Thursday, February 03, 2011

Still Snowed In

I can't remember ever being snowed in this long, wow.  I have lots to do so there is no problem for me to stay put, but The Hubby is getting a bit stir crazy.  I need to remember to go out and start the car sometimes so the battery doesn't go dead.  I'm watching KOTV News on 6 this morning, local news and they are showing a live shot from their helicopter of the airport.  The shot is of a flight taking off, SW Airlines to St. Louis.  Apparently, SW Air is the only airline flying here right now.  There have been other flights scheduled but have been canceled.  Wow, the city, no this part of the nation is just shut down.  The Hubby did go into the shop yesterday because he just couldn't stand it and to get a shovel.  Apparently he had taken all of our shovels to the shop and we had to make a path for little Clayton to do his business besides right out the back door.  He's about had it too because his walks have ceased and that is just confusing him.  He sits and cries at The Hubby in the evening ready to walk.  It's weird that we have kept the business shut down but there is no way that our vans could manage these roads, the neighborhoods with the snow drifts and ice.  Our business is not a life saving business, unless there is no power and we can help, but this storm is not causing that problem this time.  Our guys are quite content to stay home, thank goodness.  I called Daddy this morning to check on him and woke him up.  Wow!  But he was up till about 3 this morning doing I don't know what, probably Farkle!  His home health care nurse can't get to him and he NEEDS her today.  Monday is another doctor appointment but I think that will be rescheduled.  I'm not going anywhere!  Poor Daddy, the snow plows have plowed in front of his house and he said the drive has a 3 foot wall in front of it.  OOPS!  Someone, Bro, Bro-in-law, nephew will  have to shovel that up for sure. 

Dang it...the phone just reminded me I had a massage and facial scheduled for today.  Well, that was canceled yesterday.  Boo-Hoo!

I have been busy though through all of this.  I finished a painting and got another one blocked in:


blocked in -  


Joan said...

We're getting a little cabin fever here. I"m going to force the daughters to play outside later with the dogs.

We did not get as much as you, but enough to keep canceling school.

Hope you thaw soon. Oh, and your paintings are beautiful!

Cindy said...

My husband is getting stir crazy also. I've kept busy embroidering, reading, polishing silver, cooking, watching tv. I've had a good time! :-) Stay safe and warm!

Janie B said...

At least you are using your time creatively. I'm just watching reruns.

Territory Mom said...

I love your paintings. Praying for your dad. My husband made it to work today it took him 2 hours for a 1 hour drive to Tulsa, good thing they were short staffed. I think it is easier to get around in the country we don't have as many vehicles down here. Stay safe and warm.

Kay said...

I'm so sorry you guys are getting hit so hard. I'm glad this gave you time to finish and work on your wonderful painting.