Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Birthday & Cheesecake

Today is my birthday. Yes I'm going to shout it out to the heavens. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I went to workout, then to work, then to my facial and massage and I've just finished eating Taco Bell. I haven't had that in over a year and I decided that today I would enjoy! Now it is time to clean the house a little, wash my hair (all the oil from the massage), go to the store and then PARTY TIME. Already I've received several email messages from friends and family and a flower arrangement. The Jazz girls had muffins, coffee and fruit after workout and of course a few gifts. It is already going to be a good day...oh wait, except I've already pissed off B today.

She is coming tonight and she just called to let me know that she told her best friend about it and invited her to join us. That is OK 'cause I like Rachel but then she asks if she can bring Mondo, the granddog. "NO", I say. She is mad and says he is much better and would be good. I insist and more emphatically, " NO." We said our goodbyes but she is really angry at me. I really like the guy but it is MY party, my friends/guests and we don't need a huge dog roaming in between our legs slapping us with his massive tail with joy. We just want to drink, eat and be merry, not clean up dog hair and spills. Am I wrong?


Here's you some cheesecake...:)

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Kelly said...

I am weeks behind in my reading, but I hope you had a fabulous b-day!