Friday, March 04, 2011

You've Got A Friend

I'm sure you have read here many, many times my rants about a friend.  A friend like Gail, like my Momma or like Lucy and Ethel.  I have been searching for that kind of friendship since 2006 when Gail and Mom passed away and guess what, I think I've found it, unexpectedly.  It is not exactly Lucy and Ethel but it is fun and I am happy.  In my art class that I started 2 years ago (I think), during one of the conversations that goes on all the time, I met a lady sitting next to me, Sheila.  Sheila is a phenomenal artist and absolutely runs rings around me art wise and life wise.  Sheila and I found out that we live across the street from pne another.  What!  How awesomely exciting!  Sheila is 72 years old and I just love her to death.  I joined an art organization that she belongs to, Alpha Rho Tau (ART) and we go to meetings together.  She calls me and asks about my father or sister or family or about anything we have talked about in class.  She is doing Weight Watchers too, so when she knows I weigh in she calls to check on my progress.  Who would have thought.  She and her hubby had us over for dinner one night so I need to have them over too.  She is a wonderful friend and I get a friend and mother figure all rolled into one.  Granted I can't talk to her about sex and stuff but she is a great ear and thinks about me a lot.  I am happy. 


Flea said...

That is so AWESOME!!! I'm so happy for you! :)

Kay said...

Yae! I'm so happy for you!!! Friends are so very important.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Good for you. There is nothing like a friend.