Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Work, Sick, and a Clorox Commercial

Yesterday was work day for me.  I finished typing tons of invoices, paid a few bills, took a few phone calls, wrote in my journal, and then waited till the end of the day.  I'm so very caught up at work, which is a good thing.  We also had a couple of old employees stop in to visit.  One, Mr. Tom, his wife and mother stopped in to just say Hi.  They live in Wisconsin now.  Mr. Tom went to junior high with The Hubby so he's known him a very, very long time.  The other visitor, another former employee wanted us to hire him again.  Thank goodness we are not hiring and even if we were, it would not happen.  We've rehired him twice and each time I've had to learn how to garnish wages and pay child support to another state.  He informed me that he had a DUI and his boss now would not let him drive because of his insurance, you think!  I told him the same thing.  Good grief!  Nice guy, really but much too much stress for me thank you, besides we aren't hiring! 

I'm still sick but better.  The throat thing is kind of weird.  I thought I was going to get up and go work out this morning since I have not been there since last Tuesday but with the cold medicine last night, I slept in.  I needed to stay in bed and sleep.  The Hubby was up at 5, I slept till 8.  So needed to sleep.  I was just in need today. 

OH MY GOODNESS---I just saw this Clorox commercial and had to share!

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