Friday, May 11, 2012

A Good Day Turned Bad

Yesterday started very innocently.  The Hubby made it here at the cabin the night before and we slept in a bit in the morning.  He got up and announced that he would like to drive into Pryor for breakfast.  I'm always on for that.  I love eating breakfast out so I was dressed and ready to go in minutes.  We were on our way and the day was spectacular.  
Little did I know that we were to have a near tragedy when we returned.  

As usual, The Hubby fired up the golf cart and announced to Clayton, "Are you ready to go fishing!"  This is a key word for Clayton to hop on board and while The Hubby does a bit of fishing Clayton does some sniffing and peeing and sometimes can get a ways away but he always returns.  The Hubby noticed a pack of dogs lounging along the bank of the creek and so did Clayton, and he ambled over their direction as he does to greet the cabinite-dogs.  Only, these were not dogs that belonged.  In the pack The Hubby saw a Lab and a Yorkie and others he didn't know.  The Hubby all of a sudden saw the dogs rush Clayton and attack him.  All he saw was a flurry of fur and heard barking and a screaming yelp, from Clayton.  He rushed on the golf cart towards the melee and Clayton broke free.  He ran towards the golf cart as The Hubby sped towards Clayton.  Passing Clayton on a mission to get his hands on the dogs if possible Clayton stopped, turned and started yelping at The Hubby, like HELP!  The dogs scattered and The Hubby turned to go back for Clayton who stopped in his tracks and waited.  The Hubby snatched him up and rushed back to the cabin, to me.  We found a puncture wound on his hind quarter and one on his mouth.  We washed him with stuff I used when I had the dreaded MRSA, peroxide, and neosporin ointment.  He yelped and tried to snap at The Hubby.  That never, ever happens with this sweet little dog but he was in pain.  We tried to find out where these dogs came from and one of the full-timers say they may be from an adjoining property that has those kind of dogs.  I am concerned about children and other dogs and they weren't wearing collars.  Just makes me so sick to my stomach that our sweet little guy was so injured.  He is better tonight and we will watch him.  Thank goodness his shots are up to date and fairly recent.

Who could hurt this sweet face...a pack of dogs, that's who.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I hope Clayton wasn't too seriously hurt. The downside of country living are the dog packs and irresponsible owners.

Judy said...

He's such a sweet dog - I want to go hunt down that pack of dogs and have a talk with them!

EmptyNester said...

Our little Tucker says he would have helped Clayton and he's very sorry this happened. He also sends puppy hugs! I know that if something like this happened to Tucky I would have freaked out! Much like I was doing while reading about it here! Thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog! I'm a new follower! Looking forward to exploring!