Friday, October 21, 2016

Painting and Old Friends

Yesterday was a quiet day at the office without Snicklefritz hanging around and the phone was silent most of the day.  So, the best thing for me was paint, paint, paint.  
I may have been tooooooooo ambitious with this next project but I will soldier on and see what I can do with it.
It started of kind of fun... 
...still having fun with it but may decide to abandon and do a large one like the topiary with just the lemon topiary. 

The evening I was looking forward to as I saw a notice on Facebook that an old friend from school, elementary, junior high and high school and old neighbor was making an impromptu visit to town.  Oh boy, Matt!  He used to live across the street from us and has not been back to town for about 20 years.  Matt had a dream when he was young to be a cowboy or rancher and when he was in college he left and went to Montana and never looked back.  He followed his dream.  He said it is not an easy life as far as making a living.  Bills have to be paid, but he loves it and it is his life.  I may have to paint this sweet guy.   
After posting this group photo someone said if they were facing each other they would be half of the starting football team in huddle!  Great time! 

Friday, October 07, 2016


The Hive opening was a HUGE success and of the four paintings I have on the walls, two sold last night!  A friend who has tried many times to see my art came in and bought these two paintings.  How extremely exciting.  Now I have to replace those with two more today!  Maybe I'll sell more.
A Pitcher of Roses

Red Roses

Thursday, October 06, 2016



Long story short, I promised one of my art groups we would store some wall panels here at the shop. Told The Hubby for a couple of months we would be doing it, he was like yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. He neglected to tell me that the door had some issues and there was a pair of vice grips on the door for some reason only he and the guys knew about.  Well, the panels were here to be stored so I went out and pushed the button to open the very large overhead door and pop, pop, groan, like old heavy overhead doors do.  It was open and didn't pay attention to the vice grips, besides I could NOT open the thing as it was opening.  (Nothing but very strong guys around here.)  We stored the panels and I was saying bye to Ken as the door went down, and screeched, and a fell, the wire cord broke and the bottom panel is smashed.  The door absolutely was destroyed.  My heart jumped into my mouth.  CRAP, CRAP, CRAP! How was I going to explain this and he will NEVER let me live it down.  He will bring this one incident up again and again and again to throw at me if I screw up.  Dang it.

I sat here at my desk and worried and worried.  My stomach lurched and groaned like that stupid door.  My heart was thudding and I KNOW my blood pressure was up!  Should I call him.  Should I text him and leave for several hours.  Hide out.  CRAP!  Then, as I was texting a friend all this, in the door he walked.  I said I have to tell you something and did.  He said how bad and I said BAD.  He wanted me to show him and tell him what happened but I didn't want to.  I didn't want to be close enough to hear him roar in my ear but he did anyway.  He wanted to show me how to work the damned vice grip which I STILL don't know how to work exactly.  

He yelled, he huffed but I'm still standing and he has Overhead Door called and coming out to fix or repair or something and I tell you I will NEVER EVER open that door again, EVER!  

Monday, October 03, 2016

The Hive

The show set up was today and I am POOPED but so worth it.  What a great venue.  I feel honored to have my art hanging with these other artists!  Thursday night I WILL BE THERE!  Come see me!

Will be back there next month with more paintings, a judged show!

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Life After Italy

We have been home a week now and it feels good.  We were so glad to see this little guy.  I had a hard time trying to decide whether to board him or leave him at home.  In the end we left him at home.  Now, now, now, don't get your panties in a wad.  He has a fluffy bed, access to the outdoors anytime and someone that came and fed him twice a day.  He even had a house full of ladies and babies for a baby shower and Afton's Nick came for three days to stay and love on him.  Plus his former owner stopped by and took him for walks and kisses.  But, I guess it just wasn't his "momma and daddy." He kept getting out of the laundry room into the other part of the house with a chance to set off the alarm so I okay'd B to take him to be boarded and it went fine.  Poor guy.  It's hard to know what is best but he is happy we are home!

Again it kind of blows the mind that a week ago were were walking around Italy and France... 

and now we are home and back to the usual grind. 

We have certainly hit the ground running at work.  I have spent Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all day at the office catching up and he has had constant meetings.  I did get the opportunity to go to art class on Tuesday and Thursday to paint with my travel buddies.  

Plus, Friday evening we rushed off to the cabin for one night and then right back yesterday to celebrate Snicklefritz's 4th birthday bash!
Can't believe this little stinker is 4!  Time certainly flies.  Poor kiddo though, in the middle of the night she woke up with the stomach flu but she would get sick, sleep a bit and was fine for the party.  What a trooper she is.  Happy Birthday my little darling.  

We also missed wishing Happy Birthday to Snicklefritz's mommy!  Bri's birthday was the day we got home!  

Plus, the mother-n-law turned 89 the day before!  A grand lady she is and the best mother-in-law a girl could ask for!  Can we say "STUNNING!"

Today I am NOT moving from this house.  I need to visit Daddy but it will have to wait.  I need to stay home.  The next few weeks are going to be very hectic as I have an art show this month and next month.  Life goes on.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Rome and Beyond

The secret is here to reveal...

The Hubby and I have been traveling again.  It has been a few years since we took an extended vacation and boy did we do a big one.  Nearly a year ago three of my painting buddies and I started planning to go to Italy, a Mediterranean cruise and finally, FINALLY, on September 10 it was on.  Euros in hand, bags packed, lots of bags, cameras and extra batteries and discs, passport in hand it was on.  

One of the best ideas for this long flight over was First Class on the plane.  When we first sat down, not even buckled up we were served champagne in real champagne glasses!  We are now forever spoiled.  Well worth the bucks.  Our first flight out of Tulsa, Charlotte then to JFK was at 7 something and by the time we arrived in Rome it was like 8 in the morning there.  We had a whole tour the minute we hit the ground which I think was a good thing, so we didn't make the mistake of sleeping.  Man it was so very sweltering and my legs were on fire.  We had pasta right of the bat and finally were able to check in to our rooms in the middle of an area in Rome called Trastevere.  Beautiful and a cafe or restaurant on every corner or what we considered alleys.  

Our first tour guy Giovanni, fresh off the plane.  He was wonderful.

The Vatican tour was hot, crowded, and beautiful. The next morning we were up very early to visit the Vatican.  We had a guide and had the early time to go inside before the hordes of other people came in.  Hot, hot, hot and our legs, oh my goodness.  The guide was great and the place is beautiful.  We walked up steps, down steps, long hallways, stand, stand, stand.  By the end of the tour I was done and so was Linda.  We opted to not visit the catacombs that afternoon and it was a wise decision The Hubby said as there were steps, steps, steps.  The next day my calf muscles, quads and arms were spent.  Sore, sore, sore.  I couldn't figure out why my arms were so tired then I remember I had to grab railings to pull, going up or down.  

You see that dome, well around the top was an enclosed walkway and when I zoomed in... 
EGAD...I could not do that.

Have never been so thirsty before.  We drank gallons of water, still or bubbly, didn't matter, wet was what mattered. 

Gnocchi with bolognese sauce...little soft pillows of YUMMY!

The walking tour in Rome in the area called Trastevere was the best.  Worn out from walking and we were all sweat bombs every single day. 

Our sweet tour guide for the food tour was from Wisconsin.  She came 6 years ago, met a guy and never left.   

One day we had an eating tour in the Trastevere area that was probably my favorite day.  Quaint stores of cheese, meats, pastries, gelato, and much more.   


The Borgese Museum 

This statue is marble, carved...look at the hands pushing in the marble like it was flesh.  Just stunning.

And look at the tears in marble. 

Our favorite little restaurant just a couple blocks behind our rooms.  We went back twice we liked it so much. 

Then it was onward to the cruise ship.  Celebrity Cruises, the Silouette, our home away from home for 10 days.  

Our cabin attendant was a sweet kid, Elroy.   

We took several day trips in ports along the way back to Rome. 

Our guide for Positano, Salerno, Sorento and Pompeii, Giovanni #2.

Yes we were on that eyes were closed and I tried not to think about it but I have to admit a few scared tears were shed.

Coming into Positano (a bucket list place for me.)

There were so many stores in Positano.

One morning as the sun came up on the cruise ship.  Blue, blue, blue.

Oh gosh there were so many places we went to...Pompeii, Sorrento, Salerno, Florence, Marseille, Corsica, Nice...

As Linda said, "We started out as friends and returned as family!" Great traveling buddies.

Karaoke...yes that is me.

These alleys were roads and you would NOT believe the cars going through them.  What was so weird is that they had all these small cars but rarely did we see a dent.  They parked everywhere too.


Lunch among the lemon grove. 

What we walked on most of the time in Rome. 

It was soooooooo hot that I finally had to find a place to just sit and wait, unfortunately it was by a convenience store in the middle of Pompeii.  So sad.

On our trip around Corsica we saw this out our cabin window and found out it is an active volcano, Strombolli. 

The ferry traveling to Strombolli... 
my goodness people live there.  It has not erupted in many, many years, just churns inside. 

Markets in Nice. 

Cassis, France 

Taking time to Facebook!

Olives, olives everywhere. 

and boats, boats...Oh boy...I will paint! 

Can't quite figure out the gold Elvis on the gold sea turtle. 

Among all the marble wonders. 

Trevi Fountain