Sunday, May 27, 2012

Views From My Hammock

Views from my hammock!


Nolita said...

Awesome views from the hammock! I have a cardinal couple living in my back yard and I think they have taken up a nest in my Rose of Sharon right outside the Little Ones' bathroom. I seem them flying in to the tree when I am making coffee in the mornings. I love my birds and miss the owls from when I used to run at the butt crack of dawn. Hope you had a great weekend!

Mia said...

Hi Jill!

I received your group message from blogaholics and so I wanted to stop by and say hello! I am your newest follower!

Those photos are absolutely beautiful! My mom has a bird feeder right outside her kitchen window and we get to see cardinals, hummingbirds, even a woodpecker!

Anyway, feel free to stop by my blog sometime and follow! I review books and movies.

Hope you are having a great Memorial Day!

Best Wishes,
Mia @ The Muses Circle

Kay said...

Looks very cool and relaxing.

Kay said...

Looks very cool and relaxing.