Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I can't get a break

I posted yesterday that Sis is okay so far and going home in a few days. That is good. I also mentioned about the jury duty. I did call this morning and yes I have to serve yet again. So the first thing I had to do was reschedule my doctor appointment that has been on my calendar for 6 months. Now I need business casual dress attire and I don't think jeans will work. Too bad that is usually what I wear everyday.

Last night was a nice relaxing evening of television, going back and forth between Biggest Loser and American Idol. I hit the bed about 9 to watch Law & Order: SVU and part of the news then I was in dreamland. The telephone rang about 11:30 when we were both just getting into deep sleep. It was the alarm company about the shop. The Hubby took the phone in his den to check out the security cameras and asked the lady if it was the cleaning crew, which it was. He saw on the cameras that the usual white truck was not there but a police car. When he came back to the bedroom to get his cell phone to call the cleaning crew lady then back to the computer the cameras showed a black car and there were 4 people inside the shop and one was checking out the inside of one of the vans. He called the cleaning lady's cell and she told him that her truck was just stolen from in front of the shop and she had filed a report with the police. He told (I was listening from the bedroom) her that he would review the tapes on the security system when he got to the shop in the morning. When The Hubby came to bed I told him it sounded like a Repo-Man job.

Well, this morning he reviewed the cameras and saw a big tow truck pull up to her truck, stick a long bar out, (the driver never exited the tow truck), and load the truck in less than 3 seconds. Then it took off like a rocket. Our shop guy who knows about car stuff said it was a repo. The Hubby called her to tell her what he saw and asked her if she had a loan on the truck and if she had late payments. She said yes, she was a couple of months late. Well, there you are! My problem is that there were odd people here in our shop. I don't like that and The Hubby told her he didn't like it either.

After all that happened on the phone last night I of course had my adrenaline up and so it was around 2:30 before I could drift off to sleep. So I did not rise out of bed till 8 am and the carpenter usually is on the job by 8:20. Oops, I had to get a move on. I did pretty good leaving the house and got the office a little after 9. I've been invoicing, paying bills, answering the phone, changing doctor's appointments, and general stuff. I even had time to go to the bank and have lunch with my friend. Oh and I forgot, I woke up with a crick in my neck so had to call and tell my team I couldn't be there today. I'm opting for a glass of wine or two with another friend tonight. I need it.

Since spring break starts for the junior college next week I'm taking full advantage of B being here. I'm leaving for the cabin on Friday and I'm not coming back until Wednesday, late in the afternoon because I have a hair appointment on Thursday and I might get a painting class since I'm going to miss on Tuesday. I so need to GET AWAY. I'm feeling a lot overwhelmed right now. Almost want to run away.


Kelly said...

Friday through Wednesday away...sounds fabulous. Enjoy. and get some sleep!

Kay said...

Good gracious! You really lead an eventful life. That repo thing was shocking to read. It can happen that quick! Wow! I'll have to serve Jury duty here in Hawaii someday soon, I'm sure. Gosh... I don't have many appropriate clothes. Something else to worry about. Sheesh!

Char said...

man, sorry about all of that. just a sign of the economy and this will probably happen to more people if it keeps getting worse.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Wow, I got stressed just reading about all that. Enjoy your time at the cabin.

lagirl said...

Poor lady.
It would be awful to have your vehicle repo'd...Hey, I think you'll find that jeans and a nice top are just fine for jury duty.