Sunday, December 12, 2010


About all I can say today is it is cold.  We spent a nice cozy weekend at the cabin and I didn't budge to far from the fire I can tell ya!  Spent most of the day yesterday watching whatever TV I could get with a digital antenna and staying very warm.  I put a big pot of Buckaroo Beans on the stove for Harri & Jimbo to share with us and just stayed content with little Clayton at my side while The Hubby went deer hunting.  He was lucky that the cold didn't really set in until later in the day, after he was through for the day.  It was bow hunting and he was a lucky boy.  It was his first kill with a bow and arrow and he was excited.  When he got back to the cabin with is spoils he hollered up the garage stairs at me and I knew what he had.  He said that he might need help hanging it up to skin.  Oh boy.  I told him that I had seen enough dead deer hanging when I was a kid to fill me up for the rest of my life.  He would have to find someone else to help, maybe Jimbo!  Curiosity got the best of me though and I took a peek at the back of his truck to see feet, gutted deer and ICK!  Nope, can't help him.  He had to get back to town to take it to a processor so off to Tulsa he went, when the ick task was done.  That was my weekend how was yours.  Sorry no pic's, I left my camera sitting on the dining room table, darn!


Flea said...

What are Buckaroo Beans?

Anonymous said...

Well, we got some snow - about 5 inches and now it is blowing and drifting.

The camera at home is one reason why many are giving up the camera and using the one on their cell phones. I just read about that.