Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Big Thaw

The Big Thaw has begun, but wait it is to only be a brief happening as more is expected today and Tuesday.  The Hubby insisted yesterday that we take the Jeep, my car out and try out the 4WD.  My poor Daddy has been home bound for his hip thing and I was worried about his driveway as the city had plowed right over the entrance.  Last time I checked his home health care nurse could not get to his house because of it.  So off we headed to see him.  Actually the highway was not too bad but the side streets were still in awful shape.  It was weird seeing all the abandoned cars along the roads, with piles of snow on them.  It will be summer before they are able to pull them out.  We arrived at Daddy's and his drive was opened up.  I just talked to him on the phone and said that is why we were coming down.  One of his hearing aids is on the fritz and he probably just heard we were coming.  No problem, he needed the company.  The Hubby got right to work cleaning his sidewalk, front step, and huge icicles off of his eaves around the house.  He also cleared the huge snow drift at his back door so he could open it if an emergency.  The neighbor across the street had already headed for the grocery for some milk so, our work was to visit.  We did go to the liquor store to get his box wine of sangria he loves so much at dinner.  I was to take him to the doctor tomorrow but he had me reschedule, afraid of moving out and about in the stuff. 

One of the main objectives to getting out was to go to Bass Pro Shop for me some tall wader-like boots, like The Hubby's.  My guess would be so that I could help him clear snow!  While moving that direction we caught some of the hills and sledding.  My the kids were having fun and this scene was played out all over the area.  I never thought I would say this, but it looked a bit fun. 

Finally, we got to Bass Pro Shop and after a bite of lunch the great hunt was on for the perfect boot.  My new fashion accessory, what do you think.  Actually, we passed by the women's clothing and I found a few cute things.  Who knew! 

Back to T-Town we were off to the empty-shelved grocery store and the masses of people.  Our neighbors are in their 80's and we had an extensive list for their needs too.  The parking lot was CRAZY!  The Hubby dropped me at the door and I started the big hunt.  He came in after parking and we started to fill our separate lists of stuff.  There were a lot of empty shelves but really it wasn't too awful bad.  People, people, people but you know, everyone was very nice and I think glad to be OUT and about.  At check out The Hubby took the neighbors stuff and I took ours.  Didn't take a lot of time and we were on our way.  Going to the parking lot all of a sudden one of my eyes started having the funny shapes of light, uh oh, migraine!  By the time we made the 7 minute drive home my head was starting to hurt.  Quick, Ibuprofen and caffeine, my granny's recipe for relief! 

Later in the evening the pain has subsided but this morning I'm thinking I have a sinus infection.  It happens every time there is snow and they start the sanding and salt.  I think there is something in the mixture that sets me off.  Crazy.  Netti pot here I come. 


Joan said...

I think all of Oklahoma was out and about yesterday! Looks like today might just be wet if anything, but Tuesday looks scary!

Bundle up!

Kay said...

Glad to hear you have a thaw happening. Chicago is still under a deep freeze according to my daughter. Then again, maybe today will be the day for them. We can only hope.

Cindy said...

We went to the grocery store yesterday also. It was crazy fun!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh, hope that Neti pot helps those sinuseseses!

Love the boots :-D