Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Construction - A Big Day

Remember the sign, the sign from The Hubby's junior high school that has been waiting around for 15 years for a new home...well, it has found a home.
Lots of man power and "yo-o heave ho!" to get it man-handled into place. 

Contemplating how to make this huge granite stone.  They have to make turn around...WHAT! 
It has to stand where that foot is. 

Woo-Hoo, The Hubby!

A quick snapshot of the kitchen area.   
More brawn. 

Look at that, they got it turned.  I was absolutely amazed. 

Center meets center. 

All done.  Now the fire pit will be finished.  One of the brick layers told me this afternoon, "two more days." YEE HAW!  Then the concrete, the painter and we can shop for some furniture.  

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Beryl said...

What a great touch of whimsy! It is looking good in your backyard!