Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All is Well

It has been a few days since I was last here but a little holiday called Christmas is getting in the way.  It feels weird to go from posting every day for over three months to nothing.  I finished wrapping the last present today, I hope.  I've had to re-look at the list and make sure but I feel confident it is done.  Yesterday we finally got new phones, Android and I'm over the moon.  It's kind of giving me fits a bit but I'll figure it out.  Within 15 minutes of having it I was posting my first tweet and Facebook so I'll get it.  I think tomorrow all I have to do is a bit of laundry and paint.  All is done and I can finish a few paintings.  I've been fighting a bug of some kind in my throat and plan on taking some time off from workout to rest up.  I've been missing a bit of sleep and that can break you down a bit.  So sleep in, paint and rest I should be on the mend soon.  Daddy is to have a little bit of out patient surgery on the abscess on his hip next Tuesday, the same day A is to head back to California.  Sadly I am the one to get him to his appointment so won't be able to see her off, although I have a hard time with that anyway and it may be next spring or summer before I see her again.  The Hubby and have had a lot of dinner parties we've been attending the past week or so, Thursday, Saturday, Monday and last night.  We have a break until Christmas Eve now.  All I have to share right now but will post soon, I promise.


Flea said...

You're a busy woman. Don't be sick! This is NOT the time of year for it. Although everyone I know seems to think so, including my own body. Dang it.

carma said...

Isn't it just exhausting this time of year??? Glad you are still finding time to paint - rest up - I'm hoping to do the same :D
Have a very Merry!!