the school and that alone scared her.  She said that she needed her mom to fill out the FAFSA form and needed two years of her tax returns.  Her concern was that her mother would not understand the forms and would just flat say no, as well she may.  I know my sister all too well.  The kid has over $4000 in fines to pay and then to do this was scaring her to death, plus the prospect of her mother saying, "NO!" I told her that was a good possibility but that she has no rent or bills save for the fines while living with her parents that then she should concentrate on paying the fines and getting her license back.  We also discussed Broken Arrow Beauty College that she never thought of.  It's hard to watch her be stuck, absolutely stuck in a place where there is no hope for a future for her.  No wonder she turned to drugs and alcohol.  She is faced with a blank wall.  That is just not fair to her.  We had a really nice conversation and lunch and I so hope she continues to push forward to keep her life in a positive motion, but I have my doubts when there is absolutely NO help from her immediate family.  Just breaks my heart.  How do you NOT give your children a future, or at least the prospect of one.  Can you imagine being an adult, living at home, no car, no drivers license, with no, NO marketable skills, working at Applebees FOREVER.  That would take a toll and it does not bode well to a positive outcome.  I'm sad for her.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's Been Reported

It has been reported that the PATHOLOGY is clear.  Yes, yesterday I went to my two week post-op appointment and the report was fantastic...NO CANCER!  I was so thrilled I could hardly contain myself.  I felt sure there was none, but there is that little voice in the back of your brain that just keeps needling, "they said 30-50% chance, 30-50% chance, 30-50% chance."  So I was a very happy girl yesterday as I left the doctors office.  I still have to go back in four weeks but I'm healing and doing very, VERY well.  Still no lifting over 8 pounds and NO SEX yet, understandably.  I'm going to take full advantage of the rest he said I still need but I feel GREAT!  I will have to start watching Snicklefritz June 1 so I need my energy.  It will only be a couple of hours a couple of days a week, and I think I can handle that.
Sunday and Monday were just beautiful in our backyard.  I thoroughly enjoyed just sitting, laying down, napping and soaking up the sun.  It's very healing for me.  

And look what is blooming in my garden next to my tomatoes!  Are they just beautiful. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stormy Weather (and More)

Wow, last night was a storming all over Green Country.  Yes we have needed the rain but Mother Nature has gone a bit overboard to play catch-up this spring.  There were some tornado touchdowns around in the Broken Arrow area and so the first thing I did this morning was text my brother and call my daddy to make sure all were okay and they were.  It was scary with the tornado sirens going off all over last night as I lay in bed but I knew by watching the weather that it was south of us.  I watched to make sure those I love were okay though.  It's funny that I used to tease that if I were ever in a tornado they would probably find me on the toilet.  That is because that is usually where I stayed as my stomach would be a mess.  Now, I barely flicker with the tummy thing.  I guess I've gotten over my fears of it and let's face it, what can you do but hide in the storm shelter or closet or bathroom until it is done.  It is what it is.  Makes my tummy a much happier thing.  We still have rain in the forecast all week long with it even past the Memorial Day weekend (rats).  I'm kind of ready for SUMMER!  

Good news on this surgery girl is I am SOOOoooo much better.  The band-aid thingies on my five holes on the tummy have all fallen off and you can't hardly see where two of the holes were.  One of them is a tad red and itchy but I go to the doctor tomorrow for my two week post-op check up.  The inside systems seem to finally be back on track (yeah) also.  Four more weeks to heal and then back to total normal!  I even spent time at the office Thursday and Friday (a small nap Friday upstairs).  This weekend I really feel great.  I've been painting and yesterday spent 5 hours sitting at my easel!  I have a couple of commission works to do.  

This is sweet Sophie.
Yesterday, she started to appear on the canvas.  It was truly inspiration of the eyes that made her just visit me. 
Now I have to wait for the under layers to dry a bit and add lots of white fluff as she is all about being a fluffy girl. 

This one from photos by my friend Michelle.  She saw my other egret and had several she had taken and wanted me to paint.  There were a couple I liked but this one was so much brighter but the grass was so much on the face that you couldn't see the fish in it's beak.  So I combined them, plus the background was not that great so had to create it.  
Not sure I like yet but I am moving on.  I will add the grass but not so much on the face.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Surgery Girl

Thought I would give an update on Surgery Girl here!  Today it has been exactly 7 days since I underwent a robotic hysterectomy, a successful one at that.  Everyday seems better and better and the scale seems to stay the same, where my body usually likes to be.  It doesn't vary, dang it.  I had gained about 10 pounds the past six months but as of today that 10 is now gone.  I think if i could get the constipation thing under control the scale might go down a bit further.  I'm not eating junk food but I'm not exercising either.  I'm enjoying the many meals that friends have brought to us.  Last night was baked chicken, mashed new potatoes and salad.  It was yummy.  Most of the meals have been pasta something with cheese and I think cheese is a constipator too.  I have eaten a few salads which are good for me.  Definitely eating less on my plate!

I wake in the mornings feeling pretty good but by the end of the day my tummy just hurts like gas buildup.  I seem to remember someone saying that my bladder was attached somewhat to my uterus and that might explain the bladder thing hurting too, bruised.  I'm down to one pain pill the past couple of days and my goal is no more, especially by Friday as I have to go into the office and do payroll.  I look forward to that, getting out.  

I've also logged some time the past couple of days at my easel, successfully.  I never realized how exhausting that could be.  Yesterday it was all day which felt good.  I'm not finished yet:

I would like to send a shout for some good vibes for a friend.  Her husband is our right hand man at work and they are the nicest people you will ever meet.  Jamie has been battling stage 4 ovarian cancer for the past 2 years with all kind so experimental stuff, regular stuff, you name it but her body is just riddled with cancer at this point.  She is trying to hold on till their first grandchild is born, a boy, in July but at this point they don't think she will make it a month.  She has hardly missed a day of work up until now.   She is losing her battle and it is heartbreaking.  I feel sad that I am rid of that stuff with a fear of cancer but none was there.  They just need some time for her to hold that grandson.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

 Yes, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to one and all this rainy, thundery, dreary Sunday.  It would be nice to be able to sit outside and soak up some much needed healing sun warmth but MOTHER nature had other ideas today.  Today I celebrate all mother's everywhere, here and gone.  
Here's to sweet Susie and her multitude litter of kittens.  She was the best little momma kitty we had growing up.

Here's to my oldest on her 2nd Mother's Day with sweet Rio.

Here's to one of the best mother-in-laws a girl could ever want.  I love Gloria dearly.  To a grand lady who raised three honery boys to three great gentlemen.  At nearly 88 years old she has got it going with grace and love and tenderness.  

And to my momma, Carol, who showed my brother, sister and I the world is out there for us to grab.  She taught us the love of cooking, gardening, reading, laughter, how to enjoy the small things.  She gave us the world.  I miss her every single day but I know she is not suffering anymore as she was.  She is at peace.  Her memory will be passed down to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Surgery Update

Good morning everyone!

Surgery went very well Tuesday and I am now home.  Good news all the way around.  All of my lady parts are GONE!  And the good news is no cancer!  YEAH!!!!  Plus they DID NOT have to cut any kind of a "slit" in my lower belly which was a worry.  Just five little robot holes and all was done.  Now all I have to do is heal.  Friends have lined up dinners for this week and some for next week so I won't have to cook at all for a bit.  I won't lie, it hurts but is better every hour.  This morning will be the shower and then I would imagine a nap.  Really, I don't feel bad just sore and a bit weak.  Today is sleep, TV and reading.  Tomorrow I hope to paint.  

Thanks to one and all for all the good vibes, it truly helped!


Monday, May 04, 2015

Weekend in Review

This weekend was just AWESOME at the cabin.  The weather could not have been more perfect.  It was filled with lots of friends, laughter, food, sunshine and rest.  My mind was relaxed and not on the impending surgery tomorrow.  I was also able to get a bit of plein aire painting accomplished and find more subjects to possibly paint.  I think I have several here to keep me occupied while I recuperate at home.  Time to heal in front of my easel.  

These sweet puppies I hope will be on my easel soon.


I did paint this one.  It was awesome to just sit quietly and create. 

The barn swallows were plenty in the rock crevices here.  Above me the turkey buzzards circled and it occurred to me to move occasionally to let them know I was not "DEAD!"

Finished painting and as I was driving back to the cabin I spotted my friend Jeanne's son-in-law, husband and grand kids fishing on the low water bridge.  Just as I pulled up sweet Dax reeled in this monster sand bass.  He was screaming and jumping up and down, thrilled for his first fish all on his own. 
After I caught this sweet photo of him and plan on painting it.

What do you think?  I think this would be an awesome painting.

Along with water scenes there were flowers aplenty.  My peonies were in full bloom with more to come.   

Then I spied these lovely iris's along my golf cart ride.  More paintings!!! 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Time Keeps On Ticking

Time is clicking away...tick tock tick tock...

This morning I woke up early, as usual.  I could have slept in a bit but Oh NOOO, that is not happening as my mind won't stop.  I had to hit the bathroom and once my eyes are open the mind starts going, so up I am.  Dang it!  This week seems to be going by so slowly.  Surgery is Tuesday and the days are just dragging by.  Don't get me wrong I'm in no hurry to have stuff ripped out of me but I do want to just get it over with and start the healing process.  

Last night was my book club and we had a great time.  We went to another new place downtown called Sisserou's, a Caribbean style YUMMY restaurant.  I had a jerk chicken that was so moist!  Parking was a bitch because of some show at the Brady.  I pulled into the parking lot and there was a space but a guy was standing in it waiting for someone.  I rolled my window down and said, "Excuse me, I need to park there."  What a dirty look, but hey, my car was there first, so the spot was MINE!  We just finished the book Deadline by Sandra Brown and really enjoyed it.  It was suspenseful and a fast read.  Since my surgery is the first of May we decided to skip May and move on to June for the next meeting with a couple of books on our list.  The June read is Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter.  The second book was for July and has a bit of tooth so we're getting a head start.  It's supposedly a modern day classic, The Women's Room by Marilyn French.    Set in the mid 70's it delves into the feminist movement, fictionally yet with hints of French's life.  Should be very interesting.

Tuesday I went to art and was incredibly productive.  I started these two paintings a few weeks ago but finished them and put them on Facebook.  WOW, the response was incredible.  
"Egret" 11x14 oil on canvas

"Winter on Spring Creek" 18x24 oil on senso linen canvas

The winter scene hit an all time high for likes and comments for me and I may have it sold already!!!!  If not the original sold I can surely sell giclee prints of it.  

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday Doin's

Yesterday was a wonderful day as I got to STAY home and enjoy resting.  Yes, I know I'm getting ready to have about 6 weeks of "resting" but I needed to be home, in my yard.  I finally planted some of my pots before the rest of the plants I bought died.  I piddled in my yard and found these lovelies.  My pink peony was blooming!  I really wanted a double one but I love this just the same.  Sadly, we may miss the blooming of the ones at the cabin.  Not sure if we will get there before my surgery next week.
Then as I moved on to the tomatoes, I was pulling weeds and look, LOOK what I found.  One of my Juliette tomatoes had babies!  Yeah!  I'm not much on small tomatoes, i.e. cherry, but these Juliette tomatoes are quite yummy, and prolific.   

Well, on to my week.  It will be a week of trying to get all done at the office and Friday payroll.  Stock up in the refrigerator and freezer.  I may try to get some casseroles in the freezer so The Hubby can feed me.  Hopefully he doesn't feed me too much BBQ, his go to pick up food.  

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Workshop Time

The past three days I have attended a fabulous workshop hosted by Rachel Wimpey from Willowbrush Studio and Gallery.  It was the first where she brought in an artist and I must say it was a 10!  She got Charles Ewing to come and spend time with us.  Wow what a fabulous guy and instructor.  He charges usually $300 a day and I think that is all we paid for 3 days.  It was well worth the money.  
It was magic watching him create using a totally new medium, india ink.  I am not going to go out and buy the stuff as I'm happy with what I do but it was awesome to watch. 
The next day we watched him paint this mountain guy with oils.  Charles had all kinds of photos we could paint from, photos he took.  My he has met some very interesting people over the years.  This guy was a true mountain man from Colorado. 
I almost always choose to paint from my photos or my girls.  

This photo is of my oldest when she was in college.  I've always found it beautiful and wanted to paint but not sure if I could.  
Well, there you go...I did it!
The final day, yesterday we had a live model.  One of the ladies that we paint with a lot was terrified.  We tried to tell her to do it more often, that the nerves would pass and it would be come easier.  She finally gave up.  I have a lot more to do on her but I love what I have done so far.  

This will be the last workshop for a bit as I recuperative from surgery.  My scheduled date is May 5.  I'm told that it is hard and recovery will definitely be about 6-8 weeks.  I certainly hope not.  I do not have time for down time.  I need to paint, work and watch snickle-fritz.