Thursday, March 01, 2012

Oh Poop!

The title, well, I mean it literally, really I do, but more on that in a bit...

Last night The Hubby and I attended (instead of my walking group) a private party Casino and dancing night at the famed Cain's BallroomMid Life Crisis Band played and we danced and danced and danced, so there was no need for the walking, trust me.  I was dripping wet by the time we traveled home from the event.  We saw several people we knew and even danced with a couple, he with her and I with him, that we knew from the cabin area but have never socialized with.  I have to admit, hear me people, I kind of had fun, that is after 3 glasses of wine and getting over my stagefright.  I really have to push myself to get over being scared out of my wits on the dance floor, but I did it.  The Hubby was overjoyed with me!  We did West Coast Swing and a bit of the 70's stuff, which I love, and he attempted to slow dance.  I told him he really needs to take a few lessons in that as I felt I was being pushed around the room but we had fun in the end, and that is what mattered to him. 

Now to the title of this post, Oh Poop!  As we traveled to the event we came to Main Street and turned north to Cain's, which was up the block.  I looked to the left at a construction site and a chain link fence.  There was a, I think homeless guy, longish dark unruly hair, young probably mid 30's, with his pants pulled down to his mid-thighs.  He was facing the street but bent forward with his butt pressed against the chain link fence and wait for it.......POOPING!  I saw it, SAW IT!  EGAD!  I said, "OH MY GOSH, HE'S POOPING!"  I could not believe my eyes.  I should not be shocked though as we have a homeless lady that shows up at our office front step and does her business on the concrete "thingy" you drive you car up to.  So far I think we have scared her off for a bit but there's not much you can do.  It made me think about the homeless and what they do to take care of their personal stuff and I guess this is it.  I've done my share of hiding behind trees in the woods when camping and such and a few rugged outhouses, but never a chain link fence or concrete "thingy".  A sad life.  I can't imagine it.  Actually, I've been thinking about the homeless that I see often every day, walking up and down the streets and it just makes me sad.  Some are mentally not there, some are alcholics and drug abusers and some I would imagine just don't have a place.  In fact, in the past month I've watched the police and ambulance workers pick up one that was intoxicated and fell off the curb on his face.  Wednesday I saw one that just sat down at a stop light and passed out and the police and ambulance workers were aiding him.  Again, a sad life.   


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

The homeless seem to be a big mystery. They have to poop like everybody else.

I wondered about the Occupation Tulsa people and what they did.

Christine said...

Hi Jill, thanks for stopping by!

Wow, I'm so grossed out and at the same time the poop story is an eye opener, I never gave this situation a thought....we take so much for granted!

Sweet Tea said...

It's disgusting to think about and certainly to witness, but real life can be very raw, can't it? "There but by the grace of God...".