Sunday, August 02, 2009

Creamed Corn 101

First I have to digress to share the catch of the day. The Hubby and his catfish that are now resting safely in our freezer...yummy.

This is a step by step of making creamed corn like my granny and mother used to do. Enjoy.

The first step is good fresh corn...This is not a low-cal version.
Ingredients: fresh corn, cream, salt, pepper, bacon drippings, sugar (alternative: milk and flour)
Shuck and clean the silks and cut out the bad spots. This batch was beautiful with no blemishes.

Wash ...
Drop into a pot of boiling water to blanch for about 5 minutes. This makes it easier to cut off the cob.

After blanching for about 5 minutes then drop into an ice water bath to stop the cooking process and make it easier to work with.

Carefully take out of the boiling water and

give it a cool bath.

Now starts the most important process and the secret for creamed corn. You take good knife and in a shallow dish stand the ear on end and just cut the tips of the corn off. Trust me.

When you have cut all the tips off then you take your knife and scrap down the sides to get the cream or milk of the corn, the best part. It will splatter so sometimes I do it in my deep kitchen sink or just wipe down the walls.

See the cream there...
Now the cream is in the pan...yummy

When you get it to this point you can also put it in freezer bags and freeze for that special dinner.

Now, sometimes if I really want rich creamed corn I will use real cream to thicken, or I will make a slurry of milk and flour, not too much but enough to thicken. Lots of salt and pepper to taste and maybe a smidgen of sugar, but not necessary. Oh and the most important part, about a tablespoon or a little more of bacon drippings. This is not a low cal recipe but you can make it that way. If I'm going to this trouble, especially if I'm serving at a get together I will ramp it up.
In a large skillet or saucepan melt your bacon drippings. Don't walk away because the drippings can burn quickly. When hot add the corn and heat. When good and hot then you can add the cream or the milk thickening mixture. Add the seasonings and taste to tweek it just right. Bring the mixture back up to hot as the cream will cool it down. That is basically all you have to do.

Now doesn't that just make your mouth water. I took it to a party last night and it was ALL GONE! Success!


♥georgie♥ said...

Look at those fish!
Okay that cream corn looks awesome!!!

Kathryn Magendie said...

My mom, who lives in Texas, grows her own corn in a little garden in her backyard - she made fresh ground corn, creamed corn, etc -- now she can't find a new grinder for her corn to make cornmeal...

Nothing like fresh made corn into creamed corn, cornmeal for cornbread, etc!

♥ Kathy♥ said...

I've never had home made creamed corn. That looks really good. Hubby wouldn't eat it so wouldn't do me any good to fix it for myself. LMHO if you ever want company for dinner let me know. ;)
You did a great job of explaining how to make it.

Char said...

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy!!! and fresh catfish too??

I would be in hog heaven

lagirl/sweet tea said...

I think I'd call that
"Corn Soup" it looks so yummy! Add a piece of cornbread and I'd call that a meal!

Good catch!
You're gonna enjoy that big ol' fish!

Debbie said...

Delish! You have successfully made me hungry!

Flea said...

Did you chop your husband up before you froze him?