Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday and Rain

I was back on the treadmill this morning and boy do my legs feel it.  It's all good and will just propel me to more weight loss, I hope. 

Last night I drifted off to sleep just after the weather report and I could have sworn he said light showers and then they would be out of here.  I was awakened about 11:30 to the sound of torrential rain, thunder and lightening, the sounds magnified because we have a plywood door over the bathroom entrance to the outside.  I knew The Hubby was going to beside himself because he spent a good part of Sunday digging dirt and cleaning out debris from the trenches around the new addition where the french drain is.  We are waiting for the brick mason to come and do the foundation part and brick.  What a horrible muddy mess.  I realized The Hubby was not in bed so got up to find him in front of the computer checking out the National Weather Service website.  When we finally settled back into bed I couldn't go to sleep.  The rain had originally invaded my dreams and now it was keeping me awake.  I was worrying about it all.  I was also thinking about the race and my Daddy and the surgery.  So much on my mind that I didn't stop tossing and turning till about 2 am.  Drat!  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get up, but no problem.  I thought about staying in bed but knew I had too much to do this week.  Sometimes I think sleep just gets in the way of the stuff I want and have to do.  Do you ever get that feeling?  It's funny that when you are young you crave that sleep, but as I get older I don't need it quite as much and sometimes an hour or so and I'm good for a long time.  Oh well, onward with the day and the week as we move to the next phase of Daddy's journey through hip replacement HELL. 

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Flea said...

Sleep is highly overrated. I wish. :) Melatonin once in a while is helpful.

I LOVED the rain last night. The lightning was wonderful. I don't have construction happening at my house, though. :(