Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Do Nothings!

What a boring week this has been. I've really not accomplished much, at least at home. Monday was a blah day at the office, except for lunch with B. Yesterday I had my oil changed, washed and vacuumed my car and visited my Daddy. Oh, he and I did about kill baby bunnies. He had me walk out to his little patch in the garden to pick cucumbers and as I picked one he bent down to pick another one and hand it to me. When it touched my hand I heard a squeak. I thought it was the veggies rubbing together. Daddy didn't hear but saw movement and listed backward. I thought he would fall but he was able to steady himself as a very, very tiny bunny hopped away. Another hopped between my feet as he warned me to be careful. Another hopped between us and yet another tiny one just barely moved into the grass deeper. I reached out and touched it and then the little one was off. It broke Daddy's heart that he may have injured one of them. Since he doesn't have his beloved Peaches anymore the little bunnies have been sort of pets for him. So sweet. He remarked that he was glad he hadn't mowed there yet and would not, just in case. Too bad my camera was in my purse on the dining table. Rats, no, bunnies!

Today is our first bowling week, actually it is the bowling meeting and next week is the first week of bowling. So my life will be full of bowling, painting and work. Somewhere I will have to throw in some laundry and dishes. Funny. I so hate to do laundry as is evidence of the piles of it on the guest bed, done, but not put away. My sister used to call me "Little Susie Homemaker" but now it doesn't seem to fit. I don't like housework at all. I like to cook, love too, but with only two of us I don't even do that much anymore, and I take a lot of shortcuts. Waaaaa, I think I want to have a little temper tantrum here! Deep breath! Okay, guess I had better hit the shower and get to the office! Toodles all. Hope you enjoy the nonsense post that this has turned out to be.


Char said...

awww, baby bunnies? how adorable.

have a good work day.

Flea said...

Oh! Baby bunnies!!!