Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So How Was Your Tuesday

Yesterday I had just that kind of day I can tell you.  I slept in since this cold has pretty much kicked my butt which was nice.  The Comtrex I took really works nice, thank you, and I slept well.  I knew that I had to take Daddy for his little outpatient surgery so I needed to get well on my way to better.  I picked him up and we got to the surgery center on time to sit and wait, wait, wait.  A little later Brother came in.  I was surprised but he had the week off and I was glad for the company.  We were sitting there for a bit while Daddy rested without the teeth and hearing aids.  Yeah, we could have talked about him but we didn't.  Anyway, pretty soon Brother got up and walked out of the curtain then back in and sat down saying he all of a sudden was flushed.  He kind of melted in his chair, completely went pale white, cold and clammy and sweating to beat the band.  I mean sweat dripping on the floor.  He was also a bit nauseated.  My first scare was that he was having a heart attack.  Daddy was scared and worried and so was I.  I asked him if he wanted to me to get the nurses and he said yes.  You have to know my brother, that would not happen, but he was sick, really sick.  I rushed out to the outpatient nurses knowing they really couldn't do anything but they did take his blood pressure, pulse/ox and blood sugar.  All normal.  Oh, he had not eaten that day.  We got him to lay down on a bed, drink some orange juice and pretty soon color returned to his face, a bit.  I didn't have his wife's cell phone number, how does that happen.  Bro gave me the number and I left the a hopefully not scary message for her to call me.  Then I tried his daughter, my niece to find that number not a good one.  By that time my hands were shaking and my heart was racing.  I was definitely scared for him.  The nurses wanted to call an ambulance but he didn't so we waited for his wife.  She finally called and was on her way.  He was feeling better and we were able to sit in the waiting room while Daddy was taken into surgery.  Bro's wife arrived along with his daughter and our youngest, A, as the girls were having lunch together close by.  Off they went to urgent care to see what was going on. 

In the meantime, Daddy's surgery was complete before Bro left and that is yet another story.  Daddy had a baseball size wound in his hip, almost down to the prosthesis hip and we were told he will have to see the hip doctor again.  Yeah, that may not happen as the hip doctor didn't want to see him when this first came up months ago.  Hmmmph!  Anyway, surgery done.  Clothes back on, oooohhh Daddy underwear...and loaded in my car we were off to the pharmacy for pain meds and then home to hopefully find the nephew waiting to spend the night with him.  We pulled into the driveway and there he was standing on the front porch without a coat, waiting.  I was a bit ticked but found out his sis dropped him off and left.  She was in a bit of trouble.  Daddy inside, oops...blood on my front seat...yuck...wipe that up...fix the wound with more bandages for the the doctor because that much blood...yuck...Yes, that can happen, it will let up but stay down.  Daddy wanted to fix a bologna sandwich but I told him he only gets up to pee and nephew/grandson will be his legs.  Sis is sick, Bro is at urgent care and I had to get to the last family dinner for A as she is flying to California the next day.  We are now down to the brother-in-law to take him to the emergency if need be.  Daddy settled I was off to dinner and a bit of relief from the day, not knowing yet about brother.  A message at the end of dinner we find out Bro has a bacterial infection/sinus infection but he is told to see his regular doctor for a stress test.  Thought so.  So how was your Tuesday, mine was surely interesting, don't you think!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You had quite the day. Mine was pretty quiet. I hope that your Dad and Bro get better soon.

Kay said...

Good grief! What a time you had. Thank goodness your dad is OK.