Thursday, May 03, 2012


The subject today at NaBloPoMo is to write about a toy you broke as a child.  I had to think about that a bit and the first think that came to mind was my Babette doll.  I didn't so much break her but I surely injured her.  We could not afford a Barbie doll so I got a Babette doll, a clone of Barbie.  
She was not the full plastic kind that Barbie was but hollow in a way.  I loved that doll but I had a thing about chewing things.  I chewed Babette's hands till she Babette flat hands, that was the kind of cheap plastic she was.  You know, I don't know what happened to that doll, curious.  I think that is the only toy I ever broke or marred, although I did wear out my Thumbelina doll.  I still have her around, somewhere in storage.  


Michelle said...

Our dolls could have formed a support group for survivors of chewing!

Sweet Tea said...

I don't remember ever seeing a Babette doll, though I have seen many "Barbie wann-be's".