Monday, September 22, 2014

30 Day Painting Challenge Update

If you don't follow my art blog I am updating everyone on the 30 day painting challenge I have been doing this month.  This is also why I haven't been blogging.  Between watching Rio, working, planning my 40th class reunion (that is this next weekend) and this painting challenge I have had absolutely no time for anything else.  So here is the updated ones starting day 16.  By the way my art blog is Artist In Training if you want to follow my journey.  

Day 16
"The Barn"
oil on cotton panel

Day 17
"#43 (aka Go Tigers)"
oil on cotton panel

Day 18
oil on cotton panel

Day 19
"Fall Solitude"
oil on cotton panel

Day 20
deep gallery wrap canvas

Day 21
"Oh, Bass"
oil on canvas

Day 22
"Daily Swim"
oil on canvas panel

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Painting and Rio

My life lately has been nothing but painting at every little opportunity I can get and watching Rio.  Her momma and daddy are in the process of moving.  First a lot of painting, new carpet and floors and then today MOVING!  Today is the day but in the meantime I have been watching Rio, a lot of Rio.  She is a pistol but frankly I am pooped and so are her parents.  It is a rough and busy time but it will pass, soon.  

The painting challenge is ongoing too and it has been a bit tough but I am halfway through the 30 day challenge.  I thought I had one for this morning but after looking at the photo I took to post I realized I'm not finished so this afternoon I will fix it.  Sleep next and painting and back to workout next week is on the order, back normal.


"Guitar Man"
(My little brother)


(my little cousin)

"Black-eyed Susans"



gallery wrapped

Have to paint this!  What a dumplin'. 

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Rainy Days and Saturday's

Yes, this morning it is raining.  A soft Saturday rain this AM and I'm loving it.  Sadly it's not at the cabin but that is okay, I'm okay with that.  It has been a very, VERY busy couple of weeks, as is the norm lately.  Sleep has been a bit lacking but this morning I slept in to 9!  That was GREAT!

 I did take time out on Sunday to go by and see Daddy, pay some of his bills and get some quality lap time with his new baby.  Her name is Susie!  What a little beauty and he is just thrilled to have her in his world.  He took her from living under his house the day before his surgery to his vet and we had her spayed, shots and they kept her for a couple of weeks.  It was good to give her the calm INSIDE life before we brought her home.  She will forever be safe and sound in his house now.  The vet said she is only about 6 months old and unfortunately when he got in there to spay her she was, in his words, "EXTREMELY pregnant." So sad but it might have killed her to even have the kittens because she was so young and thin.  She is the sweetest little thing and Daddy is happy he has company.  
This week has been doctor appointments for Daddy which Bro has taken one and I took one.  Both, Dr. Hippy and Dr. Heart were fabulous.  They were very pleased with his progress.  YEAH!  He's even back to driving again.  Amazing man really.  

I've also been doing my fair share of watching little Snicklefritz while B&B2 get their NEW house ready to move into.  They've been painting fools and carpet pulling up nuts.  There is still a lot of painting to do, mainly the walls now.  The dang place was full of painted trim and that is what has taken so long.  The walls will be a snap to get finished.  They have this week left to finish as they close on their old house and MOVE next weekend.  This morning new carpet is being laid in the bedrooms and during the week the new bamboo floors will be laid in the living room, front room and hall.  The peel and stick tile will be laid in the workroom/laundry room too.  While all this is taking place we have all been working during the day, me babysitting, and then working at night, me babysitting.  We all look forward to just sitting and saying, "WHEW!" 

Side note on the niece that has so many troubles.  She posted on Facebook that she was going to rehab for 40-60 days in Michigan.  I was skeptical but texted Sis and she said it was true that the niece set it all up herself and one of the last post on FB was she was getting on the plane.  Wow.  So glad and I hope it works.  This kid.  I pray it works for everyone's sake.  

Lastly, I've been working on the 30 Day paint challenge and today is day six.  It has been a challenge (duh) but I've enjoyed it and hope I can continue.  I have even sold one of them, the "Wishing Well." Wow, did not expect that but I will take it.  It is great practice for me.  
Day 5 

"A Longing and Winding Road"
11x14 oil on gesso board
$ 100

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Day 3 - "To Life"

This one is special to me.  My Momma was always dancing.  Not dancing dancing but she would often would throw up her hands up and kick her feet in a short dance step.  I've had this fuzzy picture of her kicking up her heels in the surf of Destin, Florida on one of our many family vacations.  It's how my girls remember her, often so I had to paint her.  Of course the bathing cap was an add on but it's my Momma.  So here is Day 3 of the 30 day painting challenge.

"To Life (aka Dancing Momma)"
8x10 oil on primed linen panel

$ 100

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Day 2

Day 2 of the painting challenge and it is a challenge for me to get to paint lately.  

"Wishing Well"
5x7 oil on primed linen panel

Guess I will give a bit of good info...not only did B&B2 get their house but B2 passed his electrical journeyman test!!!!!  That is a HUGE biggie.  

Monday, September 01, 2014

Day 1 of 30 Day Painting Challenge

I have all this time in the world (NOT) so I thought I would sign up for something else to do.  It's a Thirty Day Challenge for a painting a day at Leslie Saeta's blog Leslie Saeta Fine Art.  

So today is Day 1 of the challenge. 

oil on gesso panel, 11x14
For Sale here $ 125

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

September 30 Paintings in 30 Days

As if I don't have enought to do lately I have been coerced into doing a painting challenge.  It will be really, really cool if I pull it off.  Plus there are 699 artists participating representing 20 countries.  I'm going to try and get a head start on sketching RIGHT NOW!  Stay tuned for the links and the chance to purchase if you want.  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Moving On Up

 Another week down and another busy week.  I'm bushed really and still it will continue.

B&B2 have purchased a new home.  This picture is from their first home several years ago but with a few years of marriage and accumulation of STUFF and little Rio added to their family of one dog, Mondo and three cats, Vera, Sammie, and Opal they are bursting at the seams.  
One day about a month ago B was at an estate sale, the kind of stuff she has a passion for that she inherited from her father.  While inside she found out the house was for sale too and how much.  As she was checking out the place and falling in love with it her cell phone rang and it was The Hubby telling her she needed to come by this estate sale that the house was right up her alley.  Lo and behold they were both there at the same time.  Well, a month or so later B&B2 BOUGHT the house.  It's much bigger with space for her side business and a great yard for Mondo and Rio to play in, and it's a bit closer to us!
This sweet 90 year old guy was the seller.  He was an original owner and they were thrilled to meet him and carry on the tradition of raising their family there.  It has been a process for B to learn about, "FOR SALE BY OWNER."  So now comes the part of new floors, paint, moving in...the list is endless but it is the next step in their lives as a family.  I'm very happy and proud for them.  Another good thing is that they sold the house they have called home since they were married in 2007.  We have a friend who is a realtor who had a client looking for a house in their neighborhood and wanted to bring them buy to look at B&B2's house.  They loved it and wanted to put a contract on it.  SOLD!  The luck they have had is amazing really.   

Now the California girl is on the hunt for them some new digs too.  Good luck my dear and you will definitely find something, I promise.  

Love my girls and "son's" and sweet Rio.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Refrigerator Blues

Did I tell you that our refrigerator or icebox (from my youth) has been on the fritz since the middle of June!  Our 8 year old $4000 Frigidaire computer mother board went out.  

For a month I kept telling The Hubby that the dang thing was making a sound and the motor was whirring, loudly but of course, he who has horrid hearing heard NOTHING!  Then one day he finally heard something and called the place we bought it from (a MONTH after I first noticed a problem.)  Just FYI, our ice maker (same maker) also went out and when the repairman came we were told it was toast.  The repairman said the fridge needed a new motherboard so he ordered it.  That was the end of June, just before Afton and Nick were to come for 2 weeks.  Great.  The thing was working sort of for a bit but finally pooped out and so we quickly unloaded umpteen jars of pickles, mayo and mustard and shuffled it all to the tiny fridge in the garage (for overage of beer and water).  We also utilized the wine cooler and The Hubby found a college dorm fridge that we had in storage from when the girls went to school.  That one is now sitting on my dining room table and is worthless.  The motor takes up most of the space needed.  

Where the ice maker was sitting The Hubby pulled it out and chunked it.  What a waste.  We also had a wine cooler in the new bathroom suite we added on but it was turned off because it kept me awake and we DIDN'T need it.  The Hubby just thought it was a great idea.  Anyway, he moved it to the ice maker space and it fit perfectly.  So that is used too.  

Back to the timeline.  It has been since JUNE that we have been without a fridge.  Today, August 18 we got the call that the backordered part was in.  The guy was there in 15 minutes and had it installed in 10 minutes.  Another tidbit is that after a very long wait for the dang part The Hubby priced a replacement refrigerator just like what we had because it has fronts that match our cabinets. The replacement has gone up in price a bit...$6500.  Nope, we wait.  Today our wait ended but we still have to wait about 3 days to make sure it holds.  Good grief!

Painting Session

Yesterday I vowed that since Daddy was HOME that I was NOT going anywhere.  I wanted to paint at home.  Do you know how long it has been since I've had my paints out at home.  Months actually.  The only painting that I've been doing is in class and to get better you have to paint at home everyday.  I've been invited to a painting challenge and I signed up for it.  In September you have to paint a painting every single day.  We'll see if I can do that.  

So yesterday "Mr. Robin Red Breast" appeared on my easel.   I decided that I wanted to paint outside and enjoy the fantastic August weather here.  It took a bit to get everything all set up but it happened. 

This was on a break when I needed sustenance before I tackled a few of the fine detail work.  Had to have a steady hand. 

I so loved how it turned out.  Sorry the photo is not that good.   

I sat and painted the bird in about 2 hours.  A little lunch and details then I was on to another one.  This sweet beauty is the new grand-kitty, Opal.  Isn't she just beautiful.  I wanted to paint her and at least started it.
I'm not real sure how this one is going to go but will keep working on it.  I finally quit when the temperatures started their rise and I got sleepy.  Nap time! 

Sunday, August 17, 2014


He's home.  Yesterday I went to the hospital early in the morning and stayed till nearly noon thinking they would send Daddy least not then.  So home I went to wait for a phone call.  I actually took a nap as I had a killer sinus headache and just didn't feel well.  Planned on painting but that just didn't happen.  Then at nearly 4 in the afternoon my phone rang and sure enough it was the hospital telling me he would be ready to be discharged in an hour.  So I put my shoes on and headed over there about 4:30 ready for another wait.  What a wait.  6 pm they finally came in with his meds and instructions and then we were off to his familiar.

The first stop was to Walgreens to drop off his meds then to Braham's for milk then home then back to Walgreen's  That was the plan.  What happened was when we went to the pharmacy and pulled up in the drive thru the lady informed us that it would be an hour before they would be ready.  Rats.  Daddy said that he didn't need them till Sunday so I said okay.  So off we went again and I got his milk and bananas and took him home.  Either Brother would get them or I would come back.  Of course the story at the pharmacy was not the case as once home he tells me he needs the antibiotic for his evening dose.  Really.  First thing at his house was to try and get his paper restarted as we THOUGHT he was going to be out for 6 weeks and stopped it.  I don't know if I got it going so may have to call on Monday.  Then I was back in the car to the pharmacy to plead my case and get his meds.  Went inside to do that and wait, and wait, and wait.  Did get to visit with an old high school classmate.  Finally, after a very long wait at nearly 7:30 the meds were ready.  Back to Daddy's and pay one of his bills he insisted had to go out immediately.  On the way The Hubby texted wanting to know my status as were going out to eat.  I told him soon, very soon.  I finally got back home, my home at a bit after 8pm and he hopped in the car and food we headed.  A wonderful dinner of Italian food at Mondo's and a couple of gin and tonic's, keys to The Hubby and I was poured into bed at 9:30 and soon to sleep.  What a day, but he is home and I am quite happy about that.