Monday, March 07, 2011

Head Jumble

I've waited all day long to post here because I have hit a brick wall with ideas but I've also got a ton on my my mind and can't seem to sort them out.  First, today, I picked up the race packet and I'm trying to be focused and excited on the goal next Saturday.  It is a reality and I'm a bit anxious and excited. 

Tomorrow, Daddy will yet again have an outpatient surgery to take more of a part of the abscess wound to get it to heal better and see what is going on.  I'm not really worried about the thing, I just want him to heal so he can get back to movin' and groovin'. 

Finally, construction is going full force.  I promise to have more pictures by the end of the week as we move forward.  There have been workmen in my backyard for a couple of weeks now and I love watching the progress.  The Hubby and I have completely cleaned out the closets and bathroom area of the master bath in preparation of the demo to begin by the end of the week!  It's perfect timing for spring since we will be living with a nailed up doorway to the great outdoors soon and I don't want another snow.  This morning I started taking my showers in the guest bath and realized that my cute little sheer curtain was not enough and had to find some board to cover the window.  It's probably high enough from the ground but I don't feel comfortable with men marching back and forth while I'm in my natural state.  Little Clayton is feeling sort of like a prisoner because his automatic doggie door has been turned off.  He has escaped a couple of times and is enamoured with the piles of dirt and holes in the side fence.  We have to escort him outdoors and are constantly keeping him close because when the door opens he's on a dead run to the side yard.  He's gotten tar on his poor feet, rolled in something they dug up and came in with the red dirt all over his fur. 

Well, what do you know I did have a bit to relate.  Later my friends and stay tuned.

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Char said...

i hope your dad's procedure goes well