Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Scales & Men

First thing...I LOST WEIGHT!  I lost another 2 pounds for a total of 4 pounds!  I really wish it could be like a Biggest Loser loss of 10-15 pounds but I know realistically that is not realistic!  It took several years to put it on, slowly and it will take awhile to take it off.  I have to just stay focused and into the process.  Since this darned snowpocalypse thing and head cold I have not been able to work out like I'm used to.  Next week it will be back to the treadmill and onward!  I really would like to buy a treadmill for the house but The Hubby is not on board with it but I told him I might buy one for my room.  It could be very crowded in here but I might have to overrule him.  I don't think I'll pursue that issue until fall because with spring coming up I will be able to use the trainers and outside.  Maybe when we finish the add on that could be the exercise purchase we can make...fingers crossed. 

Did anyone watch Two and a Half Men on Monday night?  That show is one of our very favorite shows but... Charlie Sheen has been in the news for all of his partying and drugs and alcohol but Monday night he looked horrible.  He was gaunt and just weird.  You can tell it is effecting him on screen now.  It is so sad that he is living the character in his real life, really he is and we as American television watchers have a front row seat to see his slow demise and the end of a wonderful show.  He is not messing up his life, possibly to his death, but he is screwing his co-stars, John Cryer and Angus T. Jones.  The show is now on hiatus, too bad really.  Do you watch this show? 


Joan said...

Yay! Good work on the weight loss. If we keep getting these snow days I am going to gain back the 7 I have lost. Being housebound with snow outside makes me crave carbs. Why is that?!

I don't watch the show, but I hope Charlie Sheen can turn his life around. It is so sad and he has such talent!

Kay said...

Congratulations of the weight loss. Slow and sure is the best way.

I do occasionally watch 2.5 Men but haven't done so lately. I've heard about Charlie Sheen a lot in the news lately. It's so sad.

Janie B said...

Hey, those pounds you lost...I found them. *sigh* Being snowbound is starting to get to my waistline! Cannot believe the amount of snow we had today!!

I don't watch that show but he needs to get his act together. It's affecting too many other people.

Flea said...

Congratulations! You're working hard and it's paying off!

I don't watch TV. Sorry. Sheen has always troubled me for the very thing he's doing now. Actors as role models just don't cut it, for the most part. We weren't any of us meant to be superstars. It tears people up. So sad.

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!

The Husband and I love 2.5 Men. I wish Charlie Sheen's real life was not like the show.

carma said...

I've only seen parts of the show in passing. I hope he gets the help he needs to finally get over his demons once and for all. I was shocked to see the state of his real teeth - scary