Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Day

It is a new day and with some good cold drugs I am feeling a teensy bit better.  Yesterday I felt in a fog most of the day, today the fog is lifting.  I certainly hope this is the last cold for the season.  I did sleep in a couple of hours...yeah, that was 7 this morning and that does feel a bit better. 

I decided yesterday that I would join Weight Watchers again and I found a class on Thursday mornings at 7AM.  I actually joined it online so I'm serious.  This would mean I could go right after my workout.  See I'm trying to get it going and I feel like it can work.  I'm being proactive in my approach to the weight loss this year.  Bear with me as I may be venting about it here. 

Christmas and the family. 

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