Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Party

It was a blast. We danced for a solid 3 hours in the living room and I actually did the running man. If you only knew how much I have wanted to dance like I danced last night and with 22 pounds gone and the working out that I do I was the queen bee on the dance floor last night. In fact one of my friends told me I was so smooth on the dance floor and that I was better than the dancers on "So You Think You Can Dance". What a great compliment and I could let it go to my head but I am a realist. I told The Hubby later from watching the show that those kind of compliments for people who are a little bad in the dance department, well you know, can make them think they are the greatest dancers on the earth, I'm NOT. Sin & Bare and Harri and Jimbo did all the food last night with fried Basa fish, fried chicken, french fries and salad. The wine was plenty. Surprisingly I don't have a headache but my feet and legs are a little sore. Pictures will explain the fun we all had.

Now this is a party.

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