Monday, June 02, 2008

Another Monday

It is another Monday as usual. The same stuff, workout, coffee, shower then work. But today I've changed it up a bit with meeting the Jazz girls for coffee in between workouts. I am also meeting me friend C for lunch. She's treating me since Wednesday is my BIRTHDAY. Yup, another year older, not sure how I feel about that but there is no stopping the clock from ticking. Tick tock, tick tock...

We finally got power back last night about 10 pm. It really wasn't a problem for us as we have a generator but some I hear will be out till about Wednesday. Thank goodness for the generator.

This next weekend I'm throwing myself a huge birthday bash at the cabin. Since I was not able to have a 50th I'm doing it now, two years later. It should be fun and I may just get drunk. I plan on laughing and dancing a lot to celebrate. This week though should be a whirlwind as today is lunch with C and work. Tuesday the MIL is finally moving so that will be an all day thing. Wednesday is my facial and massage and that's half the day, the other half of the day is preparing on having a Jazzy girls birthday party for ME at my house. Thursday is my hair appointment and that takes about 3 hours. Then Friday is payroll and gather up all I need for the party at the lake. Somewhere in there I have to squeeze in a little work. Pay bills, do invoicing, payroll, just stuff at the office. So I guess I had better get off this stupid computer and get busy.

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