Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Move

D-Day...Today the MIL moved and I was in attendance. I had my two workouts then hurridly I arrived at her house about 8:45. The movers were not there yet but were expected between 8:30 and 9 am. Finally, about 9:10 they pulled up and it was on. The #2 son showed up about 5 minutes later and I was glad he was there for the help. It began as a whirlwind of movement with dollies and moving men wanting guidance. Up until last night there was a room that had not been packed up so #2 son was there until 7 pm Monday evening doing it for her. We coordinated the whole orchestra of people and by noon we were on our way to her new digs. Montereau provided lunch for us which consisted of a slab of meat on two thin pieces of bread, a tomato slice, lettuce, some weird chips, and bottled water. I was raveneous after the workouts and moving but it filled the void in my stomach. We spent the rest of the afternoon, after the movers left trying to get her bedroom together so she could sleep. She has one of those beds that has individual controls and goes up and down, well, that posed a problem with the new bedskirt. She spent the past week spliting the new one down the middle and then hemming it so that when one side of the bed goes up the other side will not lift up, but they (the MIL and #2 son) forgot the bar at the end that keeps the mattress from sliding off when the bed is raised. So we spend the next hour getting the skirt on the bed, pinned so it would not slide off and then cutting slits in the skirt so when we unscrewed the bars we could poke them through the skirt fabric then reattach and THEN we could finally make the bed. ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! My aching feet, back and mind. And to top off the day I got another call from the other DIL. She called last Friday to make sure someone would be there for the MIL for the move. She and #1 son don't live here. I was ticked off by her slighted accuisation that no one would be there as we've been there the whole time. Well today she called my cell phone and asked where I was at. "Well," I told her, "I'm at G's for the move." She said she was just checking to make sure. Again I was pissed. Then I find out tonight that she and #1 son were actually in town today passing through on the way to some teaching thing he does. They did not make an appearance for the move at all and I found out that they were at their lake place on Memorial Day weekend. This seems innocent enough but they HAVE to go through here on the way and they spent the weekend there playing with the grandkids and still on the way home did not stop by to help. Why can't they help. Why is up to The Hubby, #2 son and me to handle all of this. It just gets me so very angry and with the phone calls on top of it all.

Finally, home about 6pm I rushed to the shower and knew I was going to make The Hubby take me out to In The Raw for an early birthday dinner as I'm having tons of girls here at the house to celebrate tomorrow night. The Hubby finally came home and I told him let's go eat. We jumped into my little red ride and pulled out of the garage. "Stop", he says. Well, crap, I had a nail in my tire. We sat in the driveway for 45 minutes while he repaired my tire, hopefully. The time waiting his cell phone rang two times with emergency service calls and even now, after dinner he is out working a service call. It has been this way for two solid days for him since the storms this past weekend. Really, being an electrician sometimes is neverending work and service calls. I can't wait till the weekend so we can get away from the office and celebrate my birthday AGAIN!

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