Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Oh No He Didn't...Yes He Did

Not much to post except that life is going on and on and on...

I guess some are afraid but I'm just carrying on with life as usual.

You haven't lived until you've had a conversation The Hubby and I had with our insurance guy on Monday.  EGAD!  He has been our insurance guy, for the business insurance for many years, but he wanted to "share" with us his journey, and to try and get us to join in!  Great, I felt I was at one of "those" meetings where they try to get you join "SOMETHING"  you don't want to!  Anyway, a few years ago he had a heart attack and let me tell you this guy had horrendous eating habits.  He loved, was obsessed with desserts, and admitted to eating 14-16 desserts a week.  We have done the lunch thing with him many times and he would order every dessert on the menu before ordering lunch, and then have them first.  He was addicted to sugar.  So after the heart attack and out of the hospital he went to some outfit in Texas where they use wheat grass enemas to cleanse you twice a day for 3 weeks and you eat wheat grass stuff and it's all plant based food which is in these days.  Not such a bad thing but the wheat grass enemas "CLEANSE" you out if you know what I mean.  When you check in they give you a bucket, the enema and cleaning you get my drift on where our lunch conversation went (it's the stuff that RESULTS from said enemas.)  I was getting green around the gills and was going to need the bucket and cleaning supplies right then and there.  Then he went on to say how good he felt after the 3 weeks, he lost weight, obviously and that he had better hard-on's!!!!!!  WHAT THE F.......K..........

Yes, he did and so the conversation for the 1-1/2 hour lunch was about enemas (and more)  and hard-on's.  Never, I SAID NEVER AGAIN would I do that.  Of course, The Hubby gives him slack and takes his side that he found a healthy way and he has saved us tons of money on our insurance this year and blah, blah, blah.  Right, NEVER AGAIN!  He is weird, nice guy, but WEIRD!!!!!

So I am choosing to FORGET about Monday and focus on yesterday, Tuesday and today and tomorrow...
"Picnic"  18x24 oil on linen

What's on my easel now... 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Long Lost Me

Long Lost Me...yup, I'm still here.  Just took a break from the blog.  Been doing this a long time, nearly 11 years...

Sleeping is becoming a hard thing lately because I'm having some issues in my hip, leg, clear down to my foot.  Thinking it is sciatica which I'm not to keen on, especially the pain when I try to sleep.  It's funny that walking and standing is not a problem but that laying down EGAD!  So I was up at 3:30 this morning.  Going to be a long day topped off with a visit with the insurance guy for the company insurance late this afternoon.  Hope I don't drop off to sleep while he drones on.

Snicklefritz spent the night with me last week because I was supposed to have my interview with the film class and they asked that she be there because we paint together.  Sadly the wires were crossed and it's THIS WEEK.  But, we had a fantastic time and did paint together.
I started a new painting and was sketching it first with charcoal and she was so curious about the process.  I told her she could use it if she wanted when she started to paint.  It was really interesting watching her sketch and then paint.  It is amazing what she does on the canvas with her watercolors. 
She's left handing that paintbrush yet yesterday she flat out colored with her right hand.  

Lot's of stuff happening around our world.  A couple of weeks ago a high school buddy of The Hubby's and his wife renewed their vows.  They've had a rough couple of years in their life with, well life challenges and his bout of a terrible cancer.  It's was good to see them on the other side of it.  Thought this might be a good painting to give them!?!?

On the art front, well, lots of shows coming up but starting this week is one at the Broken Arrow Museum with a reception in a couple of weeks.  Come see me at the reception.  I'm very proud of my paintings in the show.  Next month a couple of paintings will be at Wild Fork.

I've also been taking another workshop for new perspective with a guy named Gil Adams.  The nicest guy on the planet and I'm really learning stuff.  It seems that this art process is coming to me so easily, with success.

(this one sold really quick)

While Snicklefritz was with me I started this little jewel and I think it is going to be a good one.  Lots and lots of glass, but I like the challenge.  Last summer The Hubby and I were driving around on our golf cart at the lake place and happened on this all set up by the creek.  I quickly snapped some fantastic photos and it's been hiding in my files.

It's a good start I think.

Yesterday in the new Monday afternoon class with Mr. Adams we did a black and white exercise.  I LOVED it and hopefully this will not be in my possession for long.  Its very popular on my social media.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Crazy Monday

Where I want to be!
Yesterday was a CRAZY MONDAY (Tuesday doesn't look much better!)

  I was at the office by 7:15 yesterday, even though I had done invoicing on SUNDAY!  Yes we work at the office all the time lately.  Trying to get it all invoiced, quotes done, and keep the guys busy.  I needed to get weekend messages and the early morning phone calls so we could dispatch service calls too.  I had a board meeting at 10:30 with one of the art groups I am a part of.  I usually "JUST SAY NO" when asked to do any board kind of thing, anywhere but on this one I gave in and took the Historian job.  That one is easy, take pictures, collect and keep crap, yup, I have that one down.  What came with that job is that I have to attend the monthly meetings and I was also given a little book and then informed that the rest of it was in my predecessor's car.  BIG CLUE that I didn't want this job.  Went to her car and she handed me SIX heavily loaded grocery bags full of history of an organization that has been around since 1930.  This is only part of the history.  I'm supposed to call Philbrook (because the previous lady did not) and talk to the librarian there because they contacted us last year to come get the rest of the history that has been stored there.  GREAT!  The keeper of MORE CRAP!  Think I am going to contact The historical society and see if they want to house it.  GOOD GRIEF!  Anyway, even though the meeting ran two hours long there was a bright spot.  

Before we left for our Italy trip in September I got notice that said art group members were going to be given the opportunity to submit applications/questionnaires to the Jenks High School film class for documentaries.  I'm not sure how many of the over 100 members submitted their applications, but I know it was between 20-25.  Yesterday I was informed I was one of six that has been chosen!!!!!!  WHAT!  Oh My GOODNESS!  This is so very exciting.  The Jenks film class has had Emmy award films!  I am so excited and honored to be part of the six that are incredibly gifted and well known in the art world here in Tulsa.  I will keep informed as things progress but it is so very exciting!!!!

After that momentous meeting I had to race back to the office and wolf some reheated pizza down before our accountant showed up to get end of quarter/year stuff.  He showed up early and I didn't get but one bite of pizza.  Finally about 2pm I went back upstairs and reheated the reheated pizza and ate it but it certainly didn't sit well with my tummy.  Then I had a stupid tummy ache and only ate a slice.  So food yesterday consisted of 3 cups of coffee, a protein bar and a slice of reheated pizza.  Yes, my tummy was in revolt but by the time I finally got home, after waiting for the mailman to finally deliver some checks, nearly getting hit when an idiot ran a red light (not good on already upset tummy), the bank, then a traffic snarl from construction I was POOPED!  I told The Hubby it was omelets for dinner or out to eat, even though we went out the night before.  I was hungry, sort of and bushed.  

We drove around to different places until he settled on Olive Garden which I was fine with me.  I ate a bit of salad and half of my meal of spaghetti and meatballs and enjoyed a wonderful visit with one of B's friends from her young years who waited on us.  Home I rushed to shed clothes and hit the bed where I tossed and turned with my stomach lurching for a good hour.  NOT GOOD!  Finally, I slipped off to sleep about 9pm to wake up when The Hubby came to bed and then back to sleep till about 12:30 when I HAD to pee.  I was afraid to look at the clock because I had a feeling I was going to have a hard time going back to sleep.  Shouldn't have looked.  It was 12:30.  ARGHHHHH!!!  It was about 3:30 before I finally shut down again and then the alarm was going off at 4:45.  This is going to be a horrendously long day, but bright spot is that I will be with friends, painting friends as our classes start again!  

Monday, January 09, 2017

Happy New Year....Maybe Happy

"Splash of Flowers"
16x12 oil on panel
Happy New Year...yes, I know it is January 9 and I haven't even posted this year but I've been otherwise occupied, with life.  

The Hubby and I have been battling the effects of a Christmas head cold that seems EVERYONE has around here.  He has hacked and blown so much in this time of being cooped up together that it is driving me a bit CRAZY!  I'm sure my blowin and goin' makes him nuts too.  Christmas morning when everyone showed up for brunch at Daddy's my brother informed us he had Type "A" flu (on top of a flu shot!) but had been on meds for 48 hours.  This head cold, the niece had it, we all had it and Snicklefritz was beginning along with her parents.  We ALL purposely did not hug or kiss Daddy.  As it turned out he got sick anyway.  Bro informed me on Saturday that Daddy had called him to let him know he was sick, oh and he bought a new 55" TV (he CANNOT AFFORD.)  Surely he didn't get this cold from us as that would be an extremely long incubation time.  I am sure since everyone in Tulsa and surrounding areas have this stupid cold he probably got it from the grocery store.  You know, my father was never ever sick when we were kids.  I cannot remember him ever having a cold or heaven forbid the stomach bug, EVER.  He just was never sick, until he got into his 50's then an occasional head cold that would lay him out.  When he did get ill he was the biggest baby ever and would complain of fever (never any) and that he was DYING!  Mother would just roll her eyes.  This thing he does is like crying wolf for us and when he is really sick we just can't rely on the authenticity of his allegations.  It's drama he likes, i.e. "I haven't eaten in two days!" But, being that he is 81 years old we do have to keep an eye on him.  I went to see Daddy with a bag full of meds and food and made sure he took the first round of it.  He really didn't look bad, just sounded like a head cold.  Sis will check on him today and hopefully Bro the next.  I will try and get back Wednesday or Thursday and make sure he doesn't need anything from the store.  

Hopefully this weekend we will get to go to the cabin but the weather isn't cooperating.  Looks like freezing rain is on tap for us and I know The Hubby feels we need to go and will do it come hell or high water to get there.  We've been trying to host a soup night but I am NOT going to risk driving if the roads are bad.  We'll just see.  

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Goals

I do have a few goals to accomplish in the new year of 2017, not resolutions.  I really REALLY hate that word.  Years ago I so dreaded this time of year because I knew The Hubby was watching and waiting on me to make a new resolution to lose weight, YET AGAIN, and again I would fail in his eyes.  I just could not take that kind of rejection because I knew I needed to do it for me NOT for him and I was not ready and I DID NOT want to do it just because he said, "JUST DON'T EAT!"  Yeah, right.  So easy for him to say as he works out, is dedicated to it, and can burn the calories he eats.  My body is just different.  Besides he is the one with the triglyceride and cholesterol problems, not me.  I take a small blood pressure pill and that keeps my blood pressure in check.  Nothing else bothers me. 

 Anyway, back to my goals for 2017:

Clean out the pantry, AGAIN but get rid of stuff in there I don't use like a chaffing dish I might use next year...maybe not.  I've already been cleaning out some kitchen stuff that as I was baking realized had not been used since we moved in the house 10 years ago...bu-bye!  And why is it that The Hubby looks around the house, at my stuff, and says we need to get rid of said stuff!  Look, he has buildings of stuff, BUILDINGS!  He does not need to voice his opinion on this subject and look accusingly at me!

Clean out, YET AGAIN, the guest room closet and purge non-essential Christmas decor and Longaberger baskets, piano/choir music.

Create an art website and SELL, SELL, SELL.

Enter in more art competitions nationally and online.

Lofty goals, sort of.  Now on the eating front, last year I pretty much gave up diet pop, not that I don't enjoy one once in awhile.  We went on a carb-less diet briefly, but, we still observe it a good part of the time.  I cook fresh, fresh, fresh and we eat in a good part of the time.  Even if we eat out it's higher end restaurants that cook fresh and we choose wisely.  Lots and lots of veggies.  I attribute this change of eating to why my blood pressure is so much better and the scale was actually down a bit at the doctor's office!  

The one thing I truly need to make a resolution on is to get back into exercise.  I so miss it and I am just not self-motivating.  I walk by my exercise bike and say hello and good-bye.  I just can't make myself do it.  Actually, the problem is that I don't want to do it at home, because...because...I admit it, I DON'T want The Hubby to see me do it and give me that sideways look of you won't stick to it, you're not doing it right or enough....


I would like to get back to Jazzercise but the drive I'm not sure I want to do.  I've done it, I can do it again.  I just can't do a lot of the stuff I used to do with it but I so miss those ladies.  A trainer, maybe I could again, but I doubt it right now.  Oh, I just don't know.  

Happy New Year...

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Good Riddance

Just a few days left of 2016 and I can say I can't wait to see it go.  Between you and me, for our business it has SUCKED A BIG ONE.  Actually, it started a few years ago but last year was the worst.  Lately though things have started looking up, we hope.  We just have about 5 more years if it can just hold on and not sap our savings trying to keep it afloat.  I'm ready for it to surge again like it did after the ice storm of a few years ago, (sorry people who suffered.)  Our business, electrical and generators, just hit the highest point ever during that time and we need it again, not an ice storm but a surge.  

Yesterday I spent the day at home.  I just did not feel like leaving the house so I read and painted.  That is what I want to do everyday.

It's so sad to turn on the news and see so many we have lost this year and recently:  George Michael, Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher, Ava Gabor, Alan Thicke, John Glenn, Florence Henderson, LEON RUSSELL, Leonard Cohen, Robert Vaughn (Man From U.N.C.L.E. heart), Gene Wilder, Anton Yelchen (so tragic), Muhammad Ali, Prince!!!!, Patty Duke, Maurice White (Earth, Wind and Fire founder), Glenn Frey, Alan Rickman, DAVID BOWIE!  That is just a few that have left my jaw dropped.   Sadly so many are around my age and that is damn scary!  Time is way too short and you need to enjoy some of the time you have left on this earth and I want to spend it in front of my easel!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Part 2 of Aaaachooo

Yes we are still battling the head cold but mine is soooo much better, in fact this was the easiest cold I've ever had.  They Hubby is still in the throws of  the drainage and coughing up from his chest.  That is usually me.  When I first started coming down with this thing The Hubby said that we didn't have any cold medicine yet when I looked on my side of the medicine chest I found an unopened box of Umcka Care.  It said it cuts the lifespan of colds down.  I was on board and immediately opened and down the hatch it went.  It's an herbal extract and I so sold on the benefits.  In fact my doctor this morning said he has heard of it and the benefits of it working!!!  I'm going to purchase another bottle or two of it and make The Hubby use it.  We've also been using the Mucinex which works wonders too.  Unfortunately, Snicklefritz came down with it Christmas morning along with her mother.  Dang it.  Also, when we went to my Daddy's for Christmas breakfast my brother is in the final states of Type A Flu (he's on the CDC list and he even had a flu shot), my niece has been sick and her momma, my SIL.  None of us wanted to even get close to Daddy.  Tis the season to hack, blow and sneeze I guess.  

The good news is that I am almost over it and when I went to the doctor this morning to have my thyroid checked again my weight was down, slightly, even at Christmas time, and my blood pressure was normal!!!!!  This is the second time it has been in the good range!!!  He was very pleased and so am I.  

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

"Ho-Ho-Ho, Merry Christmas" 14x11 oil on linen

Yesterday, Christmas Eve I of course could not stay asleep so up at 3:45 I was.  After checking out Facebook, my blog, playing a bit on the IPad I decided to paint before the sun came up.  Just to do something since we didn't have to be anywhere till 6 in the evening.  I painted these red roses from a photo I took at Southern Hills Country Club a couple of weeks ago while attending our bank party. I thought it might be fun after the yellow roses.  I'm kind of liking painting roses lately.

And cool, cool, it sold last night to The Hubby's cousin!   
"Christmas Roses" 12x9 oil on senso linen and (SOLD)

I also have not shared the last two because they were gifts and I didn't want the family members to see them yet.  This sweet puppy face is Buddy.  Buddy belongs to The Hubby's brother and his husband and I wanted to paint it for them.  

It turned out so very cute! 
"Buddy" 8x10 oil on senso linen

This photo I took while visiting my mother-in-law a few weeks ago at her retirement place.  These were in the lobby.  I never miss an opportunity to capture a photo of a possible painting.

"Gloria's Roses" 11x14 oil on senso linen

The gifts were huge hits and I can't wait to paint something for more family members.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Rant

I've been thinking...yes, that's a dangerous thing.  I've been thinking about Christmas when I was a child.  I remember a real tree with actual tinsel that had so much static in it you could hardly get it off your hands to hang on the tree.  I'm not even sure you can find tinsel anymore.  Mother's ornaments I think are long gone, possibly in the attic...yuck...  I believe we kids salvaged all that we could when mother decided to stop putting up a tree.  I still have my old felt stocking that is so fragile it's almost dust.  

I remember mother telling a story of when we were tiny tots and she went in to a local 5&10 store and found a small artificial tree.  She didn't have enough money, like a couple of dollars less than what he wanted for it and I think the thing was $7-8.  She offered what she had, maybe $5-6 and he told her if she couldn't afford to pay full price then she didn't need it.  She was so embarrassed I actually saw her cry.  She only wanted to have something for my brother, sister and I for Christmas.  Most of the time my mother made our Christmas presents, like these pajamas in the photo.  The stockings were filled with oranges, apples and nuts and we maybe got one big package under the tree.  Money rich we were not yet Christmas was a magical time of year.  Christmas carols, pageants at church, and the smells of baking things throughout the house.  Christmas eve at Grandma and Grandpa's with tons of cousins.  We definitely got presents there.  Sometimes it was a package of lifesavers and it was the best present ever.  Then as we got older we were able to make our own money helping Granny and Granddaddy doing various things.  A dollar, a pocketful of change, it all added up and then Granny would take us to the OTHER five and dime store in our small town (avoiding the ogre at the other one) and we would carefully buy for every cousin, aunt, mother, father, brother and sister.  Remember it was very little money and the 5&10 was CHEAP.  A bottle of foul smelling bottle of Midnight in Paris perfume might be fifty cents.  We took great pride in wrapping the gifts and handing them out on Christmas eve.  (Sister never did like what I bought for her.)  Christmas was absolutely magical.  Nowadays, it's not so magical.  I want to see the magic in my granddaughter's eyes.  The sparkle that maybe, just maybe Santa Claus is real.  That there are real reindeer prancing around on her roof. 

With all the commercials, sales, run on stores, everyone afraid that they can't get the MOST expensive gadget or toy for their child, Christmas has lost all magic.  Christmas shows, commercials, even running non-stop Christmas carols on the radio starting the week of Thanksgiving is just TOO MUCH.  I want to forget about everything that is happening in the world right now and live the magic.  Baking, wrapping, making presents, spending time with friends and loved ones celebrating, THAT is Christmas.

Merry Christmas friends.