Monday, May 14, 2012

Back To Work

The staycation is over and it is back to the ole' grind.  It has been a very productive week for me with the painting and planting going on at the cabin.  I'm rested and it will come in handy as Afton arrived back in town for the week.  She is a wonderful whirlwind to have around and I'm going to enjoy every minute of her visit.  She is going to perform this Wednesday night at the downtown club in Tulsa called The Hunt Club so if you wish to see her live doing her own music and some cover tunes, and maybe ME, come on down. It will be her only show in town before she heads back home (her other home).  

Parting shots of sweet Clayton on Saturday.  He was definitely feeling much better after his harrowing day at the creek.
Yes, his wounds have almost completely healed and spending the day rolling around in the sun has helped. 
Aww, the healing powers of mother nature. 

Happy Monday morning to everyone!


lotta joy said...

After 17 years with my Bichon, I HAD to have something to tie my heart to. I found my present fur-child at a puppy mill that had been shut down. He had lived for three years in a cage and had never touched the ground. Now? I have a Maltese permanently attached to my body and heart.

Nolita said...

Awww, Clayton looks so sweet especially in that last picture. He looks like he's smiling! Glad to hear that most of the staycation was productive and relaxing.

Winnie said...

Such fun pictures of your dog!

Enjoy your daughters music tonight... I love that she writes her own pieces too. What talent.