Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hair-a-Go-Go...uh...No No!

My, my, my the beginning of my history of hairdo's.  Some were not the best idea for sure.

This one was pretty.  I love this picture.  I think I was about 4 years old.

My first grade picture.  Mother was not kind to me.  That would be a permanent in front and the back was long, down to my waist.  She hated to take care of it.

I belive this was 2nd grade and Momma decided to even it up and add more perm.  EGAD!

Not sure what to do with it here.  A headband is always a good choice.
Yes, this was a home haircut.  The bangs were NOT even by any means.

ICK!  Check out the white lipstick.

Finally, I was able to wear mascara.  The era of little ribbons! 8th grade I believe.

9th grade...I forgot it was picture day and had greasy hair.  A girl standing in the picture line with me helped me make it presentable with a little "ratting".  Didn't turn out too bad. 

My favorite era.  Long hair!  It was where it was at and I'm attempting yet again but will never be able to get it that long again.
My Glamour Shot snapshot but really was my photographer before GS was even a thought. 

A brief try at utilizing a bit curl that has tried to appear in my forever straight hair.

Kind of the way I wear it now.

Wedding hair for B&B's wedding.  It may not have been all that smart a hairdo.

Again the usual style.

Hope you enjoyed the evolution of ME!


Michelle said...

The uneven bangs takes me back! I have so many school pictures like that!

Sweet Tea said...

You are a brave soul to show all your do's - but it was fun seeing you grow up...I loved your comment on the third photo. I had lots of perms "back in the day".
Can we say "Tonette"? LOL

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh this was such a fun post to read. Loved looking at all the cute hairdo's Thanks for sharing!