Friday, February 11, 2011

Remember When

Being snowed in has forced people to find stuff to do and my Aunt Gigi has been very busy uploading tons of old pictures.  I am so very happy because most I have never seen. 
My sis, Granny, Momma and me seated.   I am not sure what the shower is for but could be a bridal shower for Aunt Gigi or even me (we're only 4 years apart).   
This one is an awesome pic because it is of a time when not many pictures were taken.  We had moved back from living in Arkansas and were living most of the time at Grandma and Grandpa's on his Black Angus cattle ranch.  My father had been very ill and surgery to remove his thyroid with a benign tumor.  I have glimpses of memories of this time because during the week I was staying in town with the other set of grandparents, going to school and the rest of my family was at the ranch.  They would pick me up on Friday evenings and I would stay at the ranch on the weekends.  It was a rough time on the family so not many pictures.  This pic is of me, Bro and Sis.  The dog was Grandpa's but I can't remember the name.  The cat is Kitty Clover, my Aunt Gigi's from a litter of kittens we had in Arkansas.  Kitty Clover was the first in a line of other Kitty Clover's.  Remember the potato chips called Kitty Clover.


Char said...

we didn't have kitty clover chips but we did have charles chips in cans like this.

great picture

Kay said...

It really is amazing what memories old pictures will bring up. How kind of your aunt to do this for all of you.