Monday, March 16, 2009

My Spring Break

Yes I am having my own spring break. I'm sitting on Harri and Jimbo's deck blogging right now. I look terrible but hey I'm on spring break and who the hell cares, I surely don't.

Saturday night was yet another 50th birthday party here at the retreat and so we again danced the night away. Wait, I didn't dance the night away but The Hubby surely did. I danced with him a few times but I was tired and full of a whole bottle of wine so I was heading home about 9:30 on S&J's golf cart to pour myself into bed. The Hubby on the other hand had a nice night and danced till about midnight. Good for him. I came up here on Friday afternoon with the plan to stay until Wednesday and hopefully that will happen. My little Miata was filled to the brim with writing stuff, paints, clothes, and food. Actually most of the food I brought was Lean Cuisine and milk. We went to a dinner at another cabin on Friday and I was responsible for olives. Yes, I said olives. I had some leftover from the weekend before party. They were from Whole Foods in the marinated olive section. I had a huge container and they were just delicious so that was my contribution for dinner. We had tortilla soup, salad and appetizers of cheese, crackers and olives. Very light and very good as we were all tired from the week. Nice chat, a little TV, wine and the company of good friends is just what the doctor ordered for me.

Saturday, The Hubby and both slept in till 9 and again on Sunday. We’re becoming a little lazy I guess, or we need it. I guarantee when the weather is better in the AM and we have the windows open I will be up to watch the sun come up. I love that. To hear the birds start to wake up the day and have the quiet morning darkness filled with the sounds of a crisp morning is just awesome. Saturday, The Hubby and I spent most of the day lounging on the couch in front of a roaring fire and the television. I recently signed us up for NetFlix and so I had a few movies to watch. We watched Iron Man and Into The Wild. We enjoyed just doing nothing all day long and even took naps to make it through the evening.

Yesterday The Hubby left for town after spending most of the day with me. I took my shower and then headed over to the deck to check out the internet since it had warmed up nicely. Harri plied me with lots of good wine and were joined with PO and MT for lots of girl chat and laughter. I heated up part of the leftover hot artichoke dip from Saturday night and we chowed down. I gave the lovely ladies a short lesson about blogging, twitter and Later MT went home and we three went inside for chili, salad and brownies and to watch the Amazing Race. After dinner PO left and Harri and I watched Celebrity Apprentice and couldn’t believe Trump didn’t send Rodman home too. What a mess. Poor Harri was falling asleep in her chair and I think was glad I finally left to go to my cabin. She left early this morning for work. It was so nice for PO and Harri to stay and keep me company last night.

Oh my gosh this day is just awesome. I slept till nine again but got up and painted a little on a new painting, read a bit and now I’m blogging and writing on Harri’s deck. I am leaving my woes at the gate of this place and not going to think about anything except me and my well-being this week. I found a blog called The Secret is in the Sauce and since then I've been getting so many visits from the ladies. It's wonderful and I also get to find other blogs to read which I love. Thanks ladies.

Some observations about being here during the week. It's really kind of quiet and peaceful, unlike the last time I tried to stay here during the week. There was all kinds of construction going on and it was horrible. Today in the little loop where our cabin and Harri's is located there are four familes that live here full time. It is nice that I don't feel totally isolated. There is one lady that I swear has been on the phone for 3 hours solid, explains a lot about her busy-body ways (some of you may know who I mean fellow cabinites).


Char said...

oh perfection - a spring break, have a wonderful time

Ann On and On... said...

I am green with envy! It would be so nice to sit outside without a winter coat....

Welcome to SITS! It is a great blog with so many fantastic ladies.

I invite you to be a part of my Body Shop item giveaway. Your feet will thank you. :D

Jamie said...

Love that you are having your very own Spring fun! Welcome to SITS!! Your bloggy set up looks nice and relaxing...can I come hang out, hehe? Enjoy the rest of your break and don't dance too much ;-)

StampinMom :-)

Rachael said...

i could really use a spring break like that, enjoy it!

i am stopping by to welcome you to SITS, we are thrilled to have you join us!

Mandy said...

That sounds so fabulous (besides the construction)!! I am totally jealous--enjoy your fabulous break.
I came by to say Welcome to SITS! I'm with the Welcome Wagon and we are so glad you joined us. As I'm sure you already know, it's a fabulous group of ladies!
Enjoy your day,