Sunday, December 05, 2010

iPod Download Hell

You're going along on the treadmill, listening to a really, really good book and then a sentence, music and nothing.  What the * happened.  It kind of sounded like the end of the book but surely not.  There were too many left open parts.  I was listening to Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay on Wednesday and this is what happened.  I went home, opened my iTunes to see if maybe I didn't download it all to my iPod but sure enough that is all I had.  WHAT!  I've contacted iTunes see what could be done but still have not heard anything.  Hmmmmmmmm....meanwhile, I'm in limbo with little Sarah and her plight in France, 1942, Nazi driven get my drift.  I had to go by the paperback so I could keep going but it is still not the same as listening to the beautiful french words on my iPod.  Darn it.  What's a person to do.

Update note:  They came through and sent a new copy to download!  Eureka!  May have to add my copy of the book to the GIVEAWAY  here, with a good email please.!!! 


Char said...

i've had that happen to me too - but they do make good on it.

glad they did for you too.

Kay said...

Thank goodness it worked out for you.