Saturday, June 07, 2008

Birthday Party

It is Saturday and I may be a widow by the day’s end if he doesn’t STOP IT! He is driving me crazy. Tonight is the big birthday party for ME at the cabin and he is doing his usual obsessive compulsive crap he does when he knows people are coming. It is early and I want to enjoy the peace and quiet but he is not letting me at all. He got up, had his breakfast and then came out on the porch and started talking about sweeping the porch, mopping the porch, cleaning some in the house, etc. I just don’t get all whacked out when company is coming although I am going to do some stuff because world renowned interior designer CF is coming and being a world renowned interior designer I really want to make an impression with him as far as our cabin goes. I know it is not his usual Country French, it is Country The Hubby and I love it. I am excited about the party tonight but I want to enjoy myself a little today and not have the anxiety his mustering up today.

Last night we went on a boat cruise on Bare & Sin's pontoon boat with Jimbo & Harri and G&G. Harri fixed sloppy joes that we took to eat while watching the sun go down. I made some CD’s for Bare and Sin and we listened to them and danced and sang our little hearts out. It was great fun. I really was not sure I would enjoy myself as I’m not a boat person but it was fun. I don’t want to go if there are tons of people on the boat but it was a perfect number of us.
(Oh man, The Hubby is now cleaning the little man that sits on our wall. He has a scrub brush and is washing him…hey wait I think that the scrub brush is the kitchen brush from my sink. HE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. )

Luckily Harri called and wanted me to go to town to the store and I rushed out. It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle that is known as The Hubby. Right now I'm sitting on a rock wall in between Harri's and our cabin tapping into G's Internet connection to blog here. Again I had to get away from The Hubby. We just had loud words about the music that will be playing tonight. He is DEAD set on having his "dance" music played and I don't necessarily like his "dance" music and it is my party after all. I gave up. Let him have it I want no stress and that is all. I think I'll munch on something and then make my way to the hammock and a little nap before our T-town friends arrive early. I will still need a shower and cleanup for the big bash tonight. They will just have to wait around for me to get dolled up.

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