Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Proper Etiquette and More

A question from Conflicted in the "Ask Amy" section of the newspaper this morning gave me the idea of my topic today. Her main question was whether her friends bad actions in public could influence her children.  That aside I was more intrigued by the action itself.  When they go out to dinner with said friends, the friend orders water then proceeds to serve themselves from the "self-serve" soda fountain.  She called it a theft.  I totally agree and would never, ever do that but I do know some people that would.  I think that is just plain WRONG.  It's the same when I go to multiple movies.  I will watch the first movie, then walk totally out of the theater and buy a ticket for the next movie.  I know that people do not do that most of the time, they will just walk into the next movie like they have a ticket.  Again, I think that is WRONG.  Am I an oddity, no, I follow rules, I am law-abiding, I am fair, I am trustworthy.  How can you take advantage.  To me it goes back to the small stuff you are taught as a child, or that I was taught as a child.  You never butt in line, you say "thank you, please, and excuse me."  Manners and rules!  Sunday while I was pushing furniture around the living room I had the television on to TruTV called The Principal's Office, honestly I could not stop watching it and it was on a marathon run.  It was different high schools around the country and the crap they have to deal with in these kids of today.  Let me tell you the attitudes of most of these kids were appalling and I don't think I could have put up with the crap they were doing.  Really parents is this our future or, "hopefully", it is just a few out of millions that happen to make good TV.  I so hope that is it because if not, we, as a culture are in very, very big trouble.  Really, you should watch some of the episodes and see.  For those parents who think their precious little Tommy or Sarah could do no wrong, WATCH!  


Michelle said...

I agree, that is stealing any way you look at it! My kids have watched me walk back into a store with our purchases and receipt when I discovered I hadn't been charged for an item I was buying. I am a firm believer in parenting by example!

Beryl said...

Don't get me started! Haven't these people seen all the places going out of business? It's not only theft, but it's affecting all of us who have to drive farther to get to a movie theatre, since the ones close to us have gone out of business. I always say something - either saying if you aren't going to pay for your pop (Soda, or whatever you call it), I am.
My husband and I were going to a movie with a business acquaintance (out of town) and we had to watch a different movie than the one we wanted, since this man and his wife (both in their 50's and very well-off) were banned from the theatre where our movie was showing for sneaking into the next movie after only paying for the first one. (Multiple times!)
I also do what Michelle does, telling my children and the clerk that I won't enjoy it if I haven't paid for it.

Sweet Tea said...

Never heard of that TV program, which is probably a good thing since it would probably make me depressed...I've seen teens behave terribly, but I've also seen them behave wonderfully. I choose to think there are more good than bad. Fingers crossed I'm right.

Nolita said...

I agree with you...I'm a rule follower too and we are "strict' with our kids because we want them to be productive members of society. I don't understand when parents don't expect their kids to at least be polite... so sad.

I hope there are more good than bad kids out there but from what I'm seeing, there are a lot of lazy non-hands-on parents and kids are not learning things like work ethic and manners. I'm doing my part as much as I can and I see it in the interactions of others and my kids... I think my kids save the bad behaviors for home. ;.)

Nolita said...

I'm sorry, I went off on a tangent there about the youth. I agree, that's theft and a bad example for the kids.